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					                        MRS. WURST’S WORDS
                         September 10-14, 2012
Oh my goodness—what a beautiful weekend! I hope you were able to spend a lot of time
outside this past weekend enjoying the cooler temperatures!

I am still missing some paperwork—please check your folders each day for any papers
that need to be returned to school. Also, there are a few children that are still in need of
book covers.

Please remind your children to come to school ready to learn each day. This year is a big
year both academically and physically. I expect the children to become better and better
problem solvers. We are starting our third week of third grade. Expectations continue to
grow! This is the week that bills are normally sent home. Students with good attitudes
and who show respect will continue to earn StarBucks.

Fine Arts:
Day 5—Art, Monday, September 10
Day 1—Technology, Tuesday, September 11
Day 2—Science Discovery, Wednesday, September 12
Day 3—Physical Education, Thursday, September 13
Day 4—Music, Friday, September 14
Day 5—Art, Monday, September 17

Mystery Readers
Thank you, Mrs. Knigge, for reading to us last Friday. She entertained us with two very
special books—the pirate book is one of my favorites! Look at the mystery reader
schedule—I think I still have two dates where I am in need of a reader. If aunts/uncles or
grandparents have had a background check, they are also invited to read to us!

HOMEWORK—I will always attach the homework to my website, as well, as other
important information. This week’s homework is due on Thursday, September 13. It is a
“Me Collage”—if needed, look at my site for more details.

Reading Buddies
We met our reading buddies from Mrs. Royal’s class last week. We will usually go on
Wednesday afternoon from 1:15-1:45. This week, we have our 2nd week of orientation in
the OSE Library, so we will not be able to go to buddies until later in the week. The “Me
Collage” is to be presented to our buddies. Remind your child that they are now the big
third grade reading buddy and should set the example for the younger buddies.

Skyward Grading
This is a new system for ALL of us this year. There is a little learning curve—please be
patient. The first couple weeks of school I am still getting to know your child so you
may not see as many grades. I tend to give them many opportunities to show me what
they know throughout the six weeks. You will probably see more grades as the second
six weeks begin in October.

Computer Lab—Our “normal” time will be during our math block from 10-10:30 on
Tuesday and Thursday mornings. At that time, we will be working on math/science
programs. As needed I will schedule additional time throughout the year as additional
projects are assigned. We have three desktops and six laptops in the classroom for our
use too.

Language Arts/Social Studies
Brown bag presentations were finished up last week. I always forget how much time this
takes the first couple weeks of school. Thank you for allowing them to keep their bags at
school a little longer than a day or two. We will read a lot of nonfiction text this week—
specifically biographies. We will work in partners and read about Ruby Bridges, Cesar
Chavez, Lois Marie Gibbs, and Judy Heumann. As partners, they will create a bubble
map (adjectives) that describe their assigned person. From their bubble maps, they will
create a biography poster with an illustration, birth date, what that person did to improve
the community, and how his/her actions helped people in other communities. Your
student is always told what is required—usually this information is given to them as a
rubric (I tell them it is the requirement for the job). I will grade the spelling of the
person’s name and will be looking for complete sentences with capital letters and ending
punctuation. We will continue to free write in our journals this week and begin regular
grammar/language lessons next week. Grammar/language is my favorite subject outside
of reading! Later in the week, students will be reading and writing about Neil
Armstrong, Amelia Earhart, Jackie Robinson, and Wilma Rudolph. Ask your child the
difference between fiction and nonfiction. Spelling rotations will ONLY be on Monday
and Friday, the rest of the spelling activities will take place in our home-room. This
should begin today. Last week, I sent home a list of words for them to study (it was in
their Monday Message folder). These are copied down from the list that is given to them;
I try to check every copy before it goes home so that they are studying the correct
spelling of each word.

This past week we worked with three and four-digit numbers and made place value charts
in our math journals throughout the week. We also created SEW for each large
number—S is standard/simple (just the number), E is expanded (number grows and
shows the worth/value of each number), and W is the word form of the number. For
example, our number is 4,283—S is 4,283 E is 4,000 + 200 + 80 + 3 W is four thousand
two hundred eighty-three. The number in the tens place is 80 not 8; the number in the
thousands place is 4,000 not 4. We are looking for the value/worth of each number in the
expanded notation. We will continue to work with larger numbers up to 999,999. We
will be ordering and comparing numbers this week. They will need to know how to put
large numbers in order greatest to least and least to greatest plus compare numbers using
less than, greater than, and equal to. The biggest problem I have seen over the years is
just reading large numbers and identifying the place that they are in. Would you work
with them on reading large numbers up to six digits?

Our science vocabulary includes “qualitative” and “quantitative” observations this week.
We will use our five senses for qualitative observations and our measurement skills for
quantitative observations. We will participate in several labs—one involving cereal and
one involving soda—each child will be able to taste one piece of each type of cereal and
just a sample size (Dixie-cup serving) of soda. If you do not want your child to
participate in the “eating” or “drinking” observations, please let me know as soon as
possible. It really involves very little eating and drinking. Look for “Scientist of the
Week” information soon!

I will be out of town on Friday, September 14. Your child will be in good hands!

Tuesday, September 11-PTA General Meeting at 6 PM in OSE Cafeteria
Tuesday, September 18—Room Rep Meeting for Mrs. Bissett and Mrs. McCall
Thursday, September 20—Chick-Fil-A Family Night
Fall Book Fair—September 20-28 (I will let you know our class date next week.)


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