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					                       NEO Division I Championships
                     Hosted by the Youngstown Y-Neptunes
                           Sunday, February 4, 2007

                                   Meet Information

Location      Beeghly Center, YSU Natatorium, Spring Street, Youngstown State University,
              Youngstown, OH 44555.

Facility      Eight lane, 25 yard indoor pool, additional 10 lane warm-up and cool down area,
              large bleacher seating for 800, Colorado timing system/scoreboard. Concession
              stand will be available.

Meet          Scott and Melanie Emerson
Directors     330-427-2946 or 330-559-3700

Meet          Kurt Allen


Admissions    $3.00 per person (6 and under admitted free) No charge for volunteer workers
              whose names have been submitted with the team entries.

Heat Sheets   $5.00 includes both sessions

Other Fees    Parking: $4 per vehicle.

Meet Times    Morning Session:               Intermediate (15 & over), Junior (13 & 14) and
                                             mini-cadets (8 & Under)

              Warm-ups:                      Girls – 7:15 - 7:45a.m.; Boys – 7:45 - 8:15 a.m.
              Session Starts:                8:30 a.m.

              Afternoon Session;             Preps (11 & 12) and Cadets (9 & 10)
              Warm ups:                      15 minutes after end of morning session, but not
                                             before 1:00 p.m.
                                             Girls – first 30 minutes; Boys following 30
              Session Starts:                One hour and fifteen minutes after warm-up
                                             begins, but not before 1:00 p.m.
              Warm-up lane assignments will be in the coaches’ packet. A coach must be
              present during warm-ups.

Conduct       The meet will be conducted according to the NCAA rules as accepted and
              amended by NEO YMCA Swim League. Refer to the NEO YMCA League

Eligibility   Swimmers must have participated in three YMCA dual meets during the season.
              Each swimmer may enter and compete in a maximum of two individual events
              and two relays events. If a team has fewer than four swimmers entering in an age
              group, the swimmers can enter in three individual events. 10 & Unders may
              swim three individual events only if a team has three or less 8 & Unders and NO
              10 & Unders. Teams have no limit on the number of entries in each event. Relay
              swimmers must be listed on the day of the meet.

              No additions or substitutions will be accepted after the entry deadline of
              January 26, 2007.

Seeding       Events will be seeded by NCAA rules for timed final meets. Indicate best times
              in a 25-yard pool. No meter conversions, please.

Entries       All entries need to be submitted by email to using the Team
              Manager Entry File that can be downloaded from the
              website for Division 1 Championships. Once you email your Team Manager
              entries, please send a hard copy of your entries, the Entry Summary form and
              check to:
                                          Kurt Allen
                                        150 Neff Court
                                     Canfield, OH 44406


Entry Fees    $2 per individual event, $8 per relay team. Make checks payable to the YMCA
              Y-Neptunes. There is a $100 Administration Fee charged to any team
              submitting paper entries.

Coaches       Coaches’ meetings will be held at 8 a.m. and fifteen minutes before the beginning
Meeting       of the afternoon session. Scratches need to be submitted at these times.

Officials     Each team will provide the following workers:
And Meet      2-Certified Level 2 officials – one per session - (please wear white)
Volunteers    4-Timers – two per session
              2-Awards – one per session
               4-Team Area Supervisors – 2 per session (At least one supervisor must remain
               within the team area at all times.)
              Officials and Meet Workers names need to be submitted by Monday,
              January 22, 2007. Please email these to

              The Officials and Meet Workers will be admitted free.

Clerk of      All 10 & under swimmers MUST report to clerk of course for each entered event.
              11 & over swimmers MUST report behind the blocks for their events.

              The clerk of course will be located on the first floor across from the pool. It will
              be up to each team’s coaches to get their swimmers to clerk of course. From here,
              volunteers will take the swimmers across the hall to the on-deck clerk of course
              area. A coach from each team must bring their 8 & Under and 9 & 10 Relays
              to the clerk of course area, see that they get their card and are seated before
              leaving so no one misses their event!

Awards        Ribbons places 1-16. Ribbons will be collected by each team’s coach at the end of
              the meet.

