Notes of MLAC Meeting on 28 April 2010

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					                 Minutes of MLAC Meeting on 24th May 2010
                       Elgin High School : Room X15

Apologies: Bob Dumbell, Amanda Tiddy, Karen Forbes, Karen Delaney,
Paddy McCaughan, Allan Reid.

1.   Approval of minutes – Christine Copsi/ John Orr

2.   Matters Arising from minutes : Gavin updated the committee that he
     and Karen Delaney had met with Jim Gibson to start working on a DofE
     Moray Good pracise Guide in July. Gavin has not yet gained information
     on insurance options for the camera/laptop and will do this as soon as
     Karen Delaney has purchased some tick removers , some were handed
     out to leaders and the rest are kept within the DofE Store Cupboard.

     There was a larger question raised by Amanda Tiddy at the last meeting
     around ownership of equipment that MLAC purchases for DofE which is
     stored on Moray Council property and maintained by Moray Council staff.
     Gavin explained that historically the MLAC fundraise and the equipment
     is owned, stored and looked after by The Moray Council / DofE team,
     though this is not speiified in the constution. It is Gavin, employed by the
     Council who has gained the funding and the real question raised was
     more around the constitution needing updated and that it should be clear
     that MLAC funds used to purchase equipment for DofE should be used
     solely for DofE purposes and then at the discretion of the DofE team
     while notifying the MLAC of any other proposed useage.

a)   Christine confimed that the ATC participant from Milne’s will do the
     expedition with ATC and the same for the Forres Academy pupil, as the
     question was raised if they wanted supported through expeditions via the

b)   John Orr asked who Debi Ingram was, and Gavin explained she is
     providing additional admin support for DofE. One of the first roles is to
     ensure all relevant qualifications from Volunteers is up to date for our
     new electronic record storage system “Cognisoft”

     John also confirmed supervisor and assessor dates he had been
     requested to support, thank you John.

c)   Elgin Academy- Sye Murray asked for confirmation from Gavin that all
     participants booked in were confirmed and had spaces on the relevant

     Sye also confirmed they would work on fitting other participants into
     existing expeditions or they would support groups themselves later in the
Action : Gavin to email confirmation to Sye Murray
d) Elgin High School- Alison Harding confirmed all participants completed
     practise expediton and will be undertaking their qualifying venture this
     weekend with the aim of them all qualifying and thereafter the support
     will be focused on their expedition presentation and eDofE record books
     and evidence.
     Alison also asked if Cambell (DofE Leader/ Expedition Supervisor) could
     be added to the email distribution list- Gavin has actioned this.
     Chris Harding is interested in becoming a volunteer and will fill in the
     volunteer registration forms.

e)   Donna Hendry thanked the MLAC for supporting her in her Summer
     Mountain Leader Training (Money that was gained from last years
     Awards for all funding for volunteers).

     Donna also raised the request for a DofE Moray team for the DofE “Peak
     District Challenge” – She had put out an email to volunteers but had little
     response. The requirments is for 6 person team, to raise £299 each or
     £1795 per team and also pay a £45 booking fee. The dates are 11th/12th
     Donna also asked abou the DofE Scottish General Conference.

     The Committee agreed to have Gavin email out an invitation for interest
     in attending this conference which could be subsidised (partially or fully)
     depending upon the level of interest.
     Gavin confirmed he would speak to Amanda to discuss available
     unallocated funds in the MLAC budget.
     Gavin would also ask DofE HQ about the cost for one day attendance
     rather than accomodation costs, for those interested in attending only
     one day. John asked about the possibility of hiring a bus for after the
     Ceilidh on the Saturday, and if there was the opporutnity for some Gold
     young people to attend. Gavin mentioned he had considered inviting at
     least one Gold participant who is specifically interested in becoming a
     young DofE group leader.

f)   One clear consensus raised and agreed was to organise both
     individually (groups) and centrally expedition dates earlier in the year,
     starting to look at them in October, to ensure young people have more
     notice to book their expeditons before summer holidays e.t.c.

g) Training day dates to be set earlier to ensure young people and
volunteers have plenty of notice- Both were to be on the August Agenda

Date of Next meeting confirmed for 7pm 25/8/10 Elgin High School : Room

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