Commission on Teacher and Administrator Education, Certification

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					             Commission on Teacher and Administrator Education, Certification
                            And Licensure and Development
                                 Central High Building
                             Fourth Floor Conference Room
                                       10:00 A.M.
                                      May 8, 2009

Members Attending:

Brian Pearse          Kim LaFontaine        Dan Brown              Johnny Donaldson
Jerry Morgan          Allison Gross         Leon Clay              Cathy Lutz
James Hutto

Members Absent:

Janice Nicholson      Hal Jenkins           Renee Moore            Robin Herrington
Jay Carney            Anthony Morris

MDE Personnel:

Cindy Coon            Daphne Buckley        Kathy Boteler          Kerri Shows

The meeting was called to order. A quorum was announced. On a motion by Mr. Leon Clay,
seconded by Mr. Dan Brown, the Board approved the minutes from the March meeting. On a
motion by Dr. James Hutto, seconded by Mr. Johnny Donaldson, the Board approved the agenda
and agenda amendments.

Item 1. Presentation and Discussion of Early Oral Intervention Program at the MS
School for the Deaf

Dr. Rosie Pridgen and Dr. Sandra Edwards spoke to the Commission Board giving a brief
rundown of the MS School of the Deaf. The MSD currently teaches K-12 children to
communicate by sign language. Dr. Edwards gave information on their desire to begin a dual
track program including information regarding the early bilingual program (including children
ages 3-5) as well as the early oral program.

Dr. Pridgen gave future plans to expand the outreach services to provide professional
development and strengthen transitional experiences.

Dr. Edwards touched on key issues identified within the program(s) offered at the MS School for
the Deaf. The following issues were discussed: Educators teaching at the MS School for the
Deaf have only been given the opportunity to complete the K-12 Deaf Education Bachelors
degree program offered at USM. They prefer a more comprehensive program that covers a wide
range of experiences for potential educators. They want to expand programming so it is not
limited to the Bachelor’s level only. They want the master’s level comprehensive program to
include both bilingual and oral experiences.

*Meeting with Dr. Hank Bounds

Dr. Hank Bounds spoke to the Licensure Commission regarding the proposal sent to the State
Board to approve a Praxis I composite score. He gave a brief rundown of current MS Praxis I
requirements in comparison to other states. MS already has the lowest Praxis I scores in the
country, specifically in the Math area. Some concerns Dr. Bounds touched on were regarding
the standards being raised everywhere in the nation, so why lower our standards on the Praxis I?
He questioned if this would better qualify our teachers. Allowing a composite score would be
preserved as the lowering of standards for teachers.

The other ten states that currently use the composite scores already have significantly higher
passing scores than MS. Mr. Leon Clay and Mr. Brian Pearse stated that this recommendation to
the board be rescinded. The Commission unanimously agreed to rescind the recommendation.

Item 2. Proposal from University of Southern MS to Approve Early Intervention Program

Mrs. Gail Gettis brought before the Commission the approval of the USM program for Early
Oral Intervention for certification. On a motion by Dr. James Hutto, seconded by Mr. Leon
Clay, the Board unanimously approved the proposal.

Item 3. Presentation and Discussion of Masters Degree Proposal for License in Teacher

Lynn House from the IHL spoke to the Commission Board regarding a Masters Degree proposal
for licensure in Teacher Leadership that is currently being considered by several institutions in
MS. She touched on reasons why MS should consider a license in the area of Teacher
Leadership. She also gave a general rationale for teacher leaders, potential roles for teacher
leaders, and other states’ initiatives in teacher leadership. It was recommended that the
Commission on Teacher and Administrator Licensure and Certification and Development
appoint a Task Force to study the option of a Teacher Leadership License and report back to the
Commission at the earliest possible date.

Item 4. Establish Commission Subcommittee for Teacher Leadership

A subcommittee was formed by the Commission to study the proposal made for the Masters
Degree program for licensure in Teacher Leadership. This subcommittee is made up of Dr. Jerry
Morgan, Mrs. Kim LaFontaine, and Mrs. Cathy Lutz. On a motion by Dr. James Hutto,
seconded by Mrs. Kim LaFontaine, the Board approved this subcommittee.

Item 5. Presentation and Discussion of Approval for ACTFL Test for Italian
David Gratta, Italian Consul and Gabe Cruz, ACTFL were not available to make the meeting.
On a motion made by Dr. Dan Brown, seconded by Mrs. Cathy Lutz, the Board approved
removing this item from the agenda and amending the agenda for a second time.

