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					Blog Suite Products directional documentation

Firm Name: Watson & Associates, LLC               Categories (vetted against the keyword grid):
SUB ID number: 1626796                            1. Business litigation
Blog Service Type: BSE                            2. Construction litigation
Blog URL:                                         3. Contract disputes
www.usgovernmentcontractslawyer.com               4. Regulatory compliance
Subscription Practice Area: Business &            5. Government contracts
Commercial Law
Primary Geographic Area: Denver, Colorado

           Instructions for Writer (to be completed within “verify/accept content” task)

Instructions from PM intake form (example: Firm does not want posts about drunk driving. OR
try to focus as much as possible on truck accidents):

The client mentioned the following sites that should be the minimum in terms of what is on the
blog. It should be noted that these links are Sheppard Mullin, and these links should be used
just for reference for information the client would like their blog to be written on:


Include resources mentioned by client that might be helpful for research:

                                      Destination Pages
Category 1: Business litigation
    Primary Target URL: http://theodorewatson.com/colorado-business-lawyers-denver/
          o Preferred anchor text:
                   Business litigation, business law, breach of contract
          o Preferred keywords to be found within the posts you write: business litigation,
              business law, breach of contract, proactive litigation avoidance, small business
              matters, corporate and compliance/governance, federal contracts, buy-sell
             agreements, business sales, LLC guidance, nonprofit litigation, partnership
             disputes, defense of corporations in civil matters, government contract litigation
      Secondary Target URL(s): http://theodorewatson.com/litigation/
          o Preferred anchor text: same as above

Category 2: Construction litigation
    Primary Target URL: http://theodorewatson.com/litigation/
          o Preferred anchor text:
                   Construction litigation, government construction, private construction
          o Preferred keywords to be found within the posts you write: prime contractor,
              subcontractor, government construction, private construction project,
              construction litigation, non-payment, delays, damages, wrongful termination,
              government contract claims, Miller Act disputes, payment bonds, performance
              bonds, Quantum Meruit Claims, subcontractor disputes
    Secondary Target URL(s): n/a

Category 3: Contract disputes
    Primary Target URL: http://theodorewatson.com/colorado-contract-lawyer-denver/
          o Preferred anchor text:
                    Contract disputes, service agreements, business agreements
          o Preferred keywords to be found within the posts you write: services agreements,
              business contracts, construction contracts, buy-sell agreements, independent
              contractor agreements, subcontractor agreements, subcontracts for service,
              litigation services, government contracts, breach of contract litigation, contract
              negotiation, contract drafting and review, UCC contracts
    Secondary Target URL(s): n/a

Category 4: Regulatory compliance
    Primary Target URL: http://theodorewatson.com/government-contract-management-
          o Preferred anchor text:
                  Compliance, regulatory compliance, government contract compliance
          o Preferred keywords to be found within the posts you write: lack of compliance,
              oversight on government contractors, Federal Acquisition Regulation, FAR,
              developing compliance programs, statutory interpretation, contract
              management, false claims prevention,
    Secondary Target URL(s): n/a
Category 5: Government contracts
    Primary Target URL: http://theodorewatson.com/government-contracts-lawyer/
          o Preferred anchor text:
                    Government contracts, government contract disputes
          o Preferred keywords to be found within the posts you write: bid protests, civil
              litigation, Inspector General (IG) audits and investigations, claims, defective
              pricing, ethics and contract compliance, false claims, international contracting,
              investigations, joint venture and teaming agreement documents, legislations and
              FAR guidance, privatization, requests for equitable adjustment, small business
              program matters, GSA schedule, 8a Certification, SBA request for
              reconsideration, suspension and debarment, contract management, contractor
    Secondary Target URL(s): n/a

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