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induction ceremony speech



We are here today to recognize those students currently in grades 11 and 12
who have proven themselves to be outstanding in their art courses here at Carey
by earning an average of at least 90% in one elective art courses as well as a
teacher recommendation. Now I would like to introduce our advisor Jonathan

Jon: I’d also like to thank everyone for being here today, administrators, teachers
and faculty, family of inductees and of course new inductees.
At this time I invite the Art Honor Society president Rachelle Ramos lead us in
the Pledge of Allegiance

Rachelle Ramos:

Pledge of Allegiance

I’d like to congratulate each of you and your families for being chosen to be part
of the Carey Art Honor Society.

Some of the many purposes of the honor society include inspiring students who
have shown outstanding ability in art. Also of equal importance for the art honor
society is bringing art to the attention of the school and community.

Now I would like to recognize the new members. Your achievements in the area
of Scholarship, Service, and Character are being honored here tonight by your
induction into this prestigious society.

I now invite all members to step up to the podium as I call your names. Upon
receiving your certificate please remain standing on the stage until all names are
called. (Call Names)

I now present to you the Carey Art Honor Society’s newly initiated members for
the year 2006. Welcome!

Can all members repeat after me as we recite our pledge.

“I will in my life, to the best of my ability through my talents in art, help to
create a more beautiful world for myself, for humankind and for all living

We invite the officers to step forward:
Rachelle Ramos- President
Nadiana Lopez- Vice President
Vivian Xia- Secretary
Brendan Porto- Treasurer

Officers Recite

“Take of the world its colors and forms, its lines and textures, its balances and
movements and spaces; combine all these into a beautiful statement of what it is
to be human. Give back to the world the same element of beauty that you as an
artist take from it. Create beauty in the world with your talents and your living.”

In conclusion, I congratulate you for this honor. You are truly the best of the best.
Enjoy yourself

Now, I would like to invite you to join the new members for refreshments and
thank you for making this ceremony special."

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