Minutes of the PFAV/Iplay meeting held Wednesday 31 March 2010

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					Minutes of the iPlay meeting held Monday 7 March 2011 at Grove Infant

Debbie Smith (Chair)
Julie Adshead (Treasurer)
Julia Lunn (Trustee)
Karen Griffiths (Extended Schools co-ordinator for Portland)

Karen Wiedenbruch (Secretary)
Gaynor White (Trustee)
Pat Hepburn (Trustee)
Caroline Beard (Volunteer)
Sue Ashe (Volunteer)
Rachel Day (Volunteer)
Jane Hurdiss (Head Teacher Grove Infant School)

Previous Minutes and Review of Actions
The previous minutes of 11 Feb 11 were accepted as a true record and a
review of actions will be covered in the Agenda.

Purchase of the remaining items from the list submitted with the bid for
Comma/Acre funding is continuing, including the inflatable obstacle course,
generator, iPlay iPhone, new speaker/PA system,other play equipment and
remote control cars.

There are problems with the Transit van regarding damp & leaks & the advice
from Easton Motor Services is that it is beyond economic repair. They
suggested covering with a tarpaulin to minimise leaks.

Other storage options have been explored. Debbie has asked PSQT whether
there is any space in the Drill Hall at Easton Lane but has not yet received a
response. It was agreed that this was probably not worth pursuing.
Gaynor was continuing with making enquiries regarding St Andrew’s
Church Hall. Karen G agreed to make enquiries regarding Islanders

Debbie has been liaising with Martyn Mullender from the Portland Rocks
project regarding a possible permanent transfer of the music equipment on a
permanent loan basis. It was agreed that we should review the storage space
needed once this had been discussed. A meeting is to be arranged later in

Debbie will retain the iPlay laptop to enable website editing but netbooks have
been purchased for the Secretary and Treasurer.
Debbie to finalise software purchase and handover.
Volunteers and Training
The following courses have been arranged with PlayPlus:

9 March – 930 – 1430, YMCA - Nautical Crafts & Sensory Crafts – Julie,
Gaynor, Sue, Caroline (am), prospective volunteer Lucy Elam (pm).

Post meeting note: This training had to be cancelled due to lack of
numbers – to be rescheduled for May.

16 May – 930 – 1430, YMCA - Back to Nature Crafts & Active Play – Julie,
Debbie, Karen G

iPlay volunteers to confirm availability.

It was agreed that CRB checks would be processed through the Volunteer
Bureau being set up by DCA, details of which are awaited.

The website host has been changed and is now up and running, but needs to
be updated. Debbie to action

iPlay information and sessions continue to be advertised on Facebook/Twitter.
The Facebook page has 99 members.

Debbie has produced a letter template using the iPlay logo.

Free Portland News – Debbie has provided an update for March which was
published. The update for April needs to be submitted by 22 Mar – Debbie to

Echo – there was a good feature in the Echo last week & Debbie has
arranged to provide a monthly update of activities for the future.

The LCD screen is now running in the ICA window. Any photos to be
passed to Roy Pepperell for inclusion in the next update.

IPlay events

Tues 22 Feb – iPlay @ the Museum Dino Day
A great success, despite the confusion regarding numbers. iPlay helped to
advertise this event extensively on our Facebook page and over 60 children
and their famiies registered to attend through us. Our volunteers assisted
with arts and crafts on the day and iPlay resources were used in a range of
activities. Thanks to Karen G for organising and funding the triceratops
sculpture. Julie, Debbie, Karen G, Sue, Gaynor and Rachel all attended.

There needs to be more detailed planning for any future events
Wed 23 Feb - Sk8Fest
In spite of the poor weather, Karen G ran the event with the climbing wall and
the iPlay equipment – kites, pedal racers, double dutch skipping ropes etc.
Those that did attend has lots of fun!

Saturday 19 March – Discover Wild Weares -East Weares/Penn Weare*
Julie, Karen G, Sue & Rachel are attending. This will feature a scrambling
discovery trail leading to a secret base camp where we hope to enjoy toasted
marshmallows over our camp fire. The event will run from 1.30 – 4.30, meet
at Donovan’s Drain Footpath (turn left at the very end of Grove Road).
Debbie has produced posters which were handed out at the meeting for
distribution. A total 0f 15 families have said they will attend the event on
Facebook. Julie to lead on liaising with Lyn Cooch.

Saturday 26 March – iPlay Spring Fayre 2-4pm, Easton Mathodist Church
There will be activities for the children, sale of good quality second hand toys,
clothes & bric-a-brac, raffle, cakes & refreshments. Debbie, Gaynor, Julie,
Karen G, Karen W, Julia & Sue are attending.

