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                                                                  **BIRTHDAY GREETINGS**
                                                               December 4
                                                               Florence Gallagher, John Paleveda, Carol Coffey, Maria
                                                               Scuderi, Melanie Cass, Thomas Pierantozzi, Kathleen Ermo,
                                                               Robert Cross, Michael Anthony
ANNOUNCED MASSES                                               December 5
Saturday, December 3                                           Steven Lafalce, Heather Pelton, Nicole Marinaro, Denny Curtis,
9:00am Harry Lang – Bill VanOrnum                              Stephen Wood, Matthew Wrona, Ernest Verdis, Elizabeth
5:30pm Esther Catanzaro – Trudy Polniaszek                     Judson, Hope Andrews Eileen Eckert, Jon Papineau, Bianca
                                                               Reyes, Alexa Reyes, Theresa Myers,
Sunday, December 4                                             December 6
7:30am Anna Dodaro – Daughter Rose                             Ann Wolf, Amy Bennett, Joseph Scott, Danielle Viana, Paul
9:00am John Konyn – Wife, Alice                                Polletta, Bradley Beneway, Lucille Wasilewski, Kimerlee
11:00am Thomas Stokes – Fr. Perry                              Conde, Garry Moore, Nicole Hubbard, David Halwick, Ann
5:30pm People of St. Stanislaus Kostka                         Yambrick, Carly Johnson
                                                               December 7
Monday, December 5                                             Regina Benvie, Melissa Murphy, Terence Lea, Jose DosSantos,
9:00am Intentions of Mary Ellen Ulbrandt –                     Melanie Battistoni, Sara Manetta, Hayley Denning, Joseph
                    Maryann Towers                             Nargi, Nicholas Herles, Robert Herles, Linda Cordella
                                                               December 8
Tuesday, December 6                                            Mary Annis, Mary Charifson, John Nicoletti, Cathy riley,
9:00am Matt Polniaszek - Trudy                                 Rhondy Rose, John Grega, Alexander Robertson, Nick
                                                               Occhicone, Gabriella Randazzo, Christopher Juliano, Sienna
Wednesday, December 7                                          Springstead
9:00am No intention requested                                  December 9
5:30pm Mary Seip – Kevin & Andrea Tighe                        Johnna Touma, Stacey Murphy, Megan Morgano, Daniel
                                                               LoGiurato, Joseph Ross, Daniel Kerins, Abigail Orlich, Arthur
Thursday, December 8                                           Thatcher, Michelle Stavish, Stephanie Clare, Sofia Mackey,
9:00am Frank DeProssino – Murray Family                        Nicole Connolly, Kent Walker
5:30pm No intention requested                                  December 10
7:00pm For all living & deceased member of DeWald/             Destinee Hauptman, Jamie Stout, Donald McClay, Joanne
             Smith families – Fred & Maria DeWald              Ernest, Michelle DiBenedetto, Nicole Filiberti, Allison delRio,
                                                               Terence Weidner, Tracy Moccio, Lisa Cypher, Chelsea
Friday, December 9                                             Sablinski, John Manetta. Robert Conklin, Britney McHugh,
9:00am Peter Kolarik – Flo & Marty Conroy                      Giavanna Greco, Ciranno Wilkins, Gail Greco, Isaiah Vargas,
                                                               Ann Meagher
Saturday, December 10
9:00am Patrick Whalen – Dr. M Thompson                            FEAST OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION
5:30pm Anna McDonnell – Family                                   The Feast of the Immaculate Conception is a Holy day of
                                                                            Obligation. Masses are as follows:
                                                               Wednesday, December 7: 5:30pm
                                                               Thursday,    December 8: 9am; 5:30 and 7pm
                   God’s Plan for Giving
                                                                                    ( NO 7am Mass)
In return for the Lord’s generosity, our people returned to
His Church the following
Nov 20, 2011+ Parish Pay                         $4984.00            ADDITION OF THE SUNDAY 5:30PM MASS
Nov 27, 2011+ Parish Pay                         $6363.00      With the exception of Christmas and New Year’s Day there
 Thank you for your continuing generosity that enables us to   will be a Mass on Sunday evening during the winter. Please
            continue to serve the people of God                note that volunteer servers, musicians, lectors, extraordinary
                                                               ministers and ushers would be greatly, greatly
               Retired Religious                                                                           432- page 1
             SECOND SUNDAY IN ADVENT                                                    CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR
       “But the day of the Lord will come like a thief”                             LUTHERAN CARE RESIDENTS
                                                                     Each year The Lutheran Care Center looks to provide gifts for its
                                                                              residents – especially those who have no family.
                                                                    The following UNWRAPPED items are suggested
                                                                    MEN: shirts, light weight PJ, undershirts (L/ XL/ 2XL)
                                                                    WOMEN: blouses (front opening), nightgowns (back or front
                                                                    opening) , costume jewelry, perfume, toiletries
