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Video game adaptation

‘Prince’ Disney’s
next big thing
LONDON, May 5, (RTRS): A
bulked-up Jake Gyllenhaal has
moved from dark, edgy roles to big
budget action adventure in “Prince
of Persia: The Sands of Time,” a
movie that could succeed the hit
“Pirates” franchise as Disney’s next
big thing.
   While the 29-year-old, Oscar-
nominated actor is being typically
coy about future plans, Gyllenhaal
                    said in an interview
                    that he was ready to
                    return to the role of
                    a swashbuckling
                    6th century Persian
                       Prince of Persia,
                    based on the popu-
                    lar video game
                    which              first
   Gyllenhaal       appeared in 1989,
                    premieres             in
London on Sunday and hits theatres
in late May.
   “Of course, if there’s an opportu-
nity to do another one and people
respond to it,” Gyllenhaal told
Reuters in an interview to promote
the movie, when asked if he envis-
aged the film as part of a series.
   “I don’t think that’s really on our
mind. I think our mind is to get this
one out. But of course, it would be an
honour. If an audience asks for a
sequel, then that’s an honour,” added
the actor, who trained hard for
demanding         stunt     and       fight
   The three “Pirates of the                   In this photo taken on April 5, Fatima Bhutto, niece of slain former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto, speaks during the launch of her book ‘Songs of Blood and Sword’ in Bangalore. Her striking looks recall her
Caribbean” films to date, starring             famous aunt, slain Pakistani politician Benazir Bhutto, but Fatima Bhutto, who has penned a memoir of her family’s blood-soaked history, says the resemblance ends there. (Inset): Fatima poses with a copy of her book
Johnny Depp, are a hard act to fol-                                                                                                 ‘Songs of Blood and Sword’ in New Delhi. (AFP)
low, having grossed $2.7 billion at
the global box office.
   Industry followers see an addition-                                                                                  Books
al challenge in that big-screen adap-
tations of video games have strug-
gled to meet expectations. Estimates
of Prince of Persia’s production
budget range from $150-200 million.
   Gyllenhaal is braced for a rough
                                                                                                                                                                       Laura Bush kicks off book tour
ride from followers of the Prince of
Persia game series, which he played
as a young boy.
   “I know ... this will not appease all
gamers, and I know there is a lot of
                                                                                                      Bhutto niece pens ‘Songs of Blood and Sword’
scepticism about the translation of a                                                                 NEW DELHI, May 5, (Agencies): Her                test elections following eight years of self-    plastic surgery.                                 After that I took some good advice from
video game to a movie, but I also                                                                     striking looks recall her famous aunt, slain     exile.                                              In his debut novel, “Pretend All Your         people and set it aside for a bit then revis-
feel excited that I think we’ve done                                                                  Pakistani politician Benazir Bhutto, but            Fatima said she wrote the book as a           Life,” Mackin writes about a Park Avenue         ited it and made some more changes.”
something that’s better than any of                                                                   Fatima Bhutto, who has penned a memoir           “homage” to her father and also to redress       plastic surgeon and his life over six disas-        Q: Have you started your next book?
the translations that have come out                                                                   of her family’s blood-soaked history, says       what she sees as his distorted image in the      trous days in post 9/11 New York City. The          A: “Yes, I am writing a book about an
thus far.                                                                                             the resemblance ends there.                      public eye.                                      surgeon’s son Bernardo, who worked in            elderly woman who loses her husband but
   “These games haven’t been given                                                                       Fatima is a fierce critic of her charis-         After Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was executed,       finance, died in the Twin Towers.                decides one morning that she didn’t lose
                                                                                                      matic aunt, who twice served as prime            Murtaza and his younger brother                     Mackin studied literature at New York         him but that he is still around. It’s called
the respect they deserve in the movie                                                                 minister, claiming she was power hungry                                                           Univerity, Yale and at the IEN in                “Aubage”.
