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					                         Charminster & Queens Park Action Group
                            Updated Action Plan from the meeting held on 11/11/10
 Present: John Kear, Sid Iles, EB (QP&CCF), Cllr. Cheryl Johnson, Cllr. Stephen Macloughlin, PC Mike Lowther, PCSO Phil
     Robbins, Lee Griffiths (BBC), Andrea Porter (on behalf of Rose Johnson, Libraries), Lesley Stephenson (Chair of
                         Charminster Traders), Wyn Armstrong (Street Rep), Linda Maguire (BBC).
Apologies: Sue Bickler (BBC), Cllr. Mark Anderson, Cllr. Carol Ainge, Daniel Campbell (Street Rep), Lisa Sainsbury (Trader).
                                                   Caroline Abbis (BBC),
    Initiative    Outcomes                 Status
1   Charminster    - Reduction in          Policing Priorities:
    Safer         crime & anti-            1. Begging on Charminster high street. SNT are regularly moving on street beggars; two arrests
    Neighbourhood social behaviour            made. There has been no sightings/complaints.
    Team – Safer   - Reduced in the        2. Drug dealing – Police to carry out additional patrols by the subways leading from Boscombe to
    Neighbourhood fear of crime               Charminster. Ongoing. Arrests tend to be on collation of intelligence. Action: All Please
    Panel         - Quicker                   continue to report.
                  resolution of            3. Anti Social Behaviour in Cyril Park. The Safer Neighbourhood Team has increased their
    Charminster   Police issues               presence in Cyril Park following anti social behaviour by young people. The bike shelter will be
    Safer         - Improved                  removed. The SNT are currently working with the local residents to form a residents
    Neighbourhood communications              association. Since the robbery and drug arrests there is low level ASB. The grass has not been
    Team -        between                     cut and the rocks have deterred children from playing football near the flats. Hedging will be
    07917557177   residents and the           planted to screen the flats. ASB project officer liaising with parks and building good
                  Safer                       relationship with Knightstone. No complaints over the last few weeks. There are ongoing issues
    Bournemouth   Neighbourhood               with Hate crime.
    Police (non-  Team
    emergency) –  - Diversion              Damage to vehicles is ongoing but difficult to catch them unless witnessed.
    222222        activities               Traders reported an increase in petty asb e.g. ketchup smeared on windows
                  - Community              It was reported that the illegal / inconsiderate parking outside Tesco Express obstructs vision from
    www.dorset.po Cohesion                 junction – accident waiting to happen.
    lice.uk                                Action: Mike to bring crime statistics to next meeting
                                           Mopeds – Cllr. Ainge noted a problem with mopeds in Bennett Road, reg starts with HF06 / HF07.
                                           The number of reports/complaints reported through to the Police regarding mopeds has been

                                           A number of warrants for arrests for drugs and serious crime have been carried out in Charminster
                                           during the last month. Lawrence Court is currently experiencing housing and drug related issues. 2

evictions & injunctions applied for

Two premises in the Charminster area were highlighted at the meeting – Police are aware of these
and have carried out visits to the premises. No reported ASB or crime related issues. Concerns by
members of the action group were raised at the meeting – Mike to pass these concerns back to the

Members of the group praised the SNT for the increased presence on their bikes.

Speeding Vehicles
Speed Deterrent Sign – comments by the action group that the sign placed in Beechey Road (placed
for x3 weeks from 26 July) was situated too close to the junction of Beechey Rd with Lowther
Road, and facing towards the junction, meaning that it would have been very hard for cars to
accelerate very fast when passing the camera. The position of this camera was due to the
availability of suitable street furniture.
Deployment for the sign in Howard Road - 18th October.
Noted that Queens Park Avenue now has a permanent sign on site.
The group also advised that speeding cars are causing a problem on Bennett Road, particularly the
stretch that runs from the traffic lights at the junction with Richmond Park Road down to the
junction of Bennett Road with Capstone Road. Lee to feedback these comments to Dawn Gilbert in
Planning & Transport.
Since the meeting the following information has been received from Dawn Gilbert –
The Bennett Road sign has been deployed (location is slightly after Capstone Road junction) - The
results of this deployment showed an 85th%tile (speed which 85% of traffic is travelling at/or
below) of 35mph and an average violation of the 30mph limit of 37%. When compared to other VAS
sites this is not the worst, any violation is obviously of concern but a 85th%tile of 35mph or above
is where we would look to deploy the signs. To give a comparison the average 85%tile across our
VAS sites so far is 37mph and the violation 55%. Therefore I will continue to deploy and monitor the
sign in this location.
Dawn welcomes any feedback / comments by the group – feedback to be passed via Lee.

