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									                                                             Interview with Susan by Annabel.

                                                             ALLIE McGregor’s TRUE COLOURS

Susan in three words? Ordinary. Student. Reader.

  In recent times, Susan read the book Allie McGregor’s True Colours, by Sue Lawson. When
asked to describe the book in five words, she quotes “Sweet, sad, grave, pressuring,
worrying, a complicated book”. To summaries the main idea of the story she says
“Renovations are happening at Allie’s, so she has to share a room with her younger sister.
Fights with her siblings a lot, deals with her mother’s cancer, and the fact that her dad is a
popular radio show host, while trying to be cool, dealing with guys and basically becoming a
teenager/growing up.” Susan says the main problem in the book was that “Allie’s mum has
cancer, so she has to pick up the slack and she’s dealing with her 2 best friends fighting. I
relate to this because I Share a room with my sister, making new friends, you know, that
sort of thing”.

  The characters in the book were “Allie (main character), also her family and her friends,
roughly around 9 people. There were no twists, but there were a lot of ups and downs. I
think the author wrote the book well, but it could’ve been better. If I would recommend it
for people, it would probably be for ages 12-15. It was a fairly easy read, took me basically a
night, probably 3 hours.”

 Susan says the three main themes of the book are “Cancer, growing up, finding your
personality, popularity, peer pressure. One thing I liked was that it had a happy ending, and
what I dislike is that main character is really selfish at times. She really wants to be popular
and will let her family suffer for it.”

Annabel 7M Perry

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