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Laptop Purchasing Information 2013 by hY7s1p0X


									                             Laptop Purchasing Information 2012-2013

Students entering grades 6 - 12 are required to have a laptop computer to use at school and at home. In an effort to create a unified
teaching environment, we recommend that you have one of the recommended laptops. The choices this year include a Dell Latitude
E6420 and a MacBook Pro.

The recommended laptop models will be given network priority, will be imaged to include all software, and access to the printers. In
addition, the laptops will be serviced and supported by the GFA tech department. Accidental damage is not covered through the
Apple Care warranty so that would require a visit to the Apple store. However, the Dell laptop warranty does cover accidental
damage. Loaner laptops will be given to the students if needed. If you choose to use a laptop other than the GFA recommended
model, your child will not receive technical support or a loaner laptop, should they need repairs.

The Dell laptops that were recommended in previous years and are supported are: Dell Latitude E6400, Dell Latitude E6410, Dell
Latitude E6420. All of the Dell laptops that were ordered through GFA through March, 2010 came with a four-year accidental
damage warranty. Beginning the 2010-2011 school year, the Dell laptops were ordered with a three-year accidental damage warranty.
If you have any of the models listed above and want to use it, please check the warranty to make sure it is current. We only support
laptops that are under warranty.

A custom online store has been set up with Dell and Apple to help you with the ordering process. You may access the store by going
to the GFA website, clicking on Parents, and Recommended Laptops. You will then click on the laptop ordering page that will
direct you to either the Dell or Apple site to place your order.

Included with the laptop order is an external hard drive that is necessary to purchase to ensure that your child has a backup solution for
their academic work and personal items such as photographs and media.

If you choose to order a MacBook Pro, we strongly recommend Safeware insurance because the Apple warranty does not cover
accidental damage. See the informational page about warranties and Safeware insurance.

You may place your order anytime after you receive this letter. I urge you to order before July 1 to ensure that your child's laptop
arrives in time for us to image and have ready for the opening of school. When you complete the ship to line, please ship to Greens
Farms Academy, 35 Beachside Avenue, Greens Farms, CT 06838, making sure you or your child's name appears in the
shipping information. We will image the laptops as they arrive and contact you to pick up. Laptops not picked up will be
distributed on the first day of school.

If you have the laptop shipped to your home, you are responsible for bringing the laptop to school before August 10, so that we
can image and have it ready for your child before the opening of school.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me by phone or email.

Dianne Schlosser
Director of Information Services

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