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Rolling Through Integers

 Math Content

Adding and Subtracting Integers

 TEKS info
   GRADE LEVEL – 7th Grade
   STRAND – 7.1 within a well-balanced Mathematics
    curriculum, the primary focal points at Grade 7 are using
    proportional relationships in integers. (b) Knowledge
    and skills. (2) Number, operation, and quantitative
    reasoning. The student adds or subtracts to solve
    problems and justify solutions. The student is expected
    to: (C) use models to add and subtract integers.
   OBJECTIVE – The student will be able to add and subtract
    integers whether positive or negative.


Sonnabend, Thomas. Mathematics for Elementary Teachers

 Description of Activity

   Students will assemble and answer equations that
    produce negative and positive solutions.
    Students will be able to realize that the sum or addition of
     two positive integers is positive.
    Students will be able to realize that the sum of two
     negative integers is negative.
    Students will be able to find the sum of a positive and a
     negative integer by finding the absolute value of each
     integer and then subtract these values. The result takes
     the sign of the integer with the greatest absolute value.

 Extension Ideas

This tri-fold center can be changed around by changing the
numbers that are stationary on the board or even by not having
any numbers to begin with and the student is having to roll for
both numbers to add or subtract.

Supplies Needed
Construction Ideas

Tri-fold, cardboard box, 4 foam dice, border, felt, colored
paper, art paper, die cut letters, glue, staples, markers, plastic
hooks, Christmas lights and butcher paper.

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