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					                              SCENIC BYWAY 12 COMMITTEE
                                      Meeting Minutes
                                     September 8, 2004

                                Escalante City Council Chambers
                                           10:00 A.M.
             Name                  Organization                                           In
 VOTING                                                                              YES     NO
    1.  Scott Brodie               Boulder Town                                               x
    2.  Wade Barney                Escalante City                                     x
    3.  Carlon Johnson             Henrieville Town                                           x
    4.  Bill Scoffield             Cannonville Town                                           x
    5.  Jean Seiler                Tropic Town
    6.  Bruce Phillips             Torrey Town                                                x
    7.  Art Cooper                 Panguitch City - Chair                              x
    8.  Clare Ramsay               Garfield County Commission                                 x
    9.  Bruce Fullmer              Garfield County Travel Council                      x
    10. Allen Jones                Wayne County Commission                                    x
    11. Elissa Stevens             Wayne County Travel Council                         x
    12. Sue Mosier                 Escalante/Boulder Chamber of Commerce               x
    13. Dixie Burbidge             Bryce Valley Business Association                   x
    14. Donna Owens                USFS / Dixie National Forest                               x
    15. Brian Bellew               BLM / GSENM                                         x
    16. Colleen Bathe              Bryce Canyon National Park
    17. Tom Shakespeare            Utah State Parks- Kodachrome/Escalante              x
    18. Robert Dowell              Utah Department of Transportation                          x
    19. Sharol Bernardo            Member-at-large                                     x
    20. Gael Hill                  Member-at-large -Vice-Chair                         x
    21. Janet Hansen               Member-at-large                                     x
 NON-VOTING or Proxies
        John Holland               Coordinator                                         x
   x    Allysia Angus              BLM/GSENM - Secretary/Treasurer and proxy           x
                                   for Donna Owens
             Brian Cottam          For Allen Jones                                            x
             Steve Kunzler         UDOT proxy for Robert Dowell                       x
             Rick Torgerson        UDOT                                               x
             Howard Miller         Escalante Lions Club                               X
             Kim Clarke            UDOT contractor – Lockner                          X
             Michael Brems         UDOT contractor – Brems Engineering                x
             Tim Clarke            Boulder Town Park                                  x
             Quinn Griffin         Escalante Center                                   x
             Verl Bagley           For Allen Jones                                    x
             Reda Herriott         Wayne Co. business owner                           x

Welcome, Approval of Minutes, and Adoption of Agenda
 Art Cooper welcomed everyone. A round robin of introductions took place.
 Approved proxies for meeting include:
   o Allysia for Donna Owens
   o Steve Kunzler for Robert Dowell
   o Verl Bagley for Allen Jones
 The minutes were approved unanimously by motion from Bruce Fullmer and second by Elissa Stevens.
 Agenda was amended to include Howard Miller discussing Escalante Lions Club project and Harriet
   Priska discussing Everett Ruess Days Festival. It was then approved unanimously by motion from
   Gael Hill and second by Bruce Fullmer.
 Scenic Byway 12 Financial Report is $ 639.36 balance.

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                                 SCENIC BYWAY 12 COMMITTEE
                                         Meeting Minutes
                                        September 8, 2004

Escalante Lions Club Project
 Howard Miller with Escalante Lions Club announced that they are seeking to build a bowery with
    kitchen, restrooms, and tables at the Escalante City Park. Facilities are to be ADA accessible and are
    projected to cost $21-22K. The group currently has about $2K. Howard requested assistance from this
    group. Bruce noted that the byway group does not have cash available, but we could assist with grant
    preparation. John will work with Howard on this and grant possibilities. Rick with UDOT will also
    provide assistance.

Everett Ruess Days Festival
 Harriet Priska invited everyone to the upcoming Everett Ruess Days – an Art/Educational event.
   There are to be workshops, courses, classes, art shows, music, dance, etc. The event is intended to take
   a regional perspective – Kane, Wayne, Garfield Counties. It is to be a working arts festival. The
   festival is scheduled for Sept 30-October 2.

Coordinator’s Report
John Holland provided the Coordinator’s Report:
     Coordinated and attended a popular and successful Grant Writing Workshop on July 30, 2004.
        Instruction and facilitation of the class was provided by Utah Arts Council.
             o Writing government grants was the emphasis of the one-day session.
             o 24 attendees from most of the communities on Scenic Byway 12 and the outlying area
             o Letters of thanks sent to Utah Arts Council.

