MINUTES- June 24, 25 and 26, 2011- Parrish Ranch by rnrj9uO


									MINUTES- June 24, 25 and 26, 2011- Parrish Ranch
In Attendance: Bates, Blake, Day, Etscheid, Firebaugh/Tester, Greeno, Land,
McNierney, McNierney, Moss, Norton, Roupe/Carriere, Tapscott. Guests: Mel
and Rena Wieck, Joe and Tyler Greeno, Sheri & Wendall and Ray and Verna
Newman joined us for the Potluck on Saturday.
None of us knew how to park our RV’s when we didn’t have a designated site.
Parrish Ranch has about 20 sites, but we were free to park wherever we wanted
as we were the only group there. After everyone was parked our Wagon Master
decided he needed to move his 5th wheel back a foot in order to get the awning
out. Crash!! Gurplunk!! Then we hear “You think you would learn the first time”.
If you’re thinking he didn’t lock his 5th wheel in correctly---you are right. Luckily
no damage this time and he and several of the others bonded while they figured
out how to jack the RV up and put boards and bricks under the jacks to they
could get it off the truck. Some of us decided we had better stay out of the way
and not offer our free advice, so we helped Rachel Tester celebrate 6 years of
being cancer free with her Huge bottle of wine. Friday night we all met at the
Event Center for soup and salad. At dark, the Parrish’s built a fire for us. Tyler
and Joe Greeno roasted big marshmallows for anyone who needed a
marshmallow fix. We woke the next morning to the peacocks hollering “help,
help” and then there was an airplane that decided to do a fly-over. So needless
to say most of us were awake early.
Pot Luck was held at 12:30 on Saturday with a great variety of food. All very
tasty. Jim Norton conducted a meeting following the pot luck. The next outing is
the caravan trip. It will start at Diamond Campground, Woodland Park, July, 15 th
then on to Nathrop Chalk Creek and ending at Hooper, Sand Dunes RV Park.
Wagon Masters are Jim and Jeannie Norton and Marti Krusko and Curt Pellegrin.
If you are interested, please let them know. Mueller State Park is Aug 4, 5, 6,
and 7th, then Riverview is Labor Day weekend and Crow Valley is Sept 23 and
24, 2011. You need to make your own reservations for Riverview and Crow
Valley. The group sang Happy Birthday to Ray Newman who celebrated his 90th
birthday. The club has been invited to a birthday party honoring both Ray and
Verna on July 24, 2011 at 12:30 at the Niwot Grange in Niwot, Colorado.
Congratulations to Sheri and Wendell on their engagement. Wedding plans are
in process for next year. Terry Parrish joined us for soup and salad and for the
pot luck on Saturday. He told us some of the history of Parrish Ranch and how
his father had been a square dance caller. The RV sites were established for the
square dancers so that they could spend the week at the ranch. After the
meeting was adjourned several stayed to play cards. There was a game of
horseshoes and bocce ball earlier in the day.
We all met at 6:00 pm for appetizers. (One thing with this group, there is always
lots of good food.) Bates, Norton, Roupe/Carriere, Firebaugh/Tester line danced
at the pavilion that evening while others went inside to escape the mosquitoes.
Liz T thought she saw the “Angel of Darkness” at 12:30 pm that night---but it was
only Jim putting the awning down.
Farewells were said to each other Sunday morning over juice and donuts. The
group sang Happy Birthday to Mike McNierney whose birthday was Sunday, but
the big question still is Mike, “how did you get those rug burns?”
It was a great weekend with lots of activity, but we also had time to relax and
visit. It was certainly nice to have just our group in the campground.

Submitted By:
JoAnn Moss, Secretary

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