                                                                                                                                                       Shahnawaz formed a guerrilla outfit to
world and I think (producer) Jerry                                                                                                                                                                      Barcelona, Spain, and also worked at The
(Bruckheimer) has done that and I
                                                                                                      and “morally responsible” for the murder         revenge his death and overthrow Zia.                                                                          ❑         ❑         ❑
                                               Former US first lady Laura Bush auto-                  of her own brother — the writer’s father —          The group was blamed for shootings,           Paris Review but it took him some time
think that we tried so hard to make it         graphs copies of her book at a signing                 in 1996.                                         bombings and the 1981 hijacking of a             before he felt he was ready to pick up a pen        Former first lady Laura Bush kicked off
our own and at the same time stay              event to promote her memoir ‘Spoken                       The book, “Songs of Blood and Sword”,         Pakistan International Airways plane.            and write.                                       a national book tour Tuesday in northern
true to the games.                             From The Heart’ May 4, at a bookstore in               is an adulatory — critics say airbrushed —                                                           Mackin, who also works as an Internet         Virginia, cranking out nearly 10 auto-
                                                      McClean, Virginia. (AFP)                                                                         Their activities earned Murtaza a “terror-
   “They (gamers) are tough, and I                                                                    portrayal of Fatima’s father,                    ist” tag that his daughter maintains is          consultant, spoke to Reuters about writing       graphs a minute as hundreds of fans wait-
appreciate that. I come from a tough                                                                     Murtaza Bhutto, a rival to Benazir in         unwarranted.                                     and his book:                                    ed hours for a five-second opportunity to
family. I don’t mind tough critics.”                                                                  Pakistan’s volatile, faction-ridden politics.       The book aims to break through the               Q: What got you interested in plastic         say hello.
                                                                                                                                                                                                        surgery?                                            Fans began lining up shortly after 7 a.m.
                Outsider                                Variety                                          “It’s a book I always knew I would
                                                                                                      write” as a “journey of remembrance of
                                                                                                                                                       “mythology built around him” by oppo-
                                                                                                                                                       nents, says Fatima, who took six years              A: “I did some Internet consultancy for       outside the Books-A-Million in McLean
   Gyllenhaal cut his acting teeth as a                                                                                                                                                                 some plastic surgeons and I was fascinated       for the chance to buy an autographed copy
                                                                                                      my father,” Fatima told AFP in New Delhi         “playing private detective” and tracking
troubled outsider in smaller-budget                                                                   where she was promoting her book.                                                                 by how people want to change the way             of Bush’s new memoir, “Spoken from the
movies which won him critical                                                                                                                          down her father’s friends.                                                                        Heart.”
                                               MADRID: Spanish director Pedro                            Pakistan’s most famous political                              Execution                        they look to have their outside reflect their
acclaim.                                       Almodovar has cast “Zorro” star Antonio                dynasty has been dogged by bloodshed                                                              insides. After 9/11 it was the case that the        Seated on a chair with gold-colored
   “Donnie Darko” (2001) is consid-            Banderas in his next film about a vengeful                                                                 Death runs through the length of her          insides of things were exposed — of peo-         accents, Bush repeatedly thanked her
                                                                                                      since Fatima’s grandfather, Zulfikar Ali         story, from her grandfather’s execution,
ered by some to be his breakthrough,           plastic surgeon, two decades after they last           Bhutto, the nation’s first democratically                                                         ple and how the world was — and in many          many fans, who were thrilled to meet a
while “Brokeback Mountain” earned              worked together, El Pais said Wednesday.                                                                the shooting of her father, the mysterious       cases the insides did not match what was         woman they universally described as “a
                                                                                                      elected leader, was hanged by the dictator-      death of Shahnawaz — the Bhutto family
him his sole Academy Award nomi-                  Spanish actor Banderas, familiar for                ship of General Zia-ul-Haq in 1979.                                                               previously thought.”                             class act.”
nation and a BAFTA award in                    Hollywood films such as “Evita” and                                                                     believed he was poisoned — and Benazir’s            Q: Did you find attitudes to plastic sur-        “I will read anything the Bush family
                                               “Assassins”, and also his marriage to the                 In each decade, “the Bhuttos seemed to
                                                                                                                                                       assassination.                                   gery have changed?                               writes,” said Susan Miller, 64, of
Britain.                                       American actress Melanie Griffith, first               lose another member” of the family, says
                                                                                                                                                          Despite her anger toward Benazir,                                                              Arlington. “I’ve always admired Laura
   He was linked with several action                                                                  Fatima, 28, who studied at Columbia                                                                  A: “In the 1990s it seems plastic surgery
                                               worked with Almodovar in 1982 when he was                                                               Fatima also recalls the good times when          was losing its taboo quality and people          Bush and I can’t wait for her husband’s
hero parts in the past, notably                22 years old.                                          University in New York, then did an MA at
                                                                                                      London’s School of Oriental and African          she was a child and Benazir was her              were no longer hiding it. It became more         book to come out. I just think they’re a
Spider-Man and Batman films, but it               They collaborated together on a handful                                                              “favourite aunt” who read her bedtime sto-       prevalent across the country and has             great team.” Former president George W.
was Prince of Persia which finally             more films, including “Women on the Verge of           Studies.