                                                                    MEN AND WOMEN: socks, sweat suits, cardigan sweaters,
                                                                    slippers, large print calendars, wall or table clock
    MANY THANKS FROM GOOD COUNSEL HOMES                             Miscellaneous: books, video/ audio cassettes/ CDs / radios, CD
  The total amount collected from the coin filled baby bottles      players/ small televisions/ computer games/ board games
  was $2014.00 - plus approximately an additional $200 from         PLEASE no used items/ stuffed animals or artificial plants
  late returns. This offering is so important in helping this       This facility, within our parish boundaries, is served by our
  organization provide hope and joy to those in need.               priests and many volunteers and holds a special place in our
                                                                    hearts. Please consider giving to these, your fellow parishioners
  On December 19, Confessions will be heard continuously                                Due December 11, 2011
    from 2pm -8pm with a brief Prayer Service at both
                     2pm and 7pm                                                           ADOPT A FAMILY
                                                                           Bringing the Christmas Spirit to Families in Need
            ADVENT BREAKFAST GATHERING                              Catholic Charities Community Services serves many of the
       For 55 and Older/ Prayer Shawl          December 20          families from throughout the county who are in need. We are
  We invite any age 55 and older and Prayer Shawl Ministry          inviting you to “adopt” a family or individual provide them with
  participants to come together for a joyful Advent Celebration     some basic Christmas gifts for their family that they will not be
  after the 9am Mass on Tuesday, December 20.                       able to afford this year. If you or your family, friends or co-
  Buffet breakfast/ Advent Bingo/ Door Prizes/ Short talk on        workers would like to Adopt-a-Family, please call the Catholic
  the local transportation available for Seniors and of course a    Charities office at (845) 452-1400 x4217 to speak with Mary
  few songs of the season. Please call Nancy Dunn at 635-1700       Marshall or email at: or 452-1400 x
  x 12 so we can plan the food.                                     4905 for Michelle Metelski.
             THE BETHLEHEM EXPERIENCE                                 Please help us bring the Hope and Joy of Christmas to
      Parish Advent Celebration/Potluck /Tree Lighting                others throughout the local Dutchess our communities
                    December 11th at 3 p.m.
  Come to Bethlehem on the night of Jesus’ birth and                     MARIAPOLIS LUMINOSA NATIVITY SCENES
  experience the anticipation of the people of Bethlehem as         Why not start a holiday tradition and spend an afternoon at
  they await the coming of the Messiah                              Mariapolis Luminosa’s Nativity Scenes display. Beginning on
                                                                    December 4th through December 22nd you can visit more than
  Play                            3:00pm                            150 scenes from every continent of the world. Hours on Sat &
  Pot Luck Dinner and Dessert     4:00pm                            Sun will be 1:00pm-5:00pm and on weekdays 2:00pm-5:00pm.
  Tree Lighting                   4:50pm                            Admission is free but free will donations are welcome.
                                                                    Mariapolis Luminosa is at 200 Cardinal Road in Hyde Park and
      Enjoy a nice Sunday afternoon with friends and family         is home to the Focolore. For more information please call
        Sign up sheets for Pot Luck are in the vestibules           (845)229-0230 ext 133 or go to their website
          LECTORS, EUCHARISIC MINISTERS,                                        TREE IN FRONT OF PARISH OFFICE
                      ALTAR SERVERS                                 As you may have noticed we have a new tree on the front lawn of
          Time to give availability for next quarter!               the parish office. The tree is not as large as we had hoped but it
                 Also: for Christmas we need                        is quit beautiful and we are also told that it will grow fairly
              Lectors for 12mid; 7:30am and 9am                     quickly. We have several people to thank for this project. First
         Eucharistic Minister at 12 mid; 7:30;9am;11am              and for most Jim Grey from Hudson Valley Gardens and Florist
                 Altar Servers at 7:30am; 11am                      who put the project together and planted the tree. He also gave us
                                                                    the contact for the company who took down the tree at nominal
                 ST. STANISLAUS TEEN CLUB                           cost. We must thank Steve J. Costa Electric and Tree Service for
The Teen Club would like to thank Mr. Ray Gordineer for helping     removing the stump at no cost and Bilmar Nursery who donated
us set up the Halloween Tunnel. It was a great success thanks to    the tree.
him.                                                                Having the old tree down is a great relief for us, since we no
Please keep the teen club in your prayers this weekend as they      longer have to worry about the damage that could have been
participate in the 50th Annual Teenage Federation Conference. 27    caused if it came down on it’s own.
teens and 7 adults from our parish will be joining 350 teens from
all over the Archdiocese for a weekend of Faith, Fellowship, Lots
                                                                                                                       432- page 2
of Food & Fun.
        PREPARE THE WAY OF THE LORD,                             …for the lady behind me in church who sings off
           MAKE STRAIGHT HIS PATH                                key because it means I can hear.

