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					                         Insight                                                             Spring 2011

Allie Awards 2011: “A Night in Havana”
Twenty-First Annual Allie Awards • April 10, 2011
                 On April 10, 2011, Tim         Companies and individuals       The Havana-themed awards
                 Lundy’s event industry         were acknowledged for           show was an occasion to
                 version of the Academy         their extraordinary skills      remember thanks to all
                 Awards came alive once         and exceptional creativity in   who supported this year’s
                 again! . The Allie Awards      producing or contributing to    event! The contributions of
                 event recognizes visionaries   an event that made it worthy    volunteers, donors, sponsors
                 and promotes excellence        of an award. The judging        and guests are truly what
                 in production, design and      was a difficult task, as        made it all happen. The
                 planning of some of the most   always, and we congratulate     2012 Allie Awards event
                 spectacular events in the      the award recipients and        chair, Shane Cochran of
                                                                                                               Photography by Jeff Gaines Photography

                 industry. The extravagant      the nominees as well as         CCP Events, along with the
                 affair took place at the       to those who took pride in      boards of NACE and ISES
                 Atlanta Marriott Marquis and   their accomplishments and       invite you to SAVE THE
 Oscar Riddle    was chaired by Oscar Riddle    submitted an entry this year.   DATE of March 31, 2012
                 of Cobb Galleria Centre.                                       for “Burlesque!”   n
let ter from the president

From the desk of the president: A story of good times and bad – our falls, our triumphs – our journey through a
challenging time for our industry. Thank you to for the use of these quotes in helping me to tell this story.

            No Matter How Long the Winter,
            Spring is Sure to Follow
            By Amy Bonner, Piedmont Hospital

            “Following a good final quarter, trading      “I love my work. I get to do something     “We need to be more patient on the
            conditions at the start of the current        different every day. I spent my adult      offensive end; not stopping and freezing,
            year have been disappointing. These           life sitting on my butt doing abstract     just patience and decision-making.”
            variable conditions are likely to persist     stuff. Now I’m up and about doing
                                                                                                     “The two most powerful warriors are
            in the short term and will limit progress     concrete things.”
                                                                                                     patience and time.”
            this year.”
                                                          “I think there is something, more
                                                                                                     “Your time is limited, so don’t waste
            “Progress is impossible without change,       important than believing: Action!
                                                                                                     it living someone else’s life. Don’t be
            and those who cannot change their             The world is full of dreamers, there
                                                                                                     trapped by dogma - which is living
            minds cannot change anything.”                aren’t enough who will move ahead
                                                                                                     with the results of other people’s
                                                          and begin to take concrete steps to
            “Every year, the competition gets harder                                                 thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s
                                                          actualize their vision.”
            because things always change. The level                                                  opinions drown out your own inner
            of competition gets tougher.                  “Our vision is to build a dynamic          voice. And most important, have
                                                          international organization that            the courage to follow your heart and
            “If you have competition, then you are
                                                          connects members with meaningful           intuition. They somehow already
            going to have better effort and focus
                                                          content, resources and opportunities.      know what you truly want to become.
            at practice daily because if you want to
                                                          We aim to help students build on their     Everything else is secondary.”
            play on Saturday, you have to get the
                                                          successes and enhance the skills and
            job done Monday through Friday.”                                                         “The men and women who have the
                                                          desires to have a positive impact on the
                                                                                                     right ideals...are those who have the
            “Work is about daily meaning as well          global community.”
                                                                                                     courage to strive for the happiness which
            as daily bread. For recognition as well
                                                          “The community was feeling like they       comes only with labor and effort and
            as cash; for astonishment rather than
                                                          needed to do something. I think at times   self-sacrifice, and those whose joy in life
            torpor; in short, for a sort of life rather
                                                          like this, people have that need.”         springs in part from power of work and
            than a Monday through Friday sort of
                                                                                                     sense of duty.”
            dying...We have a right to ask of work
            that it include meaning, recognition,
            astonishment, and life.”

