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									                                Individual Consultant Procurement Notice
                                              Date: 21.03.2011
  International Consultant on Project Formulation/Project Document Preparation – Enabling the Effective
                              Integration of Lao PDR into ASEAN Phrase III

Location:                                LAO PDR, Vientiane Capital
Application deadline:                    05 April 2011
Type of Contract:                        IC [International]
Languages Required :                     English
Starting Date :                          02 May 2011 (at the latest)
Duration of Initial Contract :           30 working days


The UNDP supported project to Government of Laos on Enabling the Effective Integration of Lao PDR into
ASEAN Phrase II is coming to an end in June 2011; through the support of the project the capacity of Lao ASEAN
focal points at the central and provincial level have increased significantly. However, there are still a number of
challenges faced by the GoL. The key challenge is the capacity to fulfill its commitments to the establishment of
ASEAN Community (AC) by 2015 and taking the ASEAN Chairmanship in 2016. Given these challenges, the GoL
has requested UNDP Laos to continue supporting Lao-ASEAN Integration. In this regard, UNDP is seeking an
experienced a short-term international consultant to formulation a new supporting project on Enabling the Effective
Integration of Lao PDR into ASEAN.

Duties and responsibilities:

       Undertake consultations with key stakeholders from UNDP, UN agencies, Government agencies, civil
        society, development partners and private sector to ascertain priorities areas, ongoing interventions etc
       Identify target beneficiaries and geographical focus and establish the baselines.
       Develop a project document articulating conceptual linkages of activities, output (project) and
        outcome(country programme) with clear baseline, targets and indicators while addressing cross cutting
        issues like gender
       Identify opportunities for resource mobilization and partnership.

     Inception report detailing the understanding/ interpretation of the TORs; the methodology of carrying out
        the assignment; work plan and implementation schedule as agreed upon with UNDP team.
     Minutes of Interviews and meetings
     Draft project document with detailed Results and Resources Framework and Annual Workplans
     Presentations to stakeholder validation, Pre-PAC
     Final project document according to the POPP.
For detailed information, please refer to Terms of Reference (TOR). TOR and General Terms and Conditions
for Individual Consultants can be also downloaded at

Requirements for experience and qualifications:
I. Academic Qualifications: Masters degree in Economics, International Trade, Development Studies or related
II. Years of experience: At least 10 years of progressive work experience in area of region integration, international
trade, private sector development, poverty reduction or other relevant fields.
III. Competencies:
      Knowledge of UN/UNDP programming or result-based programming; Extensive understanding of
          ASEAN/ ASEAN Community/ AFTA is essential
        Strong analytical skills, good communication and strong English writing skills.
        Demonstrates integrity by modeling the UN’s values and ethical standards
        Positive, constructive attitude to work, ability to act professionally and flexibility to engage with
         government officials, donor representatives, private sector and communities
        Ability to produce high quality product within specified time frame.

Requirements for submission of applications:

All interested and qualified candidates should apply on-line through the UNDP website at or UNDP Lao PDR will only accept applications
submitted on-line. Please ensure that before making on-line application, you have completed the UNDP Personal
History Form (P11). The electronic version of the P11 can be downloaded from
(Current Vacancies Section). The completed P11 form further should be uploaded while applying on-line;

Interested individual consultants must submit the following documents/information to demonstrate their qualifications:
          1) Proposal:
          (i) Explaining why they are the most suitable for the work;
          (ii) Provide a brief methodology on how they will approach;

         2) CV including past experience in similar project and at least 3 references;

         3) Financial proposal - Lump sum offer

During the online application it is recommended that all documents to be uploaded in one electronic file in PDF
                                              or Word formats.

Evaluation of Proposals:

Individual consultants will be evaluated based on the following methodology:

Cumulative analysis

The award of the contract will be made to the individual consultant whose offer has been evaluated and determined as:
a) responsive/compliant/acceptable, and
b) Having received the highest score out of a pre-determined set of weighted technical and financial criteria specific to
the solicitation.
* Technical Criteria weight; [ 0.7]
* Financial Criteria weight; [ 0.3]
Criteria:                                                                       Weight             Max. Points
1. Technical (including below sub-criteria)                                      0.7              70
1.1 Expertise and capacity of consultant submitting Proposal                     30%              30
1.2 The approach in implementing the tasks described in the Terms of             30%              30
1.3 The qualifications and competence of the consultant                          10%              10
2.Financial                                                                      0.3              30

Total points obtainable                                                          1.0              100

Only candidates obtaining a minimum of 49 point would be considered for the Financial Evaluation
Note: Any request for clarification must be sent in writing to the following e-mail: UNDP
Lao PDR will respond in writing by standard electronic mail and will send written copies of the response, including an
explanation of the query without identifying the source of inquiry, to all consultants.

 The copies of the response will be also placed on our web-site at:
                                  and linked to the current Procurement Notice.

All interested candidates are encouraged to visit the above web-site for updates.
Please note that only short-listed candidates will be notified. Qualified female candidates are strongly encouraged to
For more detailed information about UNDP Lao PDR please visit our website at

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