Our Lady of the Valley - Youth Ministry Survey by rnrj9uO


									              Our Lady of the Valley - Youth Ministry Survey
               Please complete this survey to help the parish better meet the needs of our 6-12 grade students

Parent of (Circle One):           Middle school Student            High School Student              Both

                      Youth Group (meetings will be 1 to 2 hours) – Circle preferred time
           The youth will be separated into at least two different meeting groups; one middle school and one high school

Sundays:                                    4-5:30 pm                         5:30-7 pm                      6:30 – 7 pm
Mondays:                                    6-7:30 pm                        6:30 – 8 pm                     7 – 8:30 pm
Tuesdays:                                   6-7:30 pm                        6:30 – 8 pm                     7 – 8:30 pm

Wednesdays: (high school only because of rel. ed.)                            6:30 -8 pm                     7 – 8:30 pm

Other: (write in other days or times if needed)
Youth Group should                                                                                  Other:
                                              Weekly                    Every other week
Topics to cover: (circle all that would be helpful to middle and high school students)
Busyness                          Vocations                        Stress                           Making good choices, morals

Dating, relationships, etc        Family                           Bible                            Technology and God
Other topics - List here

         Other activities/ events: What else should the youth program offer? (circle all that apply)
Community Service                 Camping/ hiking                  Retreats                         Etiquette dinner/ event
Mission trips                     World Youth Day (2011)           Adoration/ Prayer                White Water Rafting
Large youth events                Sporting events                  Concerts                         Boys’/ Girls’ nights
Murder Mystery Party              Talent Show/ Apollo night        Ski Trip                         Capture the Flag

Other ideas (List here)

I am interested in Volunteering: (circle any that apply)

Regularly (weekly, every other week, monthly)                      Name:

For special events locally (in Northern Colorado)                  Address:
For special events with travel required (events in Denver, or
further, or other states)
Doing things on own time (not necessarily working directly
with the youth)

It depends… (if you are interested in helping but have a varying
                                                                   Phone Number:
E-mail to mandy@ourladyofthevalley.net or mail to 1250 7th Street, Windsor CO 80550

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