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									Kaplan Schweser CFA Review Discount

Did you know that nearly 50% of all Level II and Level III candidates worldwide use Kaplan
Schweser to prepare for the CFA® Exam?*

Kaplan Schweser has helped tens of thousands of candidates pass their CFA exams. We offer
the broadest array of CFA exam preparation tools available anywhere and can also help you,
whatever your individual learning style and educational needs.
     Expert live, online, and multimedia instruction from the largest and most experienced
        staff of Finance PhDs and CFA charterholders
     SchweserNotes™ for clear and concise explanations of every Learning Outcome in the
        CFA curriculum
     A question bank with thousands of exam-like questions
     Six full (6-hour) practice exams for your final exam preparation
     Review seminars (live and online) and mock exams for added confidence on exam day

Receive 15% OFF select Kaplan Schweser Study Solutions and Instruction for CFA Exam review—
an exclusive discount for affiliate members of the CFA Society of Detroit.

Order Online Today
Conveniently order online through the www.schweser.com/portal or call a Kaplan Schweser
Customer Service Representative. Enter or provide the following discount code: BelleIsle

For complete Kaplan Schweser product information, please visit www.schweser.com.

* Based on 2008-2009 Kaplan Schweser revenue reports.

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