UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH                                                   CHURCH LIFE TODAY
           Boyden, Iowa         upcboyden.com                          We are delighted that you have come for Christian worship
Pulpit Supply: Verlyn Netten        Ministers: All the People         and fellowship on this Lord’s Day. If you are visiting please
February 22, 2009                                   9:30 A.M.         sign our guest book in the narthex. LARGE PRINT bulletins
 Therefore encourage one another and build each other                 and HEARING ASSISTANCE RADIOS are available in the
 up, just as in fact you are doing. Thessalonians 5:11                narthex.
*******************************************************************   10:45 Fellowship Time
                                                                      11:00 Sunday School for ages 3 through adult
                  GATHERING FOR PRAISE
                                                                       1:30 Today’s worship service on Boyden Cable TV 12
Prelude                                      Laura Van Meeteren
                                                                       6:00 Boyden Youth Group
Call to Worship
                                                                         No World Religion Class
*Praise & Worship Song “Blessed Assurance”                     345
*Prayer of Confession
                                                                                      CHURCH LIFE THIS WEEK
*Gloria Patri                                                   622
                                                                      Prayer list
                                                                        Church family – Mr. & Mrs. Joshus DeVos
                  SHARING IN WORSHIP
                                                                                        Justin DeVos
Ministry of Music                                Kim Godtland
                                                                        Missionaries – Village NW
Responsive Reading         “Christ’s Exaltation”        #642
*Hymn              “This Is the Day“                      590
                                                                      6:30 Ladies Bible Study
Children’s Message
                                                                      6:30 Youth Club for grades 1-12
Sharing Joys and Concerns
                                                                      6:30 Ladies Bible Study at Laura’s home
Prayers of the People
                                                                      7:45 Adult Choir practice
                 PROCLAIMING THE WORD
                                                                                           LOOKING AHEAD
Scripture           I Corinthians 3        (p. 1774)
Message                              “Golden Ashes”
                                                                       6 World Day of Prayer at UP Church
                                                                      11 UPW
                     LEAVING TO SERVE
                                                                      11 Trustee meeting at 7:00
                                                                      18 Sunshine Circle with LaVonne as leader & Donna
*Doxology                                                     625
*Hymn          “There Is a Redeemer”                          206
                                                                      18 All Church Potluck to wrap up Youth Club for this
                                                                         season. You are asked to bring one hot dish &
*Parting Response       “Grace, Love & Fellowship”            606
                                                                         one cold dish and your own table service. Drinks
                                                                         will be provided.
*Stand please, if you are able.
USHERS – March – Hailey Koerselman & Adam Schafer
GREETERS – February 22 – Art & Phyllis Diekevers
         March 1 – Gary & Angie Diekevers
SPECIAL MUSIC - February 22 – Bob Sietstra
         March 1 – Adult Choir
                          Dwayne Van Meeteren

UPW NOTES: Presbyterian Women's Sewing Day has
been postponed until fall. Instead we will have a regular
PW Meeting on that date, March 11. We will study Lesson
7 "The Oppressed Are Set Free." Leader : Marilyn
World Day of Prayer will be held in our church basement at
1:30 P.M. Friday, March 6. Christian Women of Papua,
New Guinea developed the theme, "In Christ There Are
Many Members, Yet One Body." We will also be looking at
the prayer life of Jesus as found in the Gospel of Luke. All
are Welcome.

FUND RAISER: Saturday, February 28 there will be a fund
raiser (pork sandwiches) for Linda Mulder and family to help
pay for the medical expenses for her dog bite incident. It
will be at the Demco Center, 5-7:30 PM, with a free will
donation. Contact Darnell Clark, 725-2663 is you have any

PASTOR MARTY will be out of town February 21-28. If
pastoral needs arise, please contact one of the elders.

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