                                                                                                                                                       ries and recollects they shared a taste for      grown every year for the past few decades        Bush’s memoir, “Decision Points,” is set to
brought him into the Hollywood                 a Nervous Breakdown” and, in their last out-                             Adored                         “disgusting sticky sweets.”                      as they continue to invent more proce-           be released in November.
mainstream.                                    ing together 21 years ago, “Tie Me Up! Tie                She now lives at the longtime Bhutto             But when Benazir came to office as                                                                Kristina Okhotin, 21, of San Diego said
                                               Me Down!”.                                                                                                                                               dures. One-third of patients now are men.
   “I think it was about time I                                                                       family home in a plush suburb of Karachi,        prime minister, “power transformed her           Plastic surgery dropped off briefly after        she is a fan of the Bushes, but she debated
                                                  It “will be close to a horror film,”                Pakistan’s commercial hub, with her
stopped taking myself so seriously,”           Almodovar said about his new production,                                                                and not for the good,” she says.                 9/11 but then it came right back.                whether to attend the signing. She finally
the actor said, when asked why he                                                                     adored stepmother Ghinwa Bhutto, who                Fatima said she has survived “all this        Liposuction is one of the ones that grew         decided an opportunity to meet a first lady
                                               provisionally titled “The Skin I Live In”,             raised her after her parents split when she
had followed the likes of Tobey                “which was something I really wanted to do as                                                           madness” because she had a “lucky source         the most. I stood and watched a full face        was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Maguire and Robert Downey Jr. into             I had never made one, but I will not respect           was a baby.                                      of strength in my (step)mother to help me        lift and liposuction to the neck and upper          “In real life, she looked a lot prettier,”
action movies.                                 any rules of the genre.”                                  A precocious writer, she published a          move past the violence.”                         and lower eye lids during a four-hour pro-       Okhotin said.
                                                  The Spanish director will adapt Frenchman           volume of poetry when she was just 15 —             A poised speaker who some believe             cedure.”                                            Bush began signing books at noon and
   “When I was a little younger, and                                                                  a year after her father was gunned down
                                               Thierry Jonquet’s 1999 novel “Tarantula”, a                                                             could emerge as a politician in her own             Q: Were you in New York on 9/11?              the line had cleared by about 1:30 p.m.
I did start (acting) so young, I think                                                                outside the same family home — and now                                                                                                             Most of those waiting in line were women.
                                               dark tale involving grisly applications of plas-                                                        right, Fatima insists she harbours no polit-        A: “I was in Manhattan. I knew people
you tend to try and be a little bit                                                                   is a newspaper columnist known for her                                                            who were killed. Everyone I knew was                In the book she discusses her husband’s
                                               tic surgery as a father takes revenge against                                                           ical ambitions and does not believe in
more of what you think other people            the man who raped his daughter. (AFP)                  outspokenness.                                   “birthright” politics.                           affected by it. It is still like that. As we     decision to stop drinking in the mid 1980s
might want or what people might                               ❑         ❑        ❑                       She recounts in the book how she hid in          Her wish is to continue being a writer as     have come around, with the new president         and describes him as “a bore” when he
consider to be interesting.                                                                           a windowless dressing room, clutching her        she feels it allows her “a freer role to speak   and the wars, it receded a bit but it comes      drank. She also writes about a fatal car
   “And then I think I found that I’ve         SYDNEY: The Jim Henson Company is to                   young brother, when her father was shot          about issues from outside the system.”           back fresh again and people look at it in a      accident she was involved in as a teenager
just decided to do what I find inter-          partner with Australian production outfit              dead in what she sees as a move to elimi-                                                         different light.”                                growing up in Midland, Texas.
                                               Omnilab Media to make “Power of the Dark                                                                   But the feuds that have beset her family
esting. That doesn’t mean I’m not                                                                     nate a rival to Benazir — who was then           have percolated down into her own gener-            Q: Was this the first novel you wrote?           In an interview with Oprah Winfrey on
                                               Crystal,” a sequel to Henson’s 1982 fantasy hit        prime minister.
going to do films that are darker later        “The Dark Crystal,” the companies confirmed                                                             ation.                                              A: “This is my second novel but my            her syndicated television show Tuesday,
on,” he added.                                 Wednesday.
