ROONEY IS REALITY!!
                                     (…and we need your help)

Dear Colorado Ice Families,

After years of work (and plenty of delays and frustration) construction of the Rooney Road Sports
Complex started on November 16, 2006. The first phase of this project will consist of seven fields,
five will be full-size soccer fields (one of which will be an international match size field of 80 x 120
yards) and two will be 30 x 40 yard warm-up/training areas, parking lots and other amenities. The
final project will include nineteen fields and will be the largest artificial turf youth sports complex in
the country. The contractor’s current schedule has the first phase being completed on August 21,
before our first weekend of fall soccer games. Very Exciting!

The new field complex is located in the northwest quadrant of C-470 and I-70 and is accessible from
Rooney Road. State of the art engineering, design and construction techniques have been employed
to reclaim the Rooney Road landfill into athletic fields, a wonderful, creative and “green” end use of
a landfill that closed in the early 1970’s.

The City of Golden is leasing the complex from Jefferson County and will operate it as a municipal
park. Colorado Ice has a use agreement with Golden assuring that we have priority use of 4 of the 5
full sized fields in the first phase for 20 years. These fields will be the home of our older recreational
and competitive soccer programs for years to come.

                                   WE NEED YOUR HELP!
Colorado Ice has played an integral role for the past 10 years in taking this project from a dream to
reality. It will provide the kids in our soccer program with all weather, safe playing surfaces at a
central location. It will be one of the premier field facilities in the state.

In order to participate with Jefferson County and Golden in this project and to secure long-term
priority use status, Colorado Ice agreed to contribute $750,000 to the project. We have raised
$650,000 of that amount primarily through corporate grants. We are looking to you, our member
community, to help us raise the remaining $100,000 to meet our outstanding obligation and to raise
money needed for soccer goals and other field equipment. We are offering an exciting, tax
deductible, opportunity for our families to support Rooney Field and to have their family represented
with a special commemorative brick to be laid at a donors’ plaza at the complex. If every member
family supports Rooney Field in one of the following ways, we are confident our financial
commitment will be met.
   1) Donate $125 and a 4”x8” brick with your message will be placed at a “Donors’ Plaza”. Each
      4”x8” brick can be engraved with up to 3 lines of 16 characters each. Multiple bricks can be
      purchased to recognize all the soccer players in your family! Please advance this opportunity
      to grandparents, or friends to assist in your donation.

   2) Donate $250 and display your message on larger 8”x8” bricks that can be engraved with a
      maximum of 8 lines with 16 characters each.

   3) Donate $500 and leave a legacy with the elite 12”x12” bricks that can be engraved with a
      maximum of 12 lines with 24 characters each, perfect for sponsoring your child’s team(s)
      with every player’s name and the years they were together, or ideal for advertising your or
      your employers’ business.

   4) We are also seeking a core group of at least 50 Ice families to make larger contributions of
      $1000 or more. Families participating at this level will be “Field Sponsors” and will receive a
      12”x12” brick in Donors’ Plaza, will be recognized on a sponsors’ plaque at the sports
      complex and will receive a Colorado Ice sponsor’s jacket or warm-up suit with the Ice logo.

   5) Be one of the first 7 members contributing $10,000 or more, and join our “Founder’s Circle”.
      In addition to the Field Sponsor benefits listed above, you will have 2 player scholarships
      created in your name and receive an additional 12”x12” brick in the Donors’ Plaza.

Please fill out the enclosed contribution form and return it to Colorado Ice with your check or credit
card information by June 1, 2007 so we can place the brick order and have the Donors’ Plaza
constructed by late summer. Remember, all gifts are tax deductible, making this opportunity a win-

Please help us with this final step in completing our dream fields. Your contributions are much
needed and greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Colorado Ice
Field Fundraising Committee
                     Colorado Ice Field Fund Contribution Form
                 Return to : Colorado Ice, P.O. Box 943, Golden, Colorado, 80402



Telephone:_________________ E-mail address:________________________________

Contribution Amount: $_______________      Paid by: check ___ Credit Card___

*Please note only Visa and MasterCard are accepted

Visa___   MasterCard___      Name as it appears on Card:_________________________

Credit Card Number:____________________________ Exp. Date:_________________


Please engrave my donor brick as follows:
(note: a maximum of 16 characters per line for 4”x8” and 8”x8” bricks and a maximum of 24
characters per line for 12”x12” bricks.)

1st line______________________________________

2nd line (optional)_________________________________

3rd line (optional)_________________________________

Add additional lines, up to maximum of
8 for 8”x8” bricks and 12 for 12”x12” bricks
   1. First phase field are shaded dark green
   2. Donor’s Plaza is planned to be near one of the areas labeled “future play area”

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