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									The Argumentative
Everything you need to know
        to write one!
      A PowerPoint Presentation by Cara Gratton
              Step One
 Choose  a controversial topic that
  interests you.
 We are becoming overwhelmingly
  dependent on computers. Is this
  dependence on computers a good
  thing or should we be more
  suspicious of their benefits?
 Is there too much of commercialism
  in the Internet?
 Should the animals be used for
  scientific research? Is it humanly?
 Should drivers of automobiles be
  prohibited from using cellular
 Euthanasia   as a way of relieving ill
 people's pain and save them from
 the tortures of their illness. Do we
 have the right to take people's life, if
 after all life is the greatest charisma?
 Human  beings do not need to eat
 meat in order to maintain good
 health because they can get all their
 food needs from meatless products
 and meatless substances. A
 vegetarian diet is as healthy as a diet
 containing meat. Argue for or against
 the opinion above.
               Step Three
 Write   a thesis statement.
            Step Four
       three ideas to support your
 Choose
             Step Five
         the opposing arguments. If
 Consider
 you were arguing with your friends,
 how would they try to prove you
 were wrong?
                      Step Six
 Organize      your ideas into an outline.
  Paragraph 1 – Introduction includes thesis statement
    and supporting ideas
  Paragraph 2   –   Opposing argument and your refutation

  Paragraph 3   –   Opposing argument and your refutation

  Paragraph 4   –   Your strongest supporting argument

  Paragraph 5   – Conclusion includes restatement of thesis
    and supporting ideas. Make a prediction, a
    recommendation, or a summary.
                  Step 7
 Follow   your outline and write the
 Be sure to edit your writing for
  grammar, spelling, and word choice
 Good Luck!

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