Scoring       Scoring to 16 places

              Individual events         20,17,16,15,14,13,12,11,9,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
               Relay events             40,34,32,30,28,26,24,22,18,14,12,10,8,6,4,2

Special        1. Coaches are responsible for the behavior of all their swimmers before, during
               and after the swim meet.
               2. No running, horseplay, roughhousing, throwing objects, or other rowdy
               behavior will be tolerated.
               3. Footwear must be worn throughout the facility at all times.
               4. Teams are responsible for the clean up of their team area.
               5. The YMCA, Y-Neptune Swim Team or YSU assume no responsibility for lost
               or stolen articles.

T-Shirts       T-shirts will be available at the meet.

Vendor         Knabe’s Swim Wear will be on-site to fill all your swimming needs.

Concessions    A full concession area will be available offering a large array of breakfast and
               lunch items.
                       Entry Summary Form
                    NEO Division I Championships

YMCA Team Name             ______________________________

YMCA Team Address          ______________________________

City ______________         State _____ ZIP _______________

Telephone _______________________ Club Code _________

Coach’s Name _______________________________________

Coach’s Address _____________________________________

Coach’s Home Phone__________________ Cell ________________

E-mail Address ______________________ ( ) Coach ( ) YMCA

Parent contact_______________________________________

Parent’s home phone_______________ Cell__________________

Entry Fees (Hytek Meet Manager Entries)

      Individual Events _______ @ $2 each = ______________
      Relay Events      _______ @ $8 each = ______________

                                         TOTAL = _____________

Return this form along with a paper copy of your entries and entry check payable to
YMCA Y-Neptunes by Friday, January 26, 2007 t0:

                                 Kurt Allen
                               150 Neff Court
                             Canfield, Ohio 44406
              NEO Division I Championships
             Hosted by Youngstown Y-Neptunes
                 Sunday, February 4, 2007

                       Workers Form
        PLEASE EMAIL THIS COMPLETED FORM TO no later than January 22, 2007


     MORNING                          AFTERNOON____


1._______________________        1._______________________


1.___________________________    1._______________________

2._________________________      2._______________________


1.______________________    _   1.________________________

2._________________________     2.________________________

1.________________________   1.________________________








*** Only names on this form will be admitted free and
permitted on deck!
   Directions to Youngstown State University

From the East:
(New York City) Take I-80 West to Ohio Route 193 Belmont Avenue Exit. Turn left
(South) at the end of the exit ramp onto Belmont Avenue. Turn left (East) onto Gypsy
Lane. Turn right (South) on Fifth Avenue to campus.

From the West:
(Akron and Columbus) Take I-71 or I-77 to I-76 East (Youngstown). Follow
Youngstown signs as I-76 turns into I-80. Follow I-80 to I-680. Take Exit 4A marked
Youngstown State University. Follow the expressway and take the exit ramp marked
Fifth Avenue. Proceed through the traffic light and along the access road to Fifth Avenue
and campus.

From the South:
(East Liverpool, Ohio River) Take Ohio Route 11 North to I-680. Take Exit 4A marked
Youngstown State University. Follow the expressway and take the exit ramp marked
Fifth Avenue. Proceed through the traffic light and along the access road to Fifth Avenue
and campus.

From the North:
(Cleveland & Toledo) From Cleveland Airport take I-71 South to Ohio Turnpike I-80
East. Continue on the Ohio Turnpike to Exit 15. After exiting continue to follow the signs
for I-80 East. Follow I-80 East to I-680. Take Exit 4A marked Youngstown State
University. Follow the expressway and take the exit ramp marked Fifth Avenue. Proceed
straight through the traffic light and along the access roadway to Fifth Avenue and

From Pittsburgh:
From the Pittsburgh Airport take Route 60 North to Toll Road I-60. Follow Toll Road I-
60 to Pennsylvania Turnpike I-76. Take Pennsylvania Turnpike West to Exit 16A (I-680
North), the first exit in Ohio. Follow signs to Youngstown State University. Take I-680
North to Exit 4B (Hubbard). Take Exit for Ohio Route 422 West. Take expressway to the
second exit ramp marked Fifth Avenue. Take a left at the light at the end of exit ramp.

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