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									 King John
Good King, Bad King
           Learning Objective
   To know the reasons why King John could
    be considered both a good and bad King.
                Qualities of a King
Which 3 qualities do you think were most important for a Medieval King?

  Rich – but not greedy!                A good judge of character

  Fit and strong                                A good soldier

   Motivational                                        Religious

     Hardworking                                    Brave

   Firm – but fair!                                     Wise
The Story of King John
“I am John, King of England. 800 years ago, I ruled
England for 17 of the most important years in our
history. Many people say I was a bad king, who made
many mistakes, but in my opinion I did a good job, even
though my father (Henry II) and brother (Richard the
lionheart) left me with huge problems and very little
money. The main reason people dislike me is because
of the Robin Hood legend. In the Robin Hood stories, I
am always shown as a greedy, cowardly ruler who
treated people very unfairly, but you shouldn’t always
believe everything you hear!”
John rule England from 1199 – 1216. He faced the following problems:
                Problem 1
   He quarrelled with the Pope about how to
    run the church. From 1208 until 1213, the
    Pope banned all church services in
    England and English people feared that
    they would all go the hell! Some church
    leaders blamed John for the trouble.
                 Problem 2
   John went to war twice against the French
    King. His army was badly beaten both
    times. He lost almost all the land that his
    father had gained in France!
                 Problem 3
   John raised taxes in England to pay for
    the wars. This upset his Barons! He
    ordered them to pay far more tax than
    earlier kings had done!
           Good King, Bad King
 Colour code the statements according to
  whether they say John was a good or bad king.
 Copy and complete the following;

I think that John was a …………….. King. I think this

Some people may say the opposite to me. They might say
that John was a ………… King. They would say this
How did the Barons strike back?
 In 1214 many Barons rebelled against John.
  They believed that he could not rule the country
  properly and was treating them unfairly. If
  someone didn’t do something the whole country
  could be ruined!
 In 1215 the Barons forced John to grant a
  charter, which was the first time anyone had
  expected an English king to obey a set of rules.
  It became known as the Magna Carta.

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