MacBook Air Final Draft by hY7s1p0X


									             MacBook Air Final Draft

       The “thinnovatinlgy” new, laptop MacBookAir will
soon hit markets throughout the world as the thinnest
notebook that does not compromise on anything but
size. Unlike other ultrportables, MacBook Air measures
0.16 inches at its thinnest point and 0.71 inches at its
thickest point.
      This sleek laptop comes with the brand new Mac
OS X Leopard, a full-sized keyboard, a built-in iSight
camera, and many more features starting at $1799.00.
One of the many features is the oversized trackpad,
which uses the same sensational multi-touch
technology incorporated in the iPhone or iPod Touch,
allowing you to swipe, rotate, pinch, and even zoom in
on text. Apart from having a backlight keyboard and
an amusing size and trackpad, the MacBook Air comes
with the same programs as the original MacBook.
       This apparently ideal laptop ‘lacks’ one major
thing that has to be bought separately, a Mac
Superdrive, or CD/DVD drive, due to the lack of space.
Nevertheless, the minds at Macintosh made sure that
consumers could rent movies wirelessly from the iTunes
store and back up files using the recently created
Apple Time Capsule. Of course, the Time Capsule has
to be bought separately and works as a wireless router.
With this little box you can insert a CD into another
computer and make it appear in the laptop. This gives
you access to CD’s and DVD’s wirelessly.
       Even though no external memory can be added
to it, the MacBook Air comes with 2 GB of RAM, 80 GB
of Hard Drive memory, and a specially designed Intel
Core 2 Duo chip Processor. This allows the laptop to
process information in a flash of light. According to
Mac, this laptop is ready for the wireless lifestyle,
installed with Bluetooth technology that allows you to
exchange files and programs with other laptops. Even
transferring files from older Macs to the MacBook Air is
done so wirelessly.
       The MacBook Air is not highly recommended for
those seeking a ‘main’ computer per se. Nevertheless,
having access to another computer, the laptop’s use
would greatly be facilitated. Therefore, before buying
this laptop, some things that should be taken in
consideration are the needs the consumer has, and
how much their willing to pay for style.
        Overall, MacBook Air’s inspiration was to fulfill a
traveler’s calling; a laptop so slim and featherlike that
could tag along anywhere without the need of
bothersome, tricky wires. Their calling has been

     Ines Michelena

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