       Completed changes to www.scenicbyway12.com. Gathered input from Committee members and
        summarized the final changes to the site in a change request document. Worked directly with the
        web design technician to complete the changes to the site by August 25 th.
       In order to maintain the website and mange documents for uploading files to the website I am
        requesting the Committee’s approval of $229 in software including Macromedia Contribute
        ($149) and Adobe Acrobat Pro ($80). Motion by Wade Barney to approve purchase and second
        by Gael Hill. Passed unanimously.
       Payment approval of remaining 25% of fees to On-Line Web Marketing is requested. Motion to
        approve payment by Sharol Bernardo and second by Sue Mosier. Passed unanimously. It was
        noted that the Delicate Arch image needs to go away.
       Representing the Scenic Byway 12 Committee, along with Allysia, presented a certificate of
        recognition to Maggie Dowd at a luncheon held in her honor at the Dixie National Forest office in
        Cedar City. Maggie was closely involved with the byway organization through designation of the
        byway up to her transfer to Mount St. Helens in Oregon. Allysia requested $15 reimbursement.
        Approved unanimously.
       Working with Utah and Colorado Scenic Byway Directors I will be hosting a meeting of Utah’s
        National Scenic Byway leaders in Torrey. Originally scheduled for October 22 nd the meeting is
        being rescheduled due to a conflict with the Utah Travel Regions meeting on the same date.
             o Meeting topics will include:
                   Colorado’s Scenic Byway training program (Sally Pearce)
                   Utah’s State Scenic Byway Committee (Margaret Godfrey) (This item should
                      provide valuable discussion helping to define the relationship between the state
                      committee and the National Scenic Byways).
       Participating as one of five members of the Signage and Interpretation RFP review committee and
        serving as the primary contact to the vendors through the review and award process.

UDOT – Boulder to Escalante Road Improvement Project Report
   Rick Torgerson introduced Kim Clarke and Michael Brems, contractors who will produce the
      Environmental Assessment/Environmental Impact Statement for this project. Their notice to
      proceed occurred on Aug 8.
   Kim provided a handout with project overview and contacts to all in attendance.

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                                SCENIC BYWAY 12 COMMITTEE
                                        Meeting Minutes
                                       September 8, 2004

       Project runs from approximate mile post 60-88.
       A project website is being established. Try to link to Scenic Byway 12 website.
       UDOT’s approach to this project is/has been designed to utilize context sensitive design. It is a
        unique project; not a standard UDOT highway project.
       Project information kiosks are being located at various locations throughout counties – including
        visitor centers and libraries. The suggestion was made of setting up at schools and state parks
       Public meetings are being scheduled. An agency scoping meeting is scheduled for mid-October.
        The suggestion was made to conduct meetings both Escalante and Boulder.
       The Byway Committee can help with general direction early on.
       It was noted that retaining the experience of traveling the byway is key and should be balanced
        with the safety concerns. It was also noted that commercial traffic and tour busses should be

Master Sign and Interpretive Plan
    John noted that six 6 proposals were received to do this work. The review committee met last
        week and narrowed to a short-list of two. More specific information is being sought from these
        two. A late September selection date is anticipated.

FHWA – Grants 2005
   John mentioned that the online grant applications should be available early October and that the
     applications will likely be due to the State folks by mid-December. If so, grant awards would
     likely be announced in Summer 2005.
   Grants due to John in final draft by November 30.
   Full Committee review to take place at December meeting in Boulder.
   Prospective grant applications currently in the works include:
          o Seed Grant – 3rd Year
          o Marketing Plan
          o Sign and Interpretive Wayside Design and Implementation
          o Escalante Heritage Center/Last Wagon Museum
   Discussion ensued about last year’s applications:
          o Should small-scale individual projects submit…is it worth the effort?
          o Could we do a blanket project for restroom facilities?
          o Projects that were successful nationally were those that were more comprehensive.
          o Encourage bringing together entities and submitting partnership-based grant.
          o John to work on organizing groups around restroom facility provision.
   Brian Bellew suggested applying for a low-watt radio station.
   Quinn Griffin with the Escalante Heritage Center/Last Wagon Museum noted that would be
     willing to put together a grant with other entities. Their group now has architectural conceptual
     planning documents.

Fund-raising Ideas
John asked everyone to try and brainstorm three funding-raising ideas. Allysia suggested that no one could
leave for lunch without providing them at the door on the pieces of paper passed around.

New Route Guides
Bruce passed out copies of the newest printing of the Route Guides in the new color. He also passed
around a copy of what a new Garfield County billboard looks like. It is NOT going up along HWY 12.

Next Meeting and Adjournment
   Next meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, December 1, 2004 at 10:00 a.m. in Boulder at Anasazi
    State Park Museum.
   Meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m.

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