TPA Submission Guidelines for DVD Spring by HC12092917540


									                   Guidelines to Submit TPA to CU School of Education
You will submit your TPA on a DVD to your supervisor, using the guidelines provided below. The School of
Education will retain your TPA DVD in its archives. We appreciate your signing a release form that allows
us to share your TPA with program faculty/instructors. Just as you benefitted from seeing exemplars of
student work (e.g., essays or lab reports, etc.), the teacher education faculty benefit from reading together
examples of your work in the student teaching semester.

                             Guidelines to Prepare PDF File of TPA

STEP 1: Protecting Confidentiality: Before you prepare your final PDF document for submission, review
your entire document for identifiers.

Find and Replace Names and General References for:

1) You

2) Your Cooperating Teacher(s)

3) Your students

4) Your School

5) Your School District/ Town/ County/ State

6) You may use either “pseudonyms or general references (e.g., “the district”) for your school, district, or
   cooperating teacher. You may use either pseudonyms or first names only for students. Do this in all
   commentaries, and mask or remove names that could identify people or institutions from all materials
   submitted, including lesson plans” (Handbook, pg. 8).

Step 2: Preparing PDFs.

Your work will be submitted as five folders including files described below.

For each PDF, use the file naming protocol provided. Note this is the same file naming protocol as that
found in the TPA handbook.

Note: XX should be replaced with your TPA content Type (EL=Elementary literacy, EM=Elementary
math, ELA=Secondary English Language Arts, HSS=Secondary History/Social Studies, MTH=Secondary
Mathematics, PA=K-12 Music Performing Arts, SCI=Secondary Science, and WL=Secondary World
Language. All documents should be in the .PDF format.

Folder Name             Includes (in the order presented)      File Naming Protocol

XX Task 1_1234          Context for Learning Information       XX_Context_Inf_template

(where the digits are   Lesson Plans for Learning Segment      XX_Lesson_1
the last 4 numbers in
                        Planning Commentary                    XX_Lesson_2
your SID)
                                                               XX_Lesson_3, etc.


XX Task 2_1234          Part A: Video Clip 1                    XX_Lesson_1_Clip_1

(where the digits are   Part A: Video Clip 2                    XX_Lesson_2_Clip_2
the last 4 numbers in
                        Part B: Instruction Commentary          XX_Instruction_Comm_template
your SID)

XX Task 3_1234          Student Work Samples                   XX_Work_Sample_1

(where the digits are   Evidence of Feedback                   (where the number represents the student who
the last 4 numbers in                                          created the work sample)
                        Assessment Commentary
your SID)


                                                               XX_Work_Sample_1, 2, or 3_Feedback

                                                               (Match the evidence to the student work
                                                               samples by naming the file with the
                                                               corresponding work sample number)


XX Task 4_1234          Teaching Commentary                    XX_AT_Comm_template

(where the digits are
the last 4 numbers in
your SID)

XX Permission &           Video Permission Forms: Video Permission           XX_Vid Permission Forms_1234
Release_1234              forms. Scan as one PDF document ALL video
                          permission forms collected from parents OR
(where the digits are
                                                                             XX_TPA Release to CU Form_1234
                          Sign and scan the Video Permission Attestation
the last 4 numbers in
                          Form (in which you attest that you verified with   (where the digits are the last 4 numbers in
your SID)
                          your school site that you used the                 your SID)
                          school/district video permission form)

                          TPA Release to CU Form (this form releases your
                          TPA documents to CU to share with CU
                          education instructors, supervisors, and
                          cooperating teachers)

                                     Guidelines to Complete your DVD

Step 3: Label your DVD (e.g., use appropriate pen to write on your DVD)

Clearly write the following information, in order, on your DVD:

1) TPA

                 Last Name, First Name: Lastname, Firsname

                 Student ID (write the last four digits of your student ID): 1234

                 Content Area (e.g., Elementary Literature, Elementary Math, English Language Arts,
                  History/Social Studies, Math, Performance Arts, Science): EL, EM, ELA, HSS, MTH, PA, SCI,
                  or WL

                 Supervisor’s Name

                 Term (e.g., Fall 2012)

                 Disk Number of Total Number (e.g., Disk 1 of 2)

*NOTE: If your DVD space allows, please try to upload your entire TPA (PDF, Video, Permission Form) onto
ONE DVD. If not, using your pen, label your second DVD (containing your VIDEO clips) as follows:


             Last Name, First Name

             Content Area (e.g., Elementary Literature, Elementary Math, English Language Arts, Math,
              History/Social Studies, Performance Arts, Science)

             Supervisor’s Name

             Term (e.g., Fall 2012)

             Disk Number (e.g., Disk 2 of 2)

Step 4: Submit DVD to your supervisor or to the Office of Student Services (Ed 151).

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