                                                            Now THAT is the power of ISES! As a member, use that power and take charge
                                                            of your self, your business, and your membership! Keep the Allie Awards top
                                                            of mind when planning your events this year. And, become a volunteer for our
                                                            chapter. You may not realize the power you have within you!   n

                                                  spring 2011    [2]
ises members

Member News                                   Do you have
  •	Board Member, Clydette R. Morton          something to say?
    of Active Production and Design,
                                              The Greater Atlanta ISES Communications
    obtained her CMP designation!
                                              Committee is looking for creative people           greater atlanta chapter
  •	Many event industry professionals         that love to write, tell a great story, and are         2010 - 2011
    and ISES members, including Laura         eager to help! As a communications team              Board of Directors
    Russo of Burgess Amusements,              member, you can edit and publish articles
    helped to create history at The           in the newsletter, send out flashes in Hot        officerS:
    Next Cool Thing – a trade show            News, or play a major role in the direction       President
    collaboration between the film,           of the chapter’s website. You can also            Amy Bonner,
    design, and event industries to profile   build up your PR Rolodex by sending               Piedmont Hospital
    products and services to support film     out press releases to local media on the
                                                                                                President elect
    and TV in Georgia.                        chapter’s behalf.
                                                                                                Keisha Wilson, CSEP,
  •	Stacy Johnson and Simply Chic,              It is easy to get started! All it               Keisha Wilson Events
    LLC – a boutique event management         takes is an email or phone call to any
    firm that specializes in event            communication team member. Lorri
                                                                                                Kelly Smink,
    strategy, planning, marketing,            McQueary (lmcqueary@destinationsouth.
                                                                                                Amusement Masters
    and implementation, announced             com), Clydette Morton (clydette@
    the reveal of a new website:    , or Bill           V.P. membership                 Goode ( will be happy           Kelly Treadway,
                                              to help you join the team! If you have had        Event Rentals Unlimited

New Members                                   your own business for a while, are looking
                                              to step into the business of events, or are a
                                                                                                V.P. education & Programs
                                                                                                Karen Alcock,
We’ve welcomed the following new and          student looking to gain some great skills,
returning members in 2011:                                                                      Classic Tents & Events
                                              working on the communications team is a
  •	Brian Hampton.                                                                              V.P. communication
                                              great way to expand your talent!      n

    Champion Logistics Group                                                                    Lorri McQueary,
                                                                                                Destination South Meetings & Events
  •	Cindy Brown, cbrownphoto

  •	Meghan Crites                                                                               DirectorS at large:
  •	Tricia Mesaros,                                                                             Sherri Chisholm,
    Tricia Huddas & Co Events                                                                   RAINFOREST Corp
  •	Denise Rindsberg,                                                                           Event Plant Design and Rental
    Let’s Celebrate Inc.                                                                        Karla Kreitner,
  •	Greg Mensching,                                                                             Kardon Events
    Infinite Designs, LLC
                                                    Upcoming Events                             Bill Goode,
  •	Katie Lepper, TLC Rents                                                                     A Celebration With Music!
                                                    Tuesday, May 10, 2011
  •	Jose Kelley, Student Member                                                                 Lori Harbin,
                                                    Infusion Global Groove
                                                                                                Amusement Masters
  •	Rose Reeves, Student Member
                                                    Tuesday, June 14, 2011
  •	Marina Miller, Event Drapery                                                                Shane Cochran,
                                                    Greater Atlanta Chapter
                                                                                                CCP Events
  •	Alexis Balamani ,Student Member                 Annual Meeting and end of
                                                    year celebration                            Clydette Morton,
  •	Jill Mastrogiacomo,
                                                                                                Active Production & Design
    American Furniture Rental

                                                spring 2011        [3]
spring 2011   [4]

Infusion 2011: A Global Groove
                                                   What is Infusion? Webster’s dictionary defines infusion as the act of
                                                   permeating something so it’s generally altered for the best. And that’s
 Presented by   When:
                                                   exactly what our annual “Celebrate to Educate” does as we infuse our
                Tuesday, May 10, 2011              regular monthly programs with an incredible fundraiser.
                at 5:30 p.m.                         For the fifth year, Infusion will help our chapter raise funds for
                                                   monthly programs, education programs and scholarships to two
                                                   annual conferences – The Special Event and Eventworld. With your
                Loft at Castleberry Hill
                                                   help over the last four years, the ISES Infusion committee has raised
                                                   nearly $20,000 to support our chapter’s endeavors.
                                                     This year’s event, A Global Groove, will be on Tuesday May
                                                   10, 2011 at LOFT at Castleberry Hill. We will have incredible
                                                   entertainment, great food and specialty cocktails and a silent auction
                                                   offering restaurant deals, retail items, wine and weekend breaks.
                                                   Please plan on attending and infuse this exciting event with your spirit
                                                   and energy. The more people who participate, the more fun will be
                                                   had by all. Bring your friends, family and work colleagues. The party
                                                   starts at 5:30 p.m. Visit for more information or
                                                   call Lori Harbin, Director at Large, at 404-617-0621.   n

                      spring 2011          [5]
What You missed

 January ISES Meeting
 ISES scheduled the January WHITE SALE – focusing on new and
 exciting trends in linens. Instead, it was a WHITE OUT. We had to
 cancel the January event due to SNOW and ICE. Thank you to Cobb
 Galleria Inn and Meorsotte Lake for your support!   n

