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									KIPP Colorado Schools
Middle School Writing positions for 2012-13
At KIPP Colorado Schools, demographics don’t determine destiny. Our teachers do.

Who we are: KIPP Colorado Schools is a network of three high-performing college-preparatory public charter
schools. Next year, we will serve grades 9-12 at our growing high school campus in southwest Denver, 5th and 6th grades
at our KIPP Montbello College Prep campus, and 5-8th grade at KIPP Sunshine Peak Academy.

What we do: We do whatever it takes to help our students develop knowledge, skills, and character traits. We work
relentlessly so that every one of our students has the opportunity to attend college and has access to the life of choice and
opportunity that college provides.

How we do it: There are no shortcuts to success. Outstanding educators, rigorous lessons, more time in school, and
strong school culture support our students as they climb the mountain to college. We work as a team, use data, and
constantly reflect to improve our practice. Because we plan to open five additional schools in the coming years, teachers
with a future interest in school leadership in either elementary or secondary education are strongly encouraged to apply.

Why it matters: In our communities, approximately 1 in 10 students earn a college degree. We believe that this is unjust
and unacceptable and, most importantly, can be changed. Nationwide, over 85% of KIPP middle school alums matriculate
to college. At KIPP Colorado Schools choice and commitment means that you will work with a team of educators who share
your dedication to closing the achievement gap and getting our students to college. Our focus on results and more time in
class are foundational to our students’ success.

Available 2012-2013 Academic positions: Middle School Writing

Teacher Responsibilities
Instructional Planning and Delivery
·    Develop year-long, scaffolded, standards-based unit plans and daily lesson plans.
·    Apply the 5-step lesson cycle to design rigorous lesson plans with SMART objectives.
·    Design and implements assessments that are aligned with daily objectives.
·    Use data to adjust short- and long-term plans in order to meet students’ learning needs.

Constant Learning
•   Collaborate with colleagues and seeks feedback in the spirit of continuous improvement.
•   Reflect on instructional practices to meet individual professional development goals.
•   Assume personal responsibility for student achievement.
•   Actively participate in professional development, grade level, and department meetings.

School Culture Alignment
•   Believes deeply in the mission of KIPP Colorado Schools and that all children can learn.
•   Establishes and maintains relationships with students and families based on trust and respect.
•   Approaches practice with a sense of urgency to maximize instructional time.
•   Establishes and maintains high expectations for academic work and classroom behavior.
•   Establishes and reinforces rules and consequences to maintain positive, focused classroom.
•   Meets professional obligations such as meeting deadlines and honoring schedules.

Additional Responsibilities
•  Conduct periodic home visits to build strong relationships with students and parents.
•  Communicate regularly with families about academic progress and behavior.
•  Be accessible by cell phone for homework help and student emergencies beyond regular school hours.
•  Participate in parent meetings, conferences, and periodic evening events.
•  Coordinate and leads field lessons both in and out of state to extend student learning.
•  Participate in daily duties (i.e. breakfast, lunch, dismissal) to support school operations.
•  Maintain accurate records, grade book, and data tracking systems.
•  Assist with both student and staff recruitment.

•   Bachelor’s degree
•   Fulfills all state and federal guidelines to meet "Highly Qualified" criteria
•   Able and willing to work extended school day hours
•   Commitment to and experience with underserved students
•    Relentless focus on results and a commitment to teamwork

Compensation and Benefits
·  Salary is commensurate with experience and record of results with students
·  Competitive benefits package including medical and dental insurance, participation in PERA, and optional life
   insurance and 401K plan.
·  All staff members are issued a laptop computer and cell phone.
·  Numerous professional growth and leadership opportunities within KIPP Colorado Schools as we grow our network
   of schools.

KIPP Colorado Schools is dedicated to equal employment opportunities and fair labor practices. KIPP Colorado Schools, KIPP
Sunshine Peak Academy, KIPP Montbello College Prep, and KIPP Denver Collegiate High School provide equal employment
opportunities to all individuals based on job-related qualifications, and the ability to perform a job without regard to gender,
age, race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, veteran status, marital status, or disability. It is our policy to
maintain a non-discriminatory environment free from intimidation, harassment or bias based upon these grounds.

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