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November 20, 2011        Our Lord Jesus Christ the King
                                                                     **BIRTHDAY GREETINGS**
                                                                  November 20
                                                                  Frank Kolarik, Jane Rowan, Mary Ellen Siegrist, Adam Skura,
                                                                  Timothy Pelton, Stephanie LeMere, Dylan Saitta, Carol Rehak,
                                                                  Steven Rancourt, Noelle Forte, Angela DiScala, Aryanna
                                                                  Peters, Vinay Swarup
                                                                  November 21
ANNOUNCED MASSES                                                  Gloria Cahill, Michael Lewis, Michael LaRocca, Stephen
Saturday, November 19                                             Glass, Sarah Nieves, Jillian Beale, Ronald Gasparro, Candace
9:00am Souls in Purgatory                                         Williams, Robert Taft, Jr., Catarina Gilnack
5:30pm Ella & Charles Fitzpatrick – The Bates Family              November 22
                                                                  Guy Delia, Barbara Schollmeyer, Veronica Weiss, Robert
Sunday, November 20                                               Viola, Christine Fairbanks, Mary Ellen Bodack, Christopher
7:30am People of St. Stanislaus Kostka                            Mylod, Meredith Fanelli, Sal Cannella, Dominick Cussano
9:00am Eve DeSantis – DeSantis Family                             November 23
11:00am Helen Manning – Juliette Giannone                         Elizabeth Boyle, Lynsey Senchak, Barbara Kurdziel, Kristen
                                                                  Schaeffer, Caroline Kiernan, Domenick Cuccia, John Hicks,
Monday, November 21                                               Darcy McPherson, Cyndi West, Christopher Lauricella,
9:00am Souls in Purgatory                                         Leonard Fanelli, Beatrice Allen, Jake Sinclair, Maureen
Tuesday, November 22                                              November 24
9:00am George Tanner – Renee Tanner                               Jessica Burke, Michael Burke, William Diehl, Edith Myers,
                                                                  Katherine Muir, Kristopher Riley, Anthony Sierra, Michael
Wednesday, November 23                                            Strazza, Kristy Jablonka, Allen Diehl, Moses Ouma, Jay
9:00am Evelyn & John Towers – Maryann Towers                      Hiesel
                                                                  November 25
Thursday, November 24 -Thanksgiving- see Pastor’s note            Andrew Murphy, Joanne Binder, Hans Klein, Denise Ofca,
9:00am People of St. Stanislaus Kostka
                                                                  Florence Morrison, Ryan Polletta, Danielle Cussick, Leonard
                                                                  Lacken, Carol DiPalo, Linda Ferolito, Michael Olivier,
Friday, November 25
                                                                  Matthew Hayes
9:00am Florence Dunn – Dunn Family
                                                                  November 26
                                                                  Vincent Donatelli, Carole McGrath, Laura Cannella, Deborah
Saturday, November 26
                                                                  Geraci, Darren Schucker, Brendan Donnelly, Anthony
9:00am Souls in Purgatory
                                                                  Moustakas, Francis Binder
5:30pm Helen & Robert Conroy – Fr. Perry
                   God’s Plan for Giving                          Beginning the 1st Sunday in Advent (except for Christmas
 In return for the Lord’s generosity, our people returned         and New Year’s Day) there will be a Mass on Sunday
                to His Church the following                       evening up until Palm Sunday.
     November 13 including Parish Pay:
                                                                             SEMI ANNUAL MEMORIAL MASS-
                    $5689.00                                                          November 26- 9am Mass
 Thank you for your continuing generosity that enables us to
                                                                It has become a tradition that we remember our parishioners and
            continue to serve the people of God
                                                                loved ones of our parishioners who have passed away. Our next
                                                                scheduled time will be on Saturday, November 26 at the 9am
       THIS WEEK’S SECOND COLLECTION                            Mass. Those families who we know have suffered a loss have
          Thanksgiving – Human development                      received an invitation to this celebration. Please feel free to let
Today we take up a Collection that helps fight poverty at its   us know if you have someone to be remembered. 635-1700
roots. For 40 years, the Catholic Campaign for Human
Development (CCHD) has provided funding for groups that
make lasting change and uplift the poor in the United States.
Defend human dignity. Give to the CCHD Collection.
                                                                                                     432- page 1
                 FEAST Of CHRIST THE KING                                                           PASTOR’S NOTES
                                                                              This weekend, I would like to bring two points to your
                                                                              attention. The first refers to Thanksgiving – a true American
                                                                              holiday which has taken on a very religious dimension
                                                                              which I would love to see grow. The first part is a repeat of