Springbourne roundabout – traffic flow issues. Action: LM to contact Michelle Fillingham, Project
Engineer, Traffic Signal Design, for feedback and whether meeting would be required. (Town Hall
Tel. 451399) ‘There is further work to be carried out before full surveys and any adjustments can
be made.’

Meet the Safer Neighbourhood Team and raise local issues at the following Safer Neighbourhood

                                        DATE                        MEETING / EVENT                           LOCATION

                                        12 November 2010, 7pm -     Street Corner
                                                                                          Avon Road, junction Bennett Road
                                                                Street Corner Meeting Avon Road, junction withwith Bennett Road
                                                                    Street Corner         Shaftesbury Road, junction Bennett Road
                                        30 November 2010, 7pm - Street Corner Meeting Shaftesbury Road, junction withwith Bennett
                                        7.30pm                      Meeting               Road
2   Environmental    - Improved
    Issues           appearance of      The Community Litter Pick in July at Cyril Park was a success with approx. 14 children joining in
                     Charminster &      with the pick. The next Community Litter pick will be taking place on Monday 11 October, 3.30pm
    Charminster &    Queens Park        at Cyril Park. Litter picking equipment will be provided. Please come along and support the
    Queens Park      - Improved         event. Rewards for the children taking part. For further information contact Clive Warren.
    Street Reps      communications
                     between            Both Traders and residents have noted the increase of litter along Charminster high street. These
    Cleansing &      residents and      concerns have been passed through to Larry Austin in Cleansing & Waste. Lesley Butler to work
    Waste – 451199 external             with the bigger stores like Co-Op to provide adequate litter bins and to carry out regular litter
                     organisation       clearance. Lesley Stephenson, Chair of the Charminster Traders to feedback concerns to traders
    Dog Warden - - Cohesive             and ask for their assistance in sweeping outside their front entrances. In addition a walk through
    451296           Community          with Cleansing & Waste will take place on the 20 September.
                     - Quicker
    Recycling      -    resolution      Noted that there is an unpleasant daily smell by the alley that backs onto Roberts Estate Agents /
    451146           of environmental   Capstone Road – passed to Louise Jones, Environmental Health Officer. Also noted were concerns
                     issues             regarding food preparation by the new Greek Café on the corner of Capstone/Charminster Road –
    Lamp        Post                    passed to Brian Utting, Environmental Health Officer. The awning is under dispute.
    faults / repairs
    – 451454                            The untaxed vehicle in Porchester Place has now been removed. An un-taxed van in Lowther Road
                                        has been reported through to the DVLA.
    DVLA (reporting
    of un taxed                         Reported that the highway in Queens Park Gardens is being used as advertising space for vehicles –
    vehicles) – 0300                    the car in question has now been scrapped. As a result the Council has been able to paint the
    790 6802                            missing double yellow lines.

    Noise concerns                      Ken Hobbs, Principal Traffic Engineer was present at the meeting to discuss the option of a one-
    – out of hours                      way system / traffic calming / speed restriction scheme along key roads leading off Charminster
    number       -                      high street. Residents noted blocked driveways, vehicle damage, speeding cars etc as reasons to
    451415                           why a scheme needs to be introduced. Cllr. Johnson to contact Cllr. Michael Filer, Cabinet
                                     member for Environment and Transport, with a request to undertake a traffic survey in the area.

                                     Concerns were noted regarding the lack of action taken by Traffic Enforcement Officers along
                                     Charminster high street – Cllr. Ainge to contact Cllr. Filer with these concerns. Concerns also
                                     voiced through the Charminster Traders.

                                     The re-tarmacing of the highway on Charminster Road, estimated timescales:
                                     Acland Road – St. Albans Avenue – 22 Nov-3 Dec
                                     Alma Road junction – Jan for 10 weeks
                                     Traders noted that these time scales may not be convenient for the busy Christmas period – letters
                                     will be sent from the Council to the Traders.

