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					                                          United States Atlas

       You will create your own atlas of the United States. You must use the maps I provide to you on my
website. Use your textbook and atlases as resources. Your atlas is due on Friday October 12.

       Your atlas must be in a 3-ring binder and include a title and cover design, a table of contents, all
required maps, and an atlas checklist. Refer to the atlas checklist for grading information. All maps must have
a compass rose and be colored neatly with colored pencil (no crayons or markers).

Include the following on the maps:

United States Physical Map

Lake Superior                         Mississippi River                     Appalachian Mountains
Lake Michigan                         Missouri River                        Rocky Mountains
Lake Huron                            Ohio River                            Sierra Nevada Mountains
Lake Erie                             Arkansas River                        Atlantic Coastal Plain
Lake Ontario                          Red River                             Gulf Coastal Plain
Great Salt Lake                       Colorado River                        Great Plains
Lake Okeechobee                       Colombia River
                                      Snake River

Atlantic Ocean                        Pacific Ocean                         Gulf of Mexico
                                      Gulf of Alaska                        Bering Sea

United States Political Map

      Label each state with its postal-code abbreviation.
      Mark and label Washington, D.C.

New England States

Maine                                 New Hampshire                         Massachusetts
*Augusta                              *Concord                              *Boston
Portland                              Manchester
Rhode Island                          Connecticut                           *Montpelier
*Providence                           *Hartford                             Burlington

Middle Atlantic States

New York                              New Jersey                            Pennsylvania
*Albany                               *Trenton                              *Harrisburg
Rochester                             Newark                                Philadelphia
Buffalo                               Jersey City                           Pittsburgh
New York City
                                      Delaware                              Maryland
*Washington, D.C.                     *Dover                                *Annapolis
South Atlantic States

Virginia                      West Virginia   North Carolina
*Richmond                     *Charleston     *Raleigh
Norfolk                       Huntington      Charlotte
South Carolina                Florida
*Columbia                     *Tallahassee    Georgia
Charleston                    Jacksonville    *Atlanta
                              Pensacola       Macon
                              Orlando         Savannah
                              Tampa           Columbus

North Central Plains States

North Dakota                  South Dakota    Nebraska
*Bismarck                     *Pierre         *Lincoln
Grand Forks                   Rapid City      Omaha
Minot                         Sioux Falls
Kansas                        Minnesota       *Des Moines
*Topeka                       *St. Paul       Sioux City
Wichita                       Minneapolis
                              Duluth          Illinois
Missouri                                      *Springfield
*Jefferson City               Wisconsin       Chicago
St. Louis                     *Madison        Peoria
Kansas City                   Milwaukee
Springfield                   Green Bay       Michigan
Indiana                       Ohio            Detroit
*Indianapolis                 *Colombus       Grand Rapids
Gary                          Cincinati
Fort Wayne                    Toledo
South Central and Gulf States

Texas                             Oklahoma          Louisiana
*Austin                           *Oklahoma City    *Baton Rouge
Dallas                            Tulsa             New Orleans
Fort Worth                                          Shreveport
San Antonio                       Arkansas
Houston                           *Little Rock      Kentucky
El Paso                           Fort Smith        *Frankfort
Tennessee                         Alabama           Lexington
*Nashville                        *Montgomery
Memphis                           Birmingham        Mississippi
Knoxville                         Mobile            *Jackson

Rocky Mountain & Pacific States

Washington                        Oregon            Idaho
*Olympia                          *Salem            *Boise
Seattle                           Portland
Spokane                           Eugene            Montana
California                        Wyoming           Billings
*Sacramento                       *Cheyenne         Great Falls
San Francisco                     Casper
Oakland                                             Nevada
San Jose                          Utah              *Carson City
Los Angeles                       *Salt Lake City   Reno
San Diego                                           Las Vegas
                                  New Mexico
Arizona                           *Santa Fe         Colorado
*Phoenix                          Albuquerque       *Denver
Tucson                            Las Cruces        Colorado Springs

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