                                                                              what I said last week, the second part is new for this week.
                                                                              The second point concerns parking in front of the church
               BLOOD DRIVE NEXT SUNDAY                                        which you will, I hope, come to see as a matter of safety
            Religious Ed Building 8:30am-2:30pm                               first.
          Call Steve Lang for information : 266-5728
                                                                              Let us begin by considering two ways of saying “Thanks” to
                 PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY                                        God as we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, I would like
The Prayer Shawl Ministry will meet this Monday morning,                      to continue my personal practice of encouraging you to
November 21st after the 9AM mass. Beginners or                                consider starting a tradition in your family of coming to
advanced knitter/crocheters are always welcome to join us as we               morning Mass before you sit down for food and football. I
gather to pray and ask God's blessing on our work and on those                began coming to morning Mass with my father and brother
for whom we make our shawls. If you know of someone who is                    when I was in high school and it always got this special day
ill, undergoing surgery, or perhaps grieving a loss and needs to              off to a great start (plus it got us out of Mom’s hair for a
be wrapped in prayer with one of our shawls or lap blankets,                  couple of hours when you also figured in a stop for
please call the office and let us know.                                       breakfast! ). I hope you will find the time to join us at the
                                                                              9am Mass before you travel or get caught up in the day’s
                  CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR                                         celebrations. Coming to Mass that day (when it is not
                LUTHERAN CARE RESIDENTS                                       required) is a great way to say “Thank you” to God who is
    Each year The Lutheran Care Center looks to provide gifts for its         the source of all our blessings. I really hope you will join us.
             residents – especially those who have no family.
The following UNWRAPPED items are suggested
MEN: shirts, light weight PJ, undershirts (L/ XL/ 2XL)                        Another thing you might want to consider is taking part in
WOMEN: blouses (front opening), nightgowns ( back or front                    the Pleasant Valley Interfaith Thanksgiving Service which
opening) , costume jewelry, perfume, toiletries                               will be held this year at the Methodist Church at 7:00 P.M.
MEN AND WOMEN: socks, sweat suits, cardigan sweaters, slippers,               on November 22. Fellowship will follow after the service
large print calendars, wall or table clock                                    I hope you will consider doing both of these.
Miscellaneous: books, video/ audio cassettes/ CDs / radios, CD players/
small televisions/ computer games/ board games                              Recently, it was brought to my attention that there are times
PLEASE no used items/ stuffed animals or artificial plants                  when cars form 2 lines in the semi-circle in front of the Church
This facility, within our parish boundaries, is served by our priests and
                                                                            (i.e. double park). While there may appear to be a good reason
many volunteers and holds a special place in our hearts. Please consider
giving to these, your fellow parishioners                                   for doing so, I would ask you to please stop this in the name of
                                                                            safety. If an emergency were to occur and we needed a fire truck
                        Due December 11, 2011                               or ambulance at church during Mass, a few extra moments to get
                                                                            in church or a few extra yards to walk would make a big
           YOGA – 3 Sessions before the holidays                            difference. While it seems safe to wonder how often would this
 A 3-session Yoga series starting on Monday, Nov. 21 - Dec. 5,              happen, if you ever had it happen at a Mass you were attending –
6:30-7:30 p.m., in the parish hall. . All adults welcome. Contact           as it did for me one time – you realize one time is one time too
Leigh Toth at 309-4528                                                      many. Whether or not it would have saved the person if the
                                                                            ambulance would have gotten closer to the church, we’ll never
             THE BETHLEHEM EXPERIENCE                                       know but it still gives a reason for keeping the emergency lane
      Parish Advent Celebration/Potluck /Tree Lighting                      clear. Just think about it please.
                   December 11th at 3 p.m.
  Come to Bethlehem on the night of Jesus’ birth and                        Finally, a word of thanks to you for your attention to my weekly
  experience the anticipation of the people of Bethlehem as                 presentations on the upcoming changes at Mass and to those who
  they await the coming of the Messiah                                      took the time to comment on them (I am thankful that the
                                                                            comments were positive!) Next week, we will begin to pray all
       CHILDREN’S CHOIR & JR. FOLK GROUP                                    the new changes and hopefully we are all ready for them
  We are happy to announce the beginning of rehearsals for
  our Children’s Choir & Jr. Folk Group. Rehearsals are
  Thursdays: CHILDREN at 4:15-4:45 and JR’s at 6:00-6:45.
                 We hope all of you can join us

