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					             THE LORD’S DAY
                       August 26, 2012


“Made to Worship”

“Hallelujah to the Lamb”

                        Revelation 19:4-9

“How Great Is Our God”

“How Great Thou Art”

              Special Report from Jane Powley

                      Tithes and Offerings

“10,000 Reasons”

        Opportunities for spiritual growth & witness



                      Matthew 22:1-14-20

“No Higher Calling”

Those serving this morning:

Greeters: Norman & Mae Moore & Dan Tibbetts
Ushers: Colin Buchmann, Chum Craighead,
         Dan Tibbetts & Howard Webb
Children’s Church: Annette Asplund

The new Our Daily Bread for September/October/November
is now available. You will find your copy on the table at the
                   back of the sanctuary.
     Please feel free to take one and one for a friend!

                OUR WEEKLY PRAYER LIST

  SHUT- IN                      COLLEGE/CAREER
Lillian Morts                 Scott Fritz

                 Received last week: $3,760.00
Mike Chicalis – friend of Tom Rocheleau – Mike has now been placed back
on the transplant list for a new kidney. He is also having severe back
spasms and is in a lot of pain. How about sending him a card he needs to
know people care about him: 1032 W. Webster, Royal Oak, MI 48073.

Jim DeRemer is in need of our prayers for his health.

Fred Kline, Tom Cox Brother-in-law, the two old spots that were treated by
cyber knife have disappeared but 4 new small spots have surfaced. Three
are in the spine and one in the neck. They are waiting for three months to
see how they have grown and what treatment to continue with at that time.
Please continue for his wife, Sonja, as this is very difficult to see her husband
suffer so much.

David Staats is now going through radiation treatments. Pray for healing and
peace of mind.

Scott Morgan is still having some problems with a high heart rate. Pray that
the medication he has will help him improve each day.

Barb Aguayo her radiation treatments for breast cancer are complete. Pray
for good results

Gloria Cummings is at home but is struggling with kidney and heart
problems. Pray!

                  GOD BLESS OUR MILITARY!

Phillip Atherton, nephew of Jim & Jill Seconder, was not
deployed as planned. He is stationed in the states for now.

AC2 Jeff Dehnke, Navy, next door neighbor of Art & Annette
Asplund, is stationed in North Carolina.

AT3 Darcy Glasstetter, niece of Art & Annette Asplund, is now
stationed in California in the Army.

S.N. Joshua Harris, a neighbor of Tom & Patsy Mackie, is in the
Navy. He is in school and when he finishes his training he will
then be assigned to a ship. His new address is: S.N. Harris
Joshua R., 959 Dahlgren Road, and B ox 3175, Dahlgren,
Virginia 22448

Sgt. Jason Molina, a relative of Jim & Jill Seconder, is in the
Army. He now has some health problems that we need to pray
for and he is now stationed at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri.

Major Christine Warren, daughter of Charles Warren, is
stationed at Fort Bennett.

If you send a note or package to military personnel overseas
          – do not show their rank/title or location.


Sunday               9:00 A.M.         Sunday School

                    10:30 A.M.         Worship Service

Thursday            6:30 P.M.          “Up close & personal
                                       session” Jane Powley

                                    Something new for Men’s
                                      Bible Study this fall!
 The Ladies Afternoon Bible
    Study will resume on
 Tuesday, Sept. 11th, from 12          DESIGN FOR
  noon until approximately 2           DISCIPLESHIP
 P.M. We will be studying the
                                Building Strong Followers of
 book of Second Peter. This
                                Jesus Christ
  is an in-depth Bible study
   entitled “How to Be Kept     SESSION ONE SEPTEMBER
   from Falling.” There are     18-OCTOBER 16
 eight lessons which include
video teaching by Kay Arthur    “YOUR LIFE IN
  of Precept Ministries. We     CHRIST”
    spend 2 weeks on each
lesson with discussion of the   TOPICS:
 homework in week 1 and the         GOD CARES FOR YOU
                                    THE PERSON OF JESUS
   video teaching in week 2.           CHRIST
    The cost of the book is         THE WORK OF CHRIST
$20.00. Contact Harriet Curd        THE SPIRIT WITHIN YOU
      for information. The
     deadline to register is    Cost of book is $6.00 (no recorded
           August 26th.                  book available).
                                Sign ups are at the back table!
                                      See you in September!
LIVING A LIFE OF BALANCE              Jane Powley, one of our
                                   Missionaries, will be with us on
    Living a life of balance is
                                    today for Sunday school and
easier said than done. We try
                                        our Worship Service.
 so hard to be everywhere at
   once, to be all things to all
                                      Jane will also be with us
people. Before we know it we
are completely worn out and a
                                   Thursday evening, August 30th,
life of balance seems virtually
                                         at 6:30 P.M. for an
       Come Join Us!               “up close and personal session”
 As we learn how to put HIS
    balance in our Lives.               at the Yellow House.

    Date: September 18th           This will be a dessert meeting.
       Time: 7:00 P.M.             So everyone come out and visit
Place: Lorie Uppendahl Home          with Jane and hear what is
    3223 Sandoval Drive              going on in Senegal, West
         Lake Orion                             Africa.
The cost of our books is $7.75
Sign-up sheet on back table.
                                      Teens of Faith United
                                      Are meeting on Friday
   Starting in September              Nights at 5:00 P.M. at
                                      the “Yellow House.”
   Pastor will be holding
                                      If you know of a teen that
    Classes for Baptism               would be interested in
        Immersion                     joining, please contact
                                      Tom Swieboda.
If you are interested please

   contact Pastor Wayne.
          Four Seasons
                                          KICK – OFF!
                                       Sunday School and Small Groups
                                       “KICK OFF” Picnic
          Ideas Brewing
                                       Sunday, September 9th, after
Hazelnut Irish French Mocha            morning worship, at the yellow
        Cream Vanilla                  house.
 Fall   Winter Spring Summer
                                       Hot dogs, drinks, and place
                                       settings will be provided.
                                       Bring a dish to pass and your lawn

We want YOU to be involved!            Sign-up sheet on table in back of
Fresh new seasons are on their
way, and our cups are                                ```
overflowing with new ideas. On
the back table you will find a large      Kids Say the Funniest
coffee cup with four coffee stirrers      Things….
representing the four seasons.
Begin by STUFFING the                     A Sunday School teacher
Hazelnut Fall stirrer with an idea        decided to have her young
for fall that you thing our ladies        class memorize one of the
would enjoy. As each new                  most quoted passages in the
season approaches, drop your              Bible – Psalm 23. She gave
suggestion, sign your name, and           the youngsters a month to
if the committee picks your name          learn the verse. Little Bobby
we will contact you to come be a          was excited about the task, but
part of our planning team for that        he just couldn’t remember the
event.                                    Psalm. After much practice, he
                                          could barely get past the first
 Stale coffee grounds get thrown          line. On the day that the kids
   out – fresh ones produce a             were scheduled to recite Psalm
         fantastic aroma                  23 in front of the congregation,
                                          Bobby was so nervous.
 Get your thinking caps on, pen           When it was his turn, he
  ready and drop those fresh              stepped up to the microphone
      grounds in the cup.                 and said proudly, “The Lord is
                                          my shepherd….and that’s all I
                                          need to know!”
                                   If you have any information that
There are CD copies of Pastor          you want presented in the
Wayne’s sermons from the             Sunday Morning Service on
previous week on the back          the overhead. Please e-mail the
table. There will be a charge       “electronic” information to Ron
of $1.00 per CD to help with                     Morgan
costs. If anyone needs them        (
for a Shut-in or someone who         no later than the Wednesday
is ill, they are available at no    before. I need to verify that the
cost.                                data will work with the display
  Please see Richard Puddy              Thank you, Ron Morgan
  before or after the worship                      ~~~
   service or contact him at
       248-651-5198 or                   Check us out on
       his email address:                 Facebook at
                                          Oakland EPC

            HELPING HANDS - Do You Need Help?

We have a program here at the church called “Helping Hands.”
We want those in need of help; snow removal, raking leaves,
planting flowers, taking you for groceries etc. to sign up on the
sheet in the back of the sanctuary explaining what your needs
are. If you can be a “Helper” to help someone on the list please
let us know!

We are all here to help one another in times of need. Let’s all do
our part.
 Romans 12:6a “And since we have gifts that differ according to
    the grace given to us, let each exercise them accordingly.”

What you do with this invitation has eternal consequences.
How will you respond?

1. You may be among those who have no time to take the claims
of Jesus Christ seriously.

2. You may be among those who feel threatened by the claims of
Jesus Christ.

3. You may be among those who have never seriously considered
the claims of Jesus Christ.

How you respond to God’s invitation to His kingdom has eternal
consequences for your life.

      God loves you so much that God has done everything to
       make it possible for you to join the greatest celebration this
       world has ever known. John 3:16
      Don’t assume that just because you are part of a religious
       family or community of some sort, that you will have a place
       in the kingdom of heaven.
      Examine your life! II Peter 1:2-11; 3:9
      Don’t wait to respond to God’s invitation!

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