First Degree Reiki Class Registration Form by hY7s1p0X


									   Second Degree Reiki Class Registration Form
                                      1 Day, Saturday, May 5, 2012
                                                       9am to 4 pm
                                Bring Lunch, or be prepared to go out ~
                      (Fridge and Microwave are available – Many restaurants nearby)
           BRING: Photo or object representing someone you want to send distance Reiki to
           Location: 2212 W Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

             Please dress casually and comfortably and prepare for fluctuating temperatures.
                           Chairs, pillows and other comfort items will be provided.
                                   Water and healthy snacks will be available.

           Please complete and detach the bottom of this form and send it with your payment to:
                Leslie Jackson, 2212 W. Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

              Name: ____________________________________________
                                        Print as you would like it shown on your Certificate

                       Best Phone: ______________________________
                       Email: ___________________________________
            Mailing Address: ______________________________________
            Enclose $100 cash, check or money order made out to Leslie Jackson
                              (Must be paid in full before Saturday class begins)

 I have read the enclosed Guide for Receiving a Reiki Attunement and I accept full responsibility for my state of
health. I am prepared for the healing that I may experience, including any temporary upheaval in my life as a result of
the Reiki work I am doing. I understand that Leslie Jackson is not promising a cure of any disease state, nor is she
            responsible for any actions I may take as a result of my Second Degree Reiki Attunement.

  I agree to hold Leslie Jackson and the Behavioral Health Center of Excellence, its owners and officers, and
property owners of 2212 W Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80904 blameless for any illness or injury,
                             real or perceived, that I may acquire while on the property.

         Signature: _____________________________________ Date: ______________
                               Guide for Receiving a Reiki Attunement
Before Your Reiki Attunement

   1. Consume fresh fruits and vegetables, foods close to the earth and holding earth energy, for a day or two
      prior to the attunement.

   2. Consider doing a juice fast for a day or two prior to the attunement.

   3. Consume no alcohol for at least three days prior to the attunement.

   4. Continue to take any prescribed medications as directed.

   5. Smokers will want to take care to smoke as little as possible for a day or two prior to the attunement.

   6. Avoid outside stimulation (TV, radio, computers, newspapers, smart phones)

   7. Find time for solitude. Meditate, spend time in nature, and go for a walk.

   8. Be gentle with yourself. Don’t tackle any tasks that will deplete your energies.

   9. Drink plenty of water.

   10. Get a good night’s rest the evening before your class. In the morning, eat a light healthy breakfast.

After Your Reiki Attunement

   1. Be prepared for a 21 day cleansing period. This three-week period is often accompanied by a fair
      amount of turbulence as old feelings, memories and experiences begin to surface. During this time of
      transformation, it is important to apply the self-healing techniques learned during the first-degree course.

   2. Use Reiki self-treatment every day.

   3. Daily prayers or connection with your Source and inner guidance is recommended during this period.

   4. Arrange a Reiki session with me (your Reiki Master/Teacher) during this time to share your experiences,
      gain insight, and receive soothing healing energy.

   5. If you are under a doctor’s care you may wish to have him/her re-evaluate dosages of medicines being
      used after the 21 day purging/balancing period.

   6. If you are traveling to a distant town for your attunement consider that you may not feel up to driving
      home. Have an alternate plan to stay overnight at a motel.

(The above recommendations are optional, but highly recommended in order to better nurture and care for you.
    As always, trust yourself and exercise your better judgment regarding what you feel your body needs.)

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