                                           spring 2011      [6]
What You missed

                                                                        March ISES
                                                                        ISES switched gears from late night
                                                                        partying in February to a breakfast
                                                                        meeting at the Intercontinental Hotel

February ISES Meeting                                                   in Buckhead. The guest speaker was
                                                                        nationally, renowned “Party Goddess,”
                                                                        Marley Majcher. Her topic was “…But Are
              Party like 1984 at Sweetwater 420 Brewery!!!
                                                                        You Making Any Money?” We had a great
              We had a terrific turnout. Our focus was “The
                                                                        turnout despite the torrential downpour
              Battle of the DJs”! Bill Goode with A Celebration
                                                                        that day!
              with Music! and Levi Bulkey with Spectrum
                                                                          Terry Cavender, The Atlanta Wedding
              Entertainment provided the musical styling’s
                                                                        Photographer, was the photography sponsor
              from the 1980’s. The creative and beautiful
                                                                        for our Wednesday morning meeting.
              photography was sponsored by Ross DeLoach
                                                                          It was great to see a number of faces
              and Suzanne Stedman of Northlight Photography.
                                                                        that have not been to an ISES meeting in
              Jim N’ Nicks provided the tasty barbeCue. Katie
                                                                        a while. Also in attendance were a number
              Lepper with TLC Rents provided the fun linens
                                                                        of attendees from sister organizations.
              and Susan O’Connor with Outrageous Occasions
                                                                          Marley was able to sell scores of her
              had “sweet” centerpieces that highlighted the
                                                                        books after the meeting, so we hope that
              Valentine’s season.
                                                                        means that there will be a number of
                  A fun time was had by all, especially after the
                                                                        event businesses in Atlanta with healthier
              tour of the brewery and the “tastings.” Thank you
                                                                        bottom lines this year!   n

              to all the sponsors and to all the attendees who
              contributed to the “party” atmosphere!    n

                           spring 2011      [7]
What You missed

2011 Allie Awards Recipients
Congratulations to all Allie Award recipients and honorees, and thank you to all who entered this year’s Allie Awards.

Best Team Effort                                 Best Non-Floral Design                           Best Lighting
A Legendary Event                                Magic Moments Events, Venues & Décor             Production People, Inc.
Ashley Baber Weddings
                                                 Best Themed Event Décor                          Best Tent Installation
                                                 Affairs to Remember/WM Events                    TentLogix - Nintendo Wii Games
The Magnum Companies Ltd.
Event Rentals Unlimited                          Best Tabletop Design                             Best Use of Rental Equipment
                                                 Added Touch Catering                             TentLogix
Best Corporate Event, over $25k
Destination South Meetings and Events            Best Use of Decorative Linens                    Logistical Achievement in
                                                 A Divine Event                                   Technical Production
Best Corporate Event, $10-25k
                                                                                                  Production People, Inc.
Atlanta Event Center at Opera                    Best Plated Menu
                                                 A Divine Event – Summer Supper                   Best Print Piece
Best Social Event, over $25k
                                                                                                  A Divine Event
Tony Rouse Multimedia                            Best Buffet/Reception Menu
                                                 A Divine Event                                   Best Use of Media/Technology
Best Social Event, $10-25k
                                                                                                  Plateau Event Productions, Inc.
Finer Points
                                                 Best Cake Presentation
                                                 Highland Bakery                                  Best Event Innovation
Best Event on a Shoestring
                                                                                                  A Divine Event
A Divine Event
                                                 Best Entertainment Production
                                                 EastCoast Entertainment                          Best Event Photography
Best Public Fair or Festival
                                                 L.E.D. Entertainment                             Shari Zellers Photography – A Higher Love
Amusement Masters

Most Creative Venue                              Best Themed Entertainment                        Individual Awards
                                                 Amusement Masters – Celebrate Subway             Tim Lundy, CSEP Rising Star Award:
Zoo Atlanta
                                                                                                  Leah Stephens
Logistical Achievement in Planning               Most Unique Entertainment                        Dale Riggins Humanitarian Award:
Plateau Event Productions, Inc.                  L.E.D. Entertainment                             Dionne Battle, CSEP
Best Floral Design                               Best A/V                                         Bob Blaesing, CSEP Lifetime Achievement:
Event Design Group                               Production People, Inc. – An Iconic Production   Walter Nemeth, CPCE

                                               spring 2011      [8]
  Scenes from
the Allie Awards

 spring 2011   [9]
spring 2011   [10]
                                                        What You missed

                                                                                                    April ISES Meeting
                                                                                                    The Greater Atlanta ISES Chapter came out and played hard
                                                                                                    for the April meeting at Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club
                                                                                                    in Douglasville. With 1,800 acres of outdoor resort to roam,
                                                                                                    Amusement Masters and Burgess Amusements provided
                                                                                                    outdoor entertainment that included rock climbing on the rock
                                                                                                    wall, carnival games, bungee jumping, and a Ferris wheel.

                                                                                                    Low Country Barbecue made sure everyone was fed well
                                                                                                    with a buffet of chicken and all of the trimmings. Joel,
                                                                                                    with Lethal Rhythms, mixed Top 40 music throughout the
                                                                                                    evening. Cindy Brown Photo captured the moments with her
                                                                                                    trusty camera. Décor by Connie Duglin was very pleasing
                                                                                                    to the eye, and A Divine Event and Atlantic Limousine and
Photography by Cindy M. Brown,

                                                                                                    Transportation were generous with their special donations
                                                                                                    to make the evening that much more fun.

                                                                                                    We had a wonderful time outdoors playing games and
                                                                                                    touring Foxhall. Thanks to Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club
                                                                                                    for being such a gracious host!   n

                                                                          spring 2011   [11]
California’s Gain is Our Loss
By Karen Alcock, Classic Tents & Events

           ecently, one of our Greater
           Atlanta ISES members moved
           to sunny California. It might
not make the national news, but it has left
a hole (the 19th hole) in our community.
  Ellen Sigrist, smiling, happy spirit                                                        Do What You’re
who worked with Reece Tent Rentals
in Atlanta followed her heart, packed
                                                                                              Passionate About!
up lock, stock and barrel and moved to                                                        If you’re passionate about special
California. Ellen had been very active in                                                     events…then join the membership of
the event rental community. She was most      wanted to make sure that we understood          the ISES Greater Atlanta Chapter! In
recently the Director of Programs, Greater    what unique entertainment was also              May our next membership drive begins.
Atlanta ISES Chapter and she was active       available for an outdoor venue. As              Check out the details below and take
in the Georgia Chapter of the American        you enjoy the beautiful atmosphere at           advantage of the discounted rate and
Rental Association (this year achieving the   Foxhall in April, think of Ellen…(while         opportunity to grow your business and
CERP designation (Certified Event Rental      she is “working at the pool” (working on        expand your network!
Professional), the only female CERP in        her tan, that is), or while she is driving
                                                                                               • Membership Drive Dates:
Georgia.                                      the mountains of Northern California on
                                                                                                 May 1, 2011 to May 31, 2011
  April’s event, “Fun at Foxhall,” was a      the back of a motorcycle).
                                                                                                 Apply online at (under
goal of Ellen’s this year. She wanted to        We will miss Ellen and her smile
                                                                                                 Membership tab) and have your $50
make sure that as an ISES community           whether it was on the golf course,
                                                                                                 registration fee waived!
we were aware of the beautiful outdoor        at an ISES meeting, or on site at a
venue available just outside the city. She    movie production.   n                            • Get 14 months of membership
                                                                                                 at the 12 month rate:

                                                                                                 •	$399 Members &
                                                                                                    Corporate Primary Members

    advertise in ises Insight!                                                                   •	$299 Non-Profit &
                                                                                                    Corporate Additional Members

                                                                                              Already a Member?
      ad Size                                   members           non-members                 Then this promotion is for you!

                                                                                              For the ISES member (from all
      Full Page, 7.5”x 10”                         $155                 $195
                                                                                              International chapters) that refers the
      1/2 Page Horizontal, 7.5”x 4.75”             $110                 $145                  most new members (non-students)
                                                                                              during the month of May you’ll win a
      1/2 Page Vertical, 3.5”x 10”                 $110                 $145                  FREE Leadership Reception ticket and an
                                                                                              Education/Networking package to ISES
      1/4 Page Vertical, 3.5”x 5”                   $85                 $115
                                                                                              Eventworld 2011. So get to referring your
      1/8 Page Horizontal, 3.75”x 2.5”              $70                  $95                  friends, family, colleagues and co-workers!
                                                                                              And be sure they enter your name as
                                                                                              the person that referred them on the
     Send your ad or your PDF artwork to Bill Goode at                     application when applying online.   n

                                              spring 2011       [12]

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