Queen Margaret�s School Laptop Computer Scheme by hY7s1p0X


									                                                              Merchiston School Laptop Scheme 2012
Section 1. If you would like to order a system together with any of the optional extras, then please complete the contact
information details in the boxes below (please use block capitals):
Parent or Guardian’s Name:
Contact Telephone:                                                                    Fax Number:
Email Address:
Correspondence Address:                                                                      Delivery   Merchiston Castle School
(for invoicing)                                                                             Address:
                                                                                   (if not to school)   Colinton
                                                                                                        EH13 0PU

Pupil’s Name (s)                     1.                                                   2.
Year Group/House                     1.                                                   2.

Section 2. Please complete the following boxes to order the system (s) you require, together with any optional extras:
                               Qty        System Type                                              Price Each                           Total
Please Order:                             Option 1 – Ergo Ultrabook Lite                  £714.00                                   £
                                          Option 2 – Ergo Inceptor 141                    £534.00                                   £
Optional Extras:-                                                                                                                   £
                                          Option 1 – Ergo Ultrabook Lite
Insurance options:                        (3 years A/D & FT Insurance)
                                                                                          £173.50                                   £
                                          Option 2 – Inceptor 141
                                          (3 years A/D & FT Insurance)
                                                                                          £144.18                                   £
                                                  Add 2% if payment is to be by Credit Card or from non-UK bank:                    £
                                                                                                           Total Order:             £
All prices include VAT where applicable      Price includes 3 year warranty, Windows 7 Pro , Microsoft Office 2010 and carry case

Section 3. Please indicate below your chosen payment method:
                           I wish to pay by cheque:
Payment Options:           Please contract Tracey or Michelle at Ergo                          (please enclose cheques with order)
                           (0115) 9144 144 before posting cheques
                           I wish to pay by Credit Card/Debit Card:
                           (If taking out the insurance option please be
                                                                                               (please complete details below)
                           aware 2 transactions will be taken ie 1 x
                           laptop/1 x insurance)
If you wish to pay either Master Card or Visa then please provide the following information:
Card Type (MasterCard, Visa or Visa
                                                                                          Issue date:
Name on card:                                                                             Expiry date:
Card number:                                                                              Card Issue No. (if applicable)

Name: (please print)                                                                                               Date:

                                                    Please complete all of the form below
Your dedicated Ergo Account Manager is: Michelle Chappell – 0115 9144145 (michellec@ergo.co.uk) or Contact
Tracey in the Administration department traceye@ergo.co.uk

                                      Please send your completed Order Form to:
                Ergo Computing UK Ltd, Mere Way, Ruddington Fields, Ruddington, Nottingham, NG11 6JS
                         or Fax: 0115 914 4155 (email sales@ergo.co.uk ▪ Tel: 0115 914 4144)

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