EY2 Home Learning Experiences by HC120929173149


									                                                       K2 Home Learning Experiences
Curriculum Area – Problem Solving, Reasoning and Number.
What we would like the children to learn
To say number names in order 1 – 10.
Count reliably up to 10 objects
Talk about and recognise simple patterns.
To recognise and name 2 d shapes and be able to describe them.
Activities                                       Resources needed                                  Questions to ask your child
                                                                                                   Date completed
1. To play number games                            Make
Bingo to 10. The adult picks a number and your         Bingo cards with numbers 1-10              What number is this?
child tries to read that number and covers that        Squares to cover numbers                   Can you find this number on your card?
numbers if it is on their board.

2. To trace and or write the numbers               Make                                            Can you trace the number with your finger?
   starting at the dot marked to encourage             Number formation sheets
   proper number formation.                            Examples of number formation 1 -10
(Pencil control is part of Communication,
Language and Literacy)

3. To count objects and workout the                Counters ( beads, marbles, crayons and etc. )   How many marbles in the blue basket?
   totals.                                         2 Baskets or any containers in different colo   How many marbles in the red basket?
                                                                                                   How many marbles altogether?
4. To sing numbers rhymes and songs.
   To count objects around the home. (singing      CD of actions and number songs and word         Listen and sing along with your child!
   is also part of Creative Development)           songs.

7. To sort objects within the home and
find groups of things that are the same.
a) Mix up forks/knives and big spoons and little   Household items                                 What colour is this?
spoons ask your child to sort them into groups                                                     Is this the same colour / shape?
that are the same.
b)sort toys by shape/colour/purpose

5. To measure how tall? How long?
    Different household objects are.               Objects from around the house.                  Can you find something that is tall and short?
Find each of the objects in the pictures, use                                                      Do you think that is tall or short?
something small to measure their lengths i.e.                                                      Can you find something that is long? Can you
paperclips.                                                                                        find something that is longer?
6. To match objects in the house.                    Number cards                                      Can you show me 2 numbers that are the same?
a) Match pictures                                    Picture cards                                     Can you show me 2 pictures that are the same?
b) Match numbers                                     Shoes and socks of different colours and sizes.   How these are socks the same?
c) Match socks/shoes and count in 2’s

7. Go on a shape hunt in your house and look                                                           Can you name this shape?
   for triangles, squares, circles and rectangles.                                                     How many sides does it have?
   Cut out each shape and try and fins shapes        Shapes sheet – cut out the shapes.                How many corners does it have?
   that match. Count the number of sides on a

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