Item 6. Establish a Commission Subcommittee for Speech Language

Mrs. Cindy Coon spoke to the Commission regarding speech language concerns and the
problems potential speech language pathologists are faced with in gaining licensure. The license
for this area must be a Masters level program however, some educators with this endorsement
have been given licensure at the Bachelors level in the form of an interim certificate. In these
instances, the interim certificate is only valid for 3 years. If the educator has still been unable to
complete the Masters program within this time frame, what can he/she do until they can get into
the program/complete requirements? On a motion by Mr. Brian Pearse, seconded by Dr. James
Hutto, a subcommittee was agreed to be formed by the Commission. Mrs. Kim LaFontaine
volunteered to work on this subcommittee.

Item 7. Discussion of ABCTE Mentoring Program

Dr. Daphne Buckley spoke to the Commission regarding the ABCTE program. ABCTE wants to
add an ABCTE mentoring program. This will give the potential educator the option of being
mentored by a National Board Certified teacher, an MDE trained mentor certified in the same
subject area, or a mentor that has completed the ABCTE program mentor training approved by
MDE. On a motion by Dr. James Hutto, seconded by Mr. Brian Pearse, the Commission
unanimously approved the addition of the ABCTE mentoring option to the ABCTE guideline.

Item 8. Proposal from Vocational Education to Approve New Occupational and
Technology Competencies

Mrs. Cindy Coon spoke to the Commission regarding new occupational and technology
competencies for vocational education. The old NOCTI exam has been discontinued for all
occupational trade licenses. New competencies are needed to replace the old, outdated ones that
are currently in place. It has been proposed that occupational and technology competencies be
validated during the 3-year validation period of the license by attaining the established minimum
score or higher on an assessment approved by MDE. On a motion by Mr. Leon Clay, seconded
by Mr. Brian Pearse, the Commission unanimously approved this item.

Item 9. Proposal from Commission Subcommittee to Approve Passing Scores for Four
Praxis II Tests

The subcommittee was convened to examine the standard setting study results of and make
passing score recommendations for four Praxis II tests. The four tests reviewed were:
Economics (0910,) Health Education (0550,) Latin (0600,) and Physical Science (0481.) The
subcommittee served as the beginning of the third step in a three-step test adoption process.
During the score setting session, the panel looked at a variety of materials related to the four
aforementioned assessments. On a motion by Mrs. Kim LaFontaine, seconded by Dr. Dan
Brown, the Commission unanimously approved the passing scores for the four new Praxis II

Item 10. Recommendation from Licensure to Suspend Outdated Alternate Route
Certification and Tests

Mrs. Cindy Coon gave the Commission an overview of the old alternate route as well as the
outdated tests used within the alternate route. Enough time has passed to remove this program
from licensure guidelines. Educators who were in this route should have completed all
requirements at this point in time. On a motion by Dr. Dan Brown, seconded by Mr. Brian
Pearse, the outdated alternate route was removed from MDE licensure guidelines.

Additional information regarding outdated tests was given to the Commission. It was proposed
that tests that have been discontinued or regenerated by ETS within the last 5 years may still be
considered for licensure. After the test has been removed from the approved list for over a 5-
year period, it can no longer be considered and the applicant must retest with the currently
approved test in that subject area. On a motion by Dr. James Hutto, seconded by Mr. Leon Clay,
the Commission unanimously approved the suspension of said exams.

Item 11. Licensure Update

Mrs. Cindy Coon gave the Commission an update on the Office of Licensure. This update
included the following information based on her report on the ETS conference in New Jersey:
Praxis I and Praxis II pass rates and foreign language test standard setting study in Princeton this
summer (2 teachers from the state of MS per foreign language area.)

Additional information regarding the Office of Licensure included: Peak season work is in full
swing in the Office of Licensure. The summer contract workers will be in place shortly. Mrs.
Angela Bridges was introduced from HUPP. She will be working on the new licensure system
for the Office of Licensure. The NASDEC conference will be at the end of the month. Alternate
route site visits are underway for the summer programs.

Item 12. Other Business

Dr Daphne Buckley made a special presentation to Dr. James Hutto. Dr. Hutto was presented
with a certificate of appreciation and special thanks were given in honor of his dedicated work to
the Licensure Commission.

Adjourn: On a motion made by Dr. James Hutto, seconded by Mr. Leon Clay, the Commission
unanimously adjourned the meeting.

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