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					                                 Health Care for All Colorado brings you:

                                   Sick Around the World
                                               PBS Frontline Special Video

   “Other rich (capitalist) countries have Universal Health Care. Why don't we?”

This is the opening question to the excellent PBS Frontline special hosted by Washinton Post
correspondent T.R.Reid,. Originally aired in April, 2008, the “Sick Around the World” video may be
viewed in it's entirety on the PBS Frontline website. It has provided a launching pad for further
discussion and study, supported by an extensive Q and A, teacher's guide and references, all on the
website. This is part of a project with another film and a book to be released Spring, 2009*

The film captures the successes and failures of health care systems in the United Kingdom, Japan,
Germany, Taiwan and Switzerland. T. R. Reid, who lived for several years in Japan and England,
traveled to these five capitalist countries that provide health care to all --with less cost and better
outcomes than the U.S. He raises the question: "What can the U. S. learn?”

Now you can bring this discussion to your community and classroom

Health Care For All Colorado speaker's Bureau has educational copies of the video to show to you and
your class, bookgroup, club and other interested gatherings of 5 – 500! One of our speakers will then
facilitate a discussion and provide more information.

This presentation works best during a 90 min to 2 hr time slot, but can be adjusted to fit your needs.
 We also provide speakers on other issues of health care reform, independent of the film.

Please contact our Speaker's Coordinator, Linda Mahan, 970-484-2259, or on line at
Lmahan@alum.bu.edu., or check the HCAC website: http://www.healthcareforallcolorado.org
and click on Northern Colorado Chapter re public presentations. Now scheduling talks for November,
'08 – '09.


* T.R.Reid is an author, Washington Post Rocky Mountain Bureau Chief, PