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									           International Workshop                       Institute for Social and Environmental Transition        TARGET GROUP
                                                        (ISET, Boulder, US) and Winrock International
             RISK TO RESILIENCE:                                                                                 The workshop will be attended by around 70
                                                        India (WII, New Delhi) are jointly organizing an
                                                                                                                 participants including international delegates.
                                                        International Workshop on Strategic Tools for
     Strategic Tools for Disaster Risk                  Disaster and Climate Risk Management, at New Delhi
                                                                                                                 Delegation will include Institute for Social and
               Management                                                                                        Environmental Transition (ISET), International
                                                        on 3-4 February 2009. The workshop will bring
                                                                                                                 Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA),
                                                        together policy makers, experts, civil society groups,
BACKGROUND                                                                                                       Planning Commission, Ministry of Environment &
                                                        bilateral and multilateral organisations and donors to
Geographic and regional climatic conditions in the                                                               Forests, Winrock International India (WII),
                                                        discuss relevant strategic tools for disaster and
developing nations of South-Asia, viz., India,                                                                   National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM),
                                                        climate risk management. The workshop will be
Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, etc. have made them prone                                                               Kings College London, ProVention Consortium, World
                                                        attended by delegates from Nepal, Pakistan and
to multiple hazards especially the ones related to                                                               Bank, Central Water Commission, Ministry of Home
                                                        Europe, besides India.
water, climate, land, etc. Shifting focus from                                                                   Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Earth
“reactive response to losses and/or disasters” to       OBJECTIVES                                               Science, Ministry of Science & Technology, CSIR,
“developing resilience to probable hazards” has been                                                             ICAR,     Relief/DM       Commissioners,  Livelihood-
                                                        The objective of this workshop is to discuss the
brought to the fore-front as an adaptation agenda                                                                Commission/Mission, Wasteland Development Board,
                                                        methodologies     for   evaluating   Disaster    Risk
to climate-change implications. DRR strategy-making                                                              Soil & water conservation, Land-use Boards, National
                                                        Reduction (DRR) strategies for hydro-meteorological
involves the cycle from identification & assessment                                                              Remote Sensing Agency, ISRO, National Disaster
                                                        hazards under the implications of climate change,
of likely hazards; developing resistance (through                                                                Management       Authority,      Ministry of     Non-
                                                        and to mainstream these in the policy making. The
prevention, avoidance, mitigation or tolerance);                                                                 conventional       Energy,       ICIMOD,     relevant
                                                        project case studies will be presented in this
capacity development and evaluation, and designing                                                               national/state        institutes      and   agencies,
                                                        brainstorming workshop for discussion on their
implementation framework. The exercise involves                                                                  academic/technical experts on related subjects,
                                                        relevance and replication in larger public policy
data processes, application of environmental system                                                              policy analysts, etc.
                                                        domain. Thus, following are the key objectives of the
tools for predictions and forecasting, mapping and      workshop:                                                ORGANIZERS
presentation tools, and feeding to relevant strategic
                                                           To deliberate on needs, concepts and challenges      The workshop is being organized by NIDM, ISET,
                                                            in estimations and mapping of risk and cost-         Boulder (US), WII - India.
Considering very scanty literature available on the         benefit analysis of DRR strategies
subject, ISET and its partner institutions in India,                                                             (I) NIDM
                                                           To share international and national experiences
Nepal and Pakistan had taken up a Risk to Resilience
                                                            and view-points on tools and techniques in DRR       National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM),
project with financial support from DFID that
                                                            strategy design, advocacy and financial              (Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India) is
focused on evaluating economic returns of
                                                            mobilization for implementations                     a premier institute and a Statutory Body (under
investment in DRR and in developing a portfolio of
                                                                                                                 Disaster Management Act 2005) for training,
associated methodologies which may be useful in            To discuss and deliberate the policy and
                                                                                                                 research, documentation, awareness and human
evaluating the choices available for disaster risk          regulatory framework on various environmental/
                                                                                                                 resources and capacity development for disaster
mitigation and climate change adaptation. These             natural resources, and human development
                                                                                                                 risk mitigation and management in India and in the
range from quick-to-use qualitative to semi-                aspects that help facilitate and provide for such
quantitative to more complex fully quantitative             DRR tools
approaches involving stochastic modelling.                                                                       (II) ISET, BOULDER (US)
                                                           To evolve and workout an acceptable approach
                                                            for such tools and the functional mechanisms to      ISET is a non-profit institute with members and
The National Institute of Disaster Management
                                                            adapt such tools to specific contexts                advisors in both the North and the South.
(NIDM, New Delhi), (Ministry of Home Affairs),
                                                                                                                 Individuals and organizations involved in ISET all
share a commitment to environmentally sustainable        from India, Nepal and Pakistan, and few other case                                             Brochure
development, conflict resolution and poverty             studies related to the DRR strategies tools
alleviation. It has long history of work and             3) Methods: This session will focus on the core
coordination for global and regional scale large-scale   methodological issues involved in quantitative
research programs, and extensive network with            evaluating the benefits and costs of risk
global and regional actors working on climate change     management strategies.
                                                         4) Synthesis and Policy: Tools and methodologies to
(III) WII, New Delhi
                                                         inform Policy, Availability & Critical Gaps. The             RISK TO RESILIENCE:
WII is a New Delhi-based affiliate of Winrock            session will highlight existing and required                     Strategic Tools for
International, a global non-profit organization with a   methodologies for development of a replicable tool
                                                                                                                       Disaster Risk Management
presence in over 60 countries, and works                 kit that can inform policy and decision-making at all
independently on projects in India and in South Asia.    levels.
WII focuses on three principal thematic areas:           B. High-Level Round-Table                                     INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP
natural   resources     management;     energy     and   Round table discussion shall focus on the major                     February 03-04, 2009
environment; climate change and adaptation.              findings of case study deliberations and the                           New Delhi, India
                                                         international workshop sessions and their policy
VENUE AND DATE                                           implications for DRR in the region.
The workshop is scheduled on 3-4 February 2009
                                                         ORGANISING TEAM
at Mirza-Ghalib Hall, Scope Complex, 7, Lodi Road,
New Delhi-110003. SCOPE Complex is flanked by            NIDM
Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on the one side and the         Dr. Anil K. Gupta, Associate Professor
Central Government Offices on the other.                      (
                                                         Sreeja S. Nair, Assistant Professor
It will begin with an inaugural session followed by      Ph: 91-11-23724311 (D), 91-11-23702443, 45,32
four thematic sessions incorporating international       Fax: 91-11-23702442
and national presentations and high level Round          ISET
Table discussion. The technical sessions will be as      Shashikant Chopde, Senior Associate
below:                                                      (                                National Institute of Disaster Management
                                                            Mobile: 9811667275                                    Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India
A. Technical Sessions
                                                         WII                                                                   New Delhi – 110 002
1) Challenges and Principles for evaluating risk         Dr. Praveen K Singh, Program Officer (NRM)                    
management strategies in dynamic contexts: This               (
session will focus on the underlying conceptual issues   Phone 91-124-430 3849, Fax 91-124-430, 3862               Institute for Social and Environmental
involved in evaluating the technical, social and                                                                      Transition (ISET). Boulder, US
economic feasibility of risk management strategies       ADVISORY TEAM
in contexts where social and environmental               Shri P. G. Dhar Chakrabarti, Executive Director,                             &
conditions, including those associated with climate          NIDM & SAARC Disaster Management Centre
                                                                                                                     Winrock International India (WII)
change, are evolving rapidly.                            Prof. Santosh Kumar, Head, Policy Planning and
                                                                                                                            788, Udyog Vihar, Phase V
2) Case Studies: on detailed case studies on the             Cross-cutting Issues Division, NIDM
                                                                                                                               Gurgaon - 122 001
costs and benefits of disaster risk management           Dr. Kinsuk Mitra, President, WII
                                                         Dr. Marcus Moench, Director, ISET

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