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									Exceptional Education Inservice 2009/10

Katherine Benefield UDL and Technology Implementation

Technology News

The Exceptional Education Department is undertaking a series of
initiatives related to the ARRA Stimulus Funds. The link to the
State of Tennessee guidelines for these funds is:

The purpose of the ARRA IDEA stimulus is to:

     Spend funds quickly to save and create jobs
     Improve student achievement
     Ensure transparency, reporting and accountability
     Invest one-time ARRA funds to minimize the “funding cliff”

Suggested uses are:
  1. Develop or expand the capacity to collect and use data to
     improve teaching and learning
  2. Expand inclusive placement options for preschoolers with
  3. Hire transition coordinators to work with employers to
     develop job placements for youth with disabilities
  4. Improve equitalbe distribution of effective teachers
  5. Establish fiscally sustainable extended learning
     opportunities such as extended day or extended year
  6. Establish intensive, year long professional development such
     as RTI, autism or other significant disabilities
  7. Purchase Academic Tools to assist students with disabilities
     with passing achievement/EOC tests
  8. Related services personnel, services to alternative schools
  9. Prevent teacher lay-off
  10. Provide parent training for support in meeting Tennessee’s
  more rigorous standards
  11. Establish mentorship to decrease drop-out rate and
  increase graduation rate
  12. Obtain state-of-the-art assistive technology devices and
  provide training to enhance access to the general curriculum
  for students with disabilities
  The LEA may choose to allocate some of these measures
  system-wide (rules apply).

Toward this end, the department has worked in committee to
determine application of the funds, these include:

   Projection boards, such as ELMO, one for each school
   Research-based reading and math systems with training
    such as Wilson’s “Just Words”
   One laptop per school for department use
   Means of conducting distance meetings or collaborations
    using VOIP (internet phone accessible wherever there
    is WWW)
   Library of portable word processors available for students
   System for staff development sensitive to teachers’
    instructional time, presented online and archived for
     remote internet access and participation tracking
   Automated system for Lead Teacher Request assignment,
     resolution, contact tracking with automated
     notification to school administrators in order to
     improve response time and deliver services to students
     and information to Principal and staff efficiently
Universal Design

Hamilton County Department of Education, Exceptional
Education is dedicated to promoting Universal Design
principles in order to maximize access to the curriculum for
students with disabilities.

Introduction to UDL Principles as developed by CAST (Center
for Applied Special Technology) affiliated with Harvard
University to expand learning opportunities for all individuals,
especially those with disabilities through Universal Design for

 Multiple means of representation with options for diverse
  learners to acquire information and knowledge.

 Multiple means of action and expression to demonstrate
  what they know.

 Multiple means of engagement to tap into learners’
  interests, offer appropriate challenges and increase

Videos introducing UDL

Brief video showing of Defying Zeus preview and a discussion
of student rights to access equal to “typical peers” in class.

Imagine if your students were this engaged:
Podcast video demonstrating innovative engagement of
participants during a customarily dull but necessary
presentation of material

Introduction of Teacher Website “UDL Self-Check” and
“Teaching Every Student” sites

Introduction of Access Center Website and file download

Katherine Benefield
Access to Education Center, Technology Facilitator
901 Altamont Road
Chattanooga, TN 37415

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