                                                                 …for the pile of laundry and ironing because it
                                                                 means I have clothes to wear.

                                                                 …for weariness and aching muscles at the end of the
                                                                 day because it means I have been capable of
                                                                 working hard.

                                                                 …for the alarm that goes off in the early morning
                                                                 hours because it means I am alive.

                                                             And finally,
 RANDOM THOUGHTS FROM YOUR PASTOR…                              … for too many e-mails because it means I have
This past weekend brought several thoughts to mind              friends who are thinking of me.
which I would like to share with you. The first is an
email I received several years ago on an interesting way
of thinking of Thanksgiving.                                 The second thought involves how to balance Advent and
                                                             the world’s desire to rush towards Christmas
I am thankful for the wife who says “it’s hot dogs for       (starting July 4th!).and getting it over with as quickly as
    dinner tonight…” for the husband who is on the sofa      possible (no mention after the 25th!). How can I –as a
    being a “couch potato”…for the teenager who              believer—navigate through both worlds?
    complains about doing dishes because it means they
    are home with me and not on the streets.                     Writing Christmas cards now – but waiting until
                                                                 the 20th to mail them and using a religions stamp and
I am thankful                                                    card and saying a prayer for each person as I
                                                                 write the card…
    …for the taxes I pay because it means I am
    employed.                                                    Preparing to go shopping by taking a moment to
                                                                 pray for the people I am are shopping for…
    …for the mess to clean after a party because it means
    I have been surrounded by friends.                           Putting up outdoor decorations and lights but not
                                                                 turning them on yet…
    …for the clothes that fit a little too snug because it
    means I have enough to eat.                                  Setting up the crèche but leaving out the figures
                                                                 until it is closer to Christmas…
    …for my shadow that watches me work because it
    means I am out in the sunshine.                          All of these can highlight the sense of waiting for Jesus’
    …for the lawn that needs mowing, windows that
    need cleaning, and gutters that need fixing because      Finally, regarding the “new translations” at Mass, making
    it means I have a home.                                  ourselves listen to and hear the words and focus on their
                                                             beauty and insights and not on the fact that they are
    …for all the complaining I hear about the                different. They may truly make a difference in us if we
    government because it means we have freedom of           give them a chance.
                                                             A blessed Advent to one and all.
    …for the parking spot I find at the far end of the
    parking lot because it means I am capable of walking     Fr. Jay
    and I have been blessed with transportation.

    …for my huge heating bill because it means I am
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