                   ST.STAN’S TEEN CLUB
Last call for anyone wishing to attend the Teenage Federation
Conference December 2,3,4 at Honor Haven’s Resort and Spa in
Ellenville, NY. Call Mrs. Tighe at 635-1700 ASAP
                                                                                                                           432- page 2
The American bishops have issued a list and definition of some words that we are not used to hearing – or
using – at Mass. Their intention is not to think we have poor vocabulary, but to help us understand why
these words are important. Like a lot of words, we may know them, but our understanding could be better
because they may be different in the context of worship:

Infusion: The Holy Spirit is poured into the hearts                Only-Begotten Son: This title “signifies the unique and
and souls of believers, and so they are filled, or infused,       eternal relationship of Jesus Christ to God his Father: he
with grace.                                                       is the only Son of the Father (cf. Jn 1:14, 18; 3:16, 18); he
                                                                  is God himself (cf. Jn 1:1)” (CCC, no. 454). Jesus is the
Intercessor: One who makes a petition on behalf of                Son of God not by adoption but by nature.
others. Our unique intercessor is Jesus Christ, who intercedes
on our behalf with the Father (see Rom 8:34). The                 Paschal: Referring to Christ’s work of redemption accomplished
priest at Mass acting in the person of Christ intercedes          through his Passion, death, Resurrection, and
on behalf of the whole Church.                                    Ascension. Through the Paschal Mystery, Jesus destroyed
                                                                  our death and restored us to life. The Paschal Mystery is
Justification: The gracious action by which God frees us          celebrated and made present in the Liturgy so that we can
from sin and makes us holy and righteous before him.              obtain the fruit of Jesus’ death and Resurrection, that is, the
Lord, God of Hosts: From the word “sabaoth,” hosts are            forgiveness of our sins and the new life of the Holy Spirit.
the invisible powers that work at God’s command over
heaven and earth.                                                 Patriarchs: Title given to the venerable ancestors or
                                                                  “fathers” of the Semitic peoples, Abraham, Isaac, and
Mediator: One who unites or reconciles separate or                Jacob, who received God’s promise of election.
opposing parties. Thus, Jesus Christ is the “one mediator
between God and the human race” (1 Tm 2:5). Through               Precursor: One who comes before as a herald. John the
his sacrificial offering he has become high priest and            Baptist is the precursor of Jesus.
unique mediator who has gained for us access to the
Father through the Holy Spirit.                                   Provident grace: The free and undeserved gift that God
                                                                  gives us as he protects and governs all creation.
Merit: The reward that God promises and gives to those
who love him and who by his grace perform good works.             Redemption: Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer
One cannot earn justification or eternal life; they are the       because he frees us from our sin through his sacrificial
free gifts of God. Rather our merit is from God through           death on the Cross.
Christ in the Holy Spirit. The Father freely justifies us in
Christ through the indwelling of the Spirit; and Christians,      Temporal: What pertains to this world of time and history,
by the same Holy Spirit, are empowered to do                      as opposed to what pertains to God, such as our new
good works of love and justice. In cooperating with the           life in Christ through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.
Holy Spirit, the faithful receive further grace and thus,
in Christ, cooperate in the work of their salvation.              Venerate: To show devotion and respect to holy things
                                                                  and people. Catholics venerate relics and saints. Veneration
                                                                  must be clearly distinguished from adoration and worship,
Oblation: A gift or sacrifice offered to God.                     both of which pertain solely to the Trinity and Jesus as the Son
                                                                  of God.
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++                       ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

While we have been talking and writing about the changes in the   Eucharist and at the end of Mass…
parts that our people will pray, today we mention those prayers   -the prayers for daily Masses…
which are said by the Celebrant. They fall into several           -the Eucharistic Prayers…
categories:                                                       The simplest way to say it is that beginning the first Sunday of
          -The spoken introduction to the people’s parts…         Advent, every single one of these will sound different to you!

         -the private prayers the celebrant prays at various      It will take us, as Celebrants, a bit of time and effort to be able to
          parts of the Mass…                                      really pray these with meaning and without “messing up the
                                                                  words.” We ask you to be patient with us and we promise not to
         -the collects which are prayed at the beginning of       yell if you forget and say “and also with you!”
         the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the                                                            432-page 3

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