Can Experience from the Persecuted Church Benefit USA? by rnrj9uO


									Socialism in Czechoslovakia
and Parallels of Persecuted
 Church there and in USA
 My name is Vladimir Sliva.
 I came to the US in 1983 and lived
 in socialist Czechoslovakia before that.
 I will talk about some frightening parallels between Czechoslovakia and the US now.
 The U.S. situation seems similar to that in Czechoslovakia
 when socialism started. And I see it has been deteriorating
 fast lately.
 Today is August 12, 2012.
 Parallels - Anti-religious laws
• Confiscation of church property using anti-religious
  laws happened in
   – Czechoslovakia outright after communists came to power and
     here in
   – the US, charities are forced out of business – the latest is thru
     fines via violated mandates
       • See, e.g., various US bishops’ documents and statements in
         References (below the video)
• Labeling Christians as enemies of state using laws in
   – Czechoslovakia resulted in religious orders having been
     disbanded, many priests and religious and some lay people sent
     to prisons; in
   – the US we hear this is not a Christian country any more; and
     Christians are supposed to finance and celebrate other people’s
     immorality, otherwise they will face persecution by government
       • See, e.g., ADF summary of HHS mandate in References
 Parallels - Anti-religious laws –
• Laws against life and family including free
  abortion and free contraception were
  introduced in
  – Czechoslovakia right after communists
    grabbed power in 1948; the Contraception law
    was never reinforced there and little known to
    Czechs is the fact today is that this law
    66/1986 Sb. is still technically in effect; in
  – the US the HHS mandate has been the law
    since August 1
          More Parallels between
         Czechoslovakia and the US
•   Another parallel is that of Divide and conquer; in
     – Czechoslovakia, while Catholics were not able to print books, protestants who
       were in minority – with respect to Catholics - could (that way we got Ecumenical
       Bible – where we apparently cooperated regardless); in East Germany there
       were more Protestants than Catholics, so Catholics were allowed to print books.
       Pacem in terris was an organization of traitorous priests in Czechoslovakia, and
       those were usually blackmailed into this organization by the government;
       eventually, the cardinal had to ban that organization. And in
     – the US, some poorly catechized Catholics are taken advantage of by the
       government to help in attacks against the faithful Catholics, e.g.,
         • Large percentage of those claiming to be Catholics voted in 2008 for politicians and
           parties that officially advertised going against the non-negotiable Catholic teaching
           against abortion and that way these voters helped to install the anti-Catholic HHS
•   “Freedom to worship” at church only was something we had in
     – Czechoslovakia; however, when you went to church, consider that
         • You will never get a good job and
         • Your children are to be excluded from education starting with high school which was
           already selective;
     – Here in the US, I have noticed the government stopped to talk about “religious
       freedom” and instead talks about “freedom of worship” which is frightening to me
               More Parallels
• Another parallel - Media, schools, filmmakers
  provide dishonest news, re-write history and
  – Czechoslovakia had a tightly controlled government
    machine on information. One example how they
    manipulated information flow is that I was not aware
    of Mothers Day which had been celebrated in
    Czechoslovakia before socialism – I have only
    learned about it after I came to the US.
  – US media is voluntarily promoting socialism: Events
    with hundreds of thousands like March for Life go
    unreported. Government schools do not mention to
    students traditions even like Valentines Day now.
    I would like to illustrate where I
     think it is going in the US now
• Things are here now in the U.S. how they started in
  Czechoslovakia around 1948, and I see it getting worse.
  So the following Czech examples show how our future
  here is likely to look like unless we vote right.
•   In Czechoslovakia in the 80s the law about the Offense of obstructing surveillance
    of churches was used which could put you to jail for 2 years and you could get
    kicked out from university as well. Here are s5ome examples what were just some
    underground activities for which we could have been caught:
     –   Underground preparation for baptism, marriage, other Catholic sacraments. Our priest was
         František Kohlíček – he had spent 10 years in prison where he was exposed to radiation in
         uranium mines – apparently, they tried to kill him.
     –   Another illegal activity I participated in were weekly meetings with other university students
         in this priest’s apartment.
     –   One weekend we went to a secret location outside of Prague where a priest whose
         permission to be a priest had been revoked by government. He served daily mass illegally.
         After revolution he was allowed to perform his priestly duties again and then became bishop,
         arch-bishop, then cardinal and then the head of the Czech church. His name is Miloslav Vlk.
•   Even 23 years after Velvet revolution which was in 1989
     –   Confiscated property still stolen and
     –   Immoral laws against life and family still in place
           What can be done
•   start from yourself
•   get informed
•   defend God’s leaders
•   vote based on God’s rules
•   participate in public events
If I did not get the point across and the
   socialism takes permanent hold in the US,
   I expect that to resolve the immigration
   problem, since nobody will want to come
   here any more.

Thank you for listening and please vote pro-
 life and you will live in prosperity.

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