                                                                                                         Benazir “certainly felt Pakistan was not         She and her two brothers have no con-         first public novel. The first novel I sort of    Bush said she still carries guilt from the
   In Prince of Persia Gyllenhaal                 “Daybreakers” directors Peter and Michael           big enough for two Bhuttos at that time,”        tact with Benazir’s three children.              lost in the middle. I was too ambitious in       crash, in which she ran a stop sign and
plays Dastan, a boy adopted by King            Spierig will helm the film, which is to be             said Fatima, who cites in her book a tribu-         “That door was shut long ago,” she says.      the concept but I am glad that I was, as I       struck and killed a high school friend.
                                                                                                      nal ruling that her father’s killing could not                                                    found what I needed to know to do better.           “What I did was try not to think about it,
Sharaman who becomes embroiled                 made in stereoscopic 3D with a mix of live
                                                                                                      have happened without approval at the                        ❑          ❑         ❑
                                               action and Henson puppetry, and is being                                                                                                                 Some young writers burst right out of the        put it out of my mind,” Bush told Winfrey.
in a quest to protect a magic dagger                                                                  “highest level of government.”                      As a New Yorker, Joseph Mackin was            box ... but I needed to know more about             As for the drinking, Bush told Winfrey
that can access the legendary Sands            billed as one of the most ambitious projects
                                               ever to be made in Australia.                             Benazir blamed her brother’s death on a       enormously affected by the 9/11 attacks so       the world in order to write this. What I         it was part of the culture in Midland but
of Time, capable of turning back                  “Power of the Dark Crystal” will be pro-            plot to destabilise her government.              it seemed natural to focus on this event         knew at 22 I could not write this book.”         that her husband decided after his 40th
time.                                          duced by the Australia-based production arm               She was herself killed in a suicide attack    when he wrote and to combine another                Q: How long did the book take?                birthday to quit drinking, and did it cold
   Directed by Mike Newell and star-           of Omnilab Media, Ambience Entertainment,              in 2007 after returning to Pakistan to con-      issue high up in the America psyche —               A: “It took me about 18 months to write.      turkey.
ring Ben Kingsley, Alfred Molina               while Omnilab-owned special effects house
and Gemma Arterton, the movie fea-             Illoura will work on the CGI elements of the
tures battles, chases, plenty of spe-          film.
cial effects and light-hearted dia-               Set hundreds of years after the events of the
                                               first movie, when the world has once again         Lion King” director Rob Minkoff is planning                                                           Ventani told the AP in an e-mail that the cast     which will hit New York’s Madison Square
logue.                                                                                            another fantasy epic set in China.                                                                    of the $75 million to $100 million production      Garden Sept. 21, Houston’s Toyota Center
                                               fallen into darkness, “Power of the Dark
   Gyllenhaal said he looked back far          Crystal” follows the adventures of a mysteri-         Publicists said in a statement sent to The                                                         hasn’t been decided.                               Oct. 8 and L.A.’s Staples Center Oct. 23.
into Hollywood history for inspira-            ous girl made of fire who, together with a         Associated Press on Wednesday that Minkoff                                                               “The Forbidden Kingdom,” about an                  Tickets go on sale to the public May 7, with
tion.                                          Gelfling outcast, steals a shard of the leg-       will direct the 3-D English-language action                                                           American teenager who tries to free the mythi-     prices ranging from $9.50 to $149.50.
   “I like to think of this as a little bit    endary crystal in an attempt to reignite the       adventure “Chinese Odyssey” with financial                                                            cal Monkey King with fellow fighters, brought         The Colombian singer-songwriter’s latest
more Errol Flynn in a way, I’ve                dying sun that exists at the center of the plan-   backing from two Chinese studios, including                                                           together Chan and Li for the two kung fu           album on Epic, “She Wolf,” has sold 303,000
always thought of it that way and I            et. (RTRS)                                         the state-owned China Film Group.                                                                     stars’ first on-screen collaboration. (AP)         copies in the U.S., according to Nielsen
                                                             ❑         ❑        ❑                    Minkoff was quoted in the statement as                                                                            ❑        ❑         ❑                SoundScan. The Spanish version of her latest
was always inspired by him in this                                                                describing the movie as a “supernatural high-                                                                                                            single, “Gypsy,” is No. 1 on Billboard’s Latin
movie.”                                        HONG KONG: After uniting Jackie Chan               seas adventure that pits our hero against an                                                          LOS ANGELES: Shakira has announced the             pop airplay charts. Her first single, “She
                                               and Jet Li in “The Forbidden Kingdom,” “The        onslaught of deadly foes.” Producer Pietro                Chan                    Banderas            first three dates of her North America tour,       Wolf,” went to No. 11 on the Hot 100. (RTRS)

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