There are a total of 20 tables available:
5 tables have been requested by individuals (Debbie, Julie, Karen G, Suzy,
Hannah B).
It was agreed to have tables for an adult raffle using prizes remaining from
previous donations, a children’s tombola and a treasure hunt.
It was also agreed to have tables for colouring/simple arts and crafts and the
soft play equipment for young children.
Debbie suggested offering face painting – Karen G to ask Emma Gingell if
she would be prepared to help out.

Julia offered to serve refreshments & cakes from the ktchen.
All volunteers to provide cakes/biscuits for sale.

Debbie has produced posters which were handed out at the meeting for
distribution. A total 0f 20 families have said they will attend the event on

Julie to purchase sweets and any additional refreshments for the event.

Karen G to contact Tesco for donation of Easter eggs as prizes.

All volunteers to meet at the Southwell Store on 25 March at 0930 to
make arrangements for the Fayre and prepare tombola/raffle prizes.

Debbie to update any details on Facebook and ask for donations of
cakes or raffle prizes (no alcohol is permitted at the Church Hall).

Wednesday 13 April – Sk8 Fest TBC
Joint event with Portland Rocks, minimum volunteer effort required.
Karen G to confirm details when known
Sunday 17 April                    Great Dorset Beach Clean*

Wednesday 20 April            iPlay Easter Event – Easton Gardens
W&PBC have confirmed availability – details to be planned at next meeting.
Debbie to organise paperwork.

Saturday 23 April                  Marvellous Migration*

Monday 2 May                       Revive Event

Friday 6 May                       Grove School Maypole event

Wednesday 11 May                   Dorset Play Conference
All volunteers have been invited to attend and we have been asked to give a
short presentation – to be discussed at next meeting.

Saturday 21 May                    Plant & Craft Sale – Value House

Saturday 28 May                    Governors Garden, Dorset Wildflower

Fri 1 July/Sat 2nd July            Broadcroft Reserve*

Sat 2 July                         Southwell School Summer Fayre

9 July                         Big Grove Summer Festival
Jane to confirm whether any arrangements have already been made with
a Bouncy Castle supplier.

*Wild About W&P Events.

IPlay volunteers to confirm availability for all iPlay events.

Re-engaging with Schools
Debbie sent a follow up email to all Head Teachers asking for advice on the
best way forward but has not received any detailed responses. It was
decided not to pursue this at the moment but to wait until the new School year
in September, or the outcome of current discussions regarding the proposed
Portland Academy

iPlay updates will be submitted regularly to schools for inclusion in newsletters
& this featured in the latest Southwell/Grove newsletters..
Debbie/Karen W to action.

It was decided that we should get some new leaflets printed telling people
about our Charity and contact details if they wanted to volunteer. These could
be given to schools and handed out at iPlay events.
Debbie to action now logo has been obtained
We need to start to gather more detailed evidence regarding attendance at
and feedback from our iPlay sessions, as well as working closer with schools
to establish and record the impact of our efforts. This information will also
assist us with future funding bids.
To be investigated further.

Relationship with other groups

Bring Back Portland Carnival – next meeting 10 March, Karen W has
agreed to represent iPlay and provide feedback, Rachel Day will represent us
at future meetings.

Deckchair Project
Sue, Karen G and Debbie and their families attended the workshop on 5
March and had a great time producing & printing their designs.

Chesil Cove Children’s Choir
It had been agreed to loan the disco lights to this group for a fund raising
children’s disco on 26 March. Julie to liaise with Nikki Fryer

Funding Opportunities
The post project report for the COMMA/ACRE funding needs to be submitted
by 18 Mar 11, all funds have now been spent. Debbie to action.

The outcome for the bid for funding for the iPlay Wild project under the
Awards for All scheme and should be known by mid March. Julie’s suggestion
of writing to Blue Peter asking for badges for those children that are willing to
help still stands, if the bid is successful.
Julie to contact Blue Peter if required.

Debbie has written to McDonald’s asking for funding from their Back to the
Community scheme.

It was agreed that we should investigate ways of raising funds to sustain the
group and cover running costs, including a replacement van. Tesco, New
Look and Children in Need funding was discussed. Debbie/Karen G to work
together on a bid.

Financial Review and Accounts
This information was not available at th meeting.
Debbie and Julie to meet to reconcile accounts.

A Portland Mums night out has been arranged for 8 April at The George Pub,
All interested to meet their from 1830

Date of Next Meeting
Monday 4 April 2011 at 0930 at Southwell Primary School. Debbie to
confirm availablity

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