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					     By-laws of The International Women’s Association
                        of Taichung

                                  Article I – The name

The name of this organization shall be “The International Women’s Association of
Taichung” and the abbreviation I.W.A.T. may be used. This is an independent not-for-
profit organization, not affiliated with any other International Women’s Association.

                                  Article II – The Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote friendship among English-speaking
women, whatever their nationality, through community service, charity, cultural and
social activities, and through the exchange of information for reciprocal benefit.

                                 Article III – Membership

a)       The official language of this association shall be English.

b)       Members shall be women of any nationality, residing in Taiwan.

c)       All applications for membership of this association shall be submitted to the
         Membership Chairperson on the specified form.

d)       New members and renewals may be accepted at any time during the year. Dues
         will be prorated between December and May. See Standing Rules of Order for

e)       Membership may be terminated on written resignation or by non-payment of

f)       Should a member bring the reputation of the Association into disrepute, then that
         member may have her membership terminated following a unanimous vote by the
         Board. The member will be notified in writing of any such decision. Should the
         member in question be a Board member, voting privilege is denied.

g)       The Board shall fix the dues annually, for active and new members.

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h)       A discount will be given for renewals between May 1 and September 30. Rates
         may be found in Standing Rules of Order.

i)       Dues shall be paid upon application for, or renewal of, membership.

j)       Dues are not refundable.

                                    Article IV – Officers

Section 1 – Composition

a)       The Board may be comprised of the following elected officers: President, Vice
         President, Tours and Workshop Coordinator, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership,
         and Hospitality when membership numbers so require. At any one time, there
         should be a minimum of four elected officials

b)       They shall be elected annually and their term of office is one year. Officers may
         serve a maximum of three consecutive terms in one position on the Board.

c)       To be elected to a Board position, members should be in good standing for a
         minimum of six months prior to election.

Section 2 – Management

a)       The management of the Association shall be vested in the Board.

b)       The Board shall fill any vacancies among the Board that occur during the
         Association year as needed and appointees shall serve until the next election.

Section 3 – The Board

The duties of the Board are as follows:

a)       President: Shall be the official representation of IWAT to the community at large.
         Shall attend all meetings of the Association and of the Board. She shall be an ex-
         officio member of all committees except the committee on Nominations and

b)       Vice-president: Shall assist the President and function as the event coordinator for
         fundraising and main social events.

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c)       The Tours- and Workshop Coordinator shall be responsible for organizing the
         monthly tours and workshops.

d)       Treasurer: Shall have charge of the funds and report annually to the membership.
         She shall also coordinate with the President to create and monitor the annual

e)       Secretary: Shall keep a record of all board meeting minutes and makes them
         available to the membership. Communicates information to the Web & Print
         Coordinator for publication on the website, Compass as well as any other public
         venues. She advises the board if they act contrary to the policies of the
         Association as laid down in the By-Law and Standing Rules.

f)       Membership coordinator: Shall be responsible for signing up new members and
         renewals. Keeps the database holding information about members updated and is
         in charge of birthday draws at luncheons. In addition, she will be responsible for
         publishing a member directory twice a year.

g)       Hospitality coordinator: Shall organize meeting room and buffet at the hotel and
         is the official greeter at the luncheon. Takes RSVPs for the luncheon and buys
         raffle and birthday gifts.

h)       Web & Print Coordinator: Shall coordinate marketing content for web and print
         publications, including the IWAT website, Compass advertisements

Section 4 - Elections

a)       Before the end of March, the Board shall appoint a Nominating Committee
         Chairwoman who may or may not be a member of the Board. She shall then form
         a committee of 5 regular members including the chairperson, of which no more
         than 2 can be on the existing Board, and of which at least 2 shall be members of
         more than 2 years standing.

b)       The Nominating Committee shall solicit a minimum of 2 for each office, if

c)       The Nominating Committee shall advise the Nominee of her nomination by
         telephone or email at least two weeks before the election.

d)       Upon her request, the nominee may withdraw her name and the Nominating
         Committee shall solicit a new nomination.

e)       Before the regular May meeting, the Nominating Committee Chairwoman shall
         present the slate of Nominees for each position to the members via email.

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f)       The membership will vote by ballot or show of hands, as appropriate, at the
         regular May meeting. Absentee ballots received by the Nominating Committee
         Chairwoman via email before 12:00 midnight prior to the meeting shall be
         counted. Members eligible to vote shall be members in good standing with 3
         months prior membership.

g)       The new Board shall conduct business at the June meeting.

                                  Article V – Meetings

a)       Monthly meetings of the Association shall be held on the first Wednesday of each
         month from September to June.

b)       A business meeting of the Board will be held monthly. Any member of the Board,
         if necessary, may call additional meetings.

c)       The Board may invite a limited number of guests to Association functions, at the
         expense of the Association.

d)       Meetings may be cancelled and/or set on different dates by the Board, depending
         on school calendars and/or local holidays.

                                 Article VI – Procedures

a)       “Robert’s Rules of Orders, modern Edition” shall serve as a guideline for all
         Association and committee meetings. The latest edition being purchased in 1997

b)       A majority of the Board will constitute a quorum for a Board Meeting.

c)       A majority vote of the regular members present at any monthly meeting shall be
         required to conduct business.

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                           Article VII – Amending Procedures

a)       Amendments shall be proposed by the Board to the membership.

b)       The By-laws & Standing Rules of this Association shall be adopted or amended
         by a majority vote of the members present at any meeting.

c)       Any amendments need to be submitted to the Board in writing.

                                  Article VIII – Liability

a)       The individual members of the Association shall not, in any case, be liable for any
         financial obligation except the membership dues.

                                  Article IX – Dissolution

a)       Every member of the Association shall be informed in writing 2 weeks in advance
         of a meeting with a forthcoming vote to dissolve the Association and of the reason
         for the vote for dissolution.

b)       A meeting of the Association called for the purpose of dissolution shall require a
         majority vote of the voting members present to affect dissolution.

                                                                       Updated April 2011

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