3   Charminster   - United Traders
    Traders       - Network with     Charminster Traders :
    Association   other traders       Traders meet on the 1st Tuesday of the month at the Wonderful Kitchen, 12pm.
                  - Reduce ASB        Charminster Traders website: http://www.experiencecharminster.info/index.html
                  along the           22 Hanging Baskets are now up and hanging from the lamp posts along Charminster Road –
                  Charminster high      Lesley, chair of the Traders, was present to highlight the need for funds to repeat the hanging
                  street                baskets for 2011 – Cllrs. suggested putting in a Local Improvement Fund application. Won the
                  - Improved            most improved ward. 2 pedestals to be installed paid for by traders.
                  communication       Noted that the car waiting times along Charminster Road will be extended from 30 mins to 60
                  between Traders       mins – Nov / Dec time.
                  and outside         Certain traders are continuously parking illegally in lower Charminster. The SNT to visit these
                  Organisations.        Traders – Lesley to email Mike with a list of known traders that are parking illegally.
                                      Recent AGM committee re-elected plus 2 including Fundraiser.
                                      Tescos are now a member which will hopefully bring benefits.
                                      Lampposts will be painted during this financial year.
                                      LIF & Chamber of Commerce funding towards Welcome to Charminster signs
                                      Requested Nov/Dec roadworks be delayed until Jan as that would mean 2 years of disrupted pre
                                        xmas trade.
                                      2 xmas trees (flat roofs of Breeze & Paul Watts) and all traders encouraged to use blue lights
                                        for greater impact.
                                      Consulting traders as to whether parking meters along Charminster Road would solve some of
                                        the parking issues.
                                      There has been an increase in parking enforcement.
                                      Plea from traders to shop locally and encourage others.
4   To Promote   - Information
    Community    sharing              The Charminster Fun Day in Cyril Road Park was a great success. Agreed that a Fun Day should
    Events /     - Community          take place in 2011 – this item to be put back on the agenda in 6 months time so planning and
    Provisions   cohesion             preparation can commence.
                 - Access to
                 services/provision   A ‘Play Area’ sign for Cyril Park has been installed.
                 - Increased          The wooden fence in Cyril Park has been installed.
                 awareness of
                 services &           Events / Forums:
                 attendance at         Thursday 2 December, 7.30pm – Charminster & Queens Park Community Forum @ the Brunswick
                 events / forums         Pub.
                 - To change any
                 perceptions of
                 the area
                 - Positive PR
5   Funding      - Increase in the    Green Goals: Community groups, sporting associations and social clubs in Bournemouth are now
                 number of            being invited to apply for environmental grants from the Green Goals Community Fund. Applications
                 community            can be made to the Green Goals Partnership for one-off grants of up to £1,000 to help fund projects
                 projects taking      that will bring sustainable community benefits. Grants must be used during the 2010-11 football
                 place                season to benefit individual projects which meet one or more of the following criteria:
                 - Community
                 cohesion                   Improving the local environment
                                            Community action in green spaces
                                            Recycling schemes or education and awareness of recycling
                                            Engaging children and young people in environmental issues
                                            Engaging children and young people in healthy lifestyle activities

                                      Grass Roots: Small grants for local community groups. To be eligible for funding from this
                                      programme your group must be:
                                       Active in your community
                                       Have an income of less than £30,000
                                       Be mainly run by volunteers
                                          Addressing a look disadvantage this must be clearly demonstrated in the application
                                          Have been active in the local area for at least 12 months before application.
                                         Grants of between £250 and £5,000 are available. However… the monies need to be spent by Jan
                                         2011 – the programme ends in March 2011.

                                         Local Improvement Fund: £2,500 available for 2010/2011 - Please contact the Ward Councillors
                                         for further information.
6     Any Other
      Business        No Drinking Zone for Charminster: Lee to liaise with Jayne Robertson. Lee reported that there was sufficient
                      evidence for a DPPO. Potential issues with cost / lost signs and banding machine. Traders/stakeholders to be
                      consulted. Action: Mike and Lee to liaise and report at next meeting.

                      Action: Mike to increase ASB van patrols Friday/Saturday nights at St Albans Church Fitzharris Ave re large
                      amounts of drinking debris in grounds.
                      Action: Mike to enquire about Neighbourhood Watch main Winfrith meeting and to report any feedback

7     Introductions
                      PC Jennie Sykes has now joined the Charminster SNT – Jennie will be at the next action group meeting.

                      The Bournemouth University SNT is now in place – this will assist the work of the Charminster SNT due to Charminster
                      having a high level of student lets.

    Next Meeting: Thursday 13 January 2011, 1.00 – 2.30 @ The Brunswick Arms Pub, 199 Malmesbury Park Road
Other Contacts:
Cllr. Mark Anderson – 775483                      Lesley Butler – 451677                Steve Wright - 451043
Cllr. Cheryl Johnson – 07789 711524               Chris Kelu - 454630                   Sue Bickler - 454964
Cllr. Carol Ainge – 395110                        Clive Warren – 451673                 Caroline Abbis – 466125 / 07826 893341
Rose Johnson – 452786                             Lee Griffiths - 454797    Charminster Safer Neighbourhood Team – 07917 557177
Linda Maguire – 466125 / 07768615197

Future Charminster & Queens Park Action Meeting dates:

Details (dates & venue) to be arranged at next meeting


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