Park Hill Thriving Communities by rnrj9uO


									                         Park Hill Thriving Communities! Stakeholders
                                            Edited: 5-18-06

The following community members and organizations are Park Hill Thriving Communities partners
committed to increasing active living and healthy eating for all Park Hill residents. Every person and
organization makes a difference in the health of Park Hills’ residents!

            Neighborhood Associations, Residents, Organizations and Businesses

            Northeast Park Hill NHA                           Lillie Fuller
            Greater Park Hill NHA                             Anniece Johnson
            Greater Park Hill Food Bank                       Silvia Gonzalez
            Greater Park Hill News                            Carol MacLennan
            Greater Park Hill Garden Tour,                    Ron Goodwin
             Jonah Bradley                                     Sandra Stenmark
            Satchel’s Market                                  Nina Kuhl
            Kate’s on 35th                                    Pat Clarke
            Tai Chi Project, Jaqui Shumway
                                     Schools and Universities

              Park Hill Elementary                            Denver Public Schools, Health
              Phillips Preparatory School                      Promotion
              Smith Renaissance School of the Arts            Johnson and Wales University
              Stedman Elementary School                       Denver Children’s Home
                        Faith Based and Medical Organizations Universities
            Montview Presbyterian Church                      Park Hill Family Health Center
            Park Hill United Methodist Church                 9 Health Fair
            Northeast Womens Center
                                         Council Members

            Michael Hancock                                   Marcia Johnson
            Elbra Wedgeworth
              Active Living Partnership at Stapleton          Colorado State University
              District II Police Precinct                      Extension
              Denver Great Kids Head Start                    CSU Integrated Food/Nutrition
              America On the Move                              Education Program
              Kaiser Permanente
                                                              Marcia Johnson

                                        City and County of Denver
            Denver Public Works (Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning)
            Denver Planning and Development
            Department of Environmental Health, Public Health Inspections
            Denver Parks and Recreation
                o Martin Luther King Recreation Center
                o Davis Recreation Center Women, Infants and Children
            Mayor’s Office of Education& Children, Before/Lights On After-School Programs

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