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					                               TIC TAC TOE HOMEWORK
                              Please return each Friday :]
                          Parent Signature________________
Choose your own homework assignments! You must choose at least three activities that
connect either diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. Color in each box as you complete each
assignment. Complete the activities in your homework book. Have FUN! Don't forget to Study
spelling words on Thursday night for your Spelling test on Friday.

Rainbow words:                  Short Story:                     Spelling Sentences:

Write each word three times     Draw a picture in your           Write a sentence for at least
each. Use colored pencils or    homework book. Write one or      seven spelling words. When
crayons                         two sentences about your         you write a sentence make
                                picture. Use at least three of   sure it begins with a capital
                                your spelling words in the       letter and ends with a
                                sentence.                        punctuation mark. Be sure to
                                                                 underline your word.

Find a word or letters:         Free Space Choice:               ABC Order:

Use a magazine or newspaper     Do something creative with       Alphabetize both lists of
to spell each spelling word.    your spelling words. Be sure     spelling words.
Cut out the letters and/or      to share it with us here. :]
word. Glue them in your         _________________________
homework book.                  _________________________
Finding consonants and          Rhyming Words:                   Acrostic Poems:
                               Write your words in a list and    Using three different spelling
Write each spelling word three then write two or more words      words write an acrostic poem.
times each and circle the      that rhyme with each spelling     An acrostic poem uses each
vowels and underline the       word next to them.                letter of a word to begin each
consonants.                                                      line of the poem.
                                                                 B eing comfortable
                                                                 E very night
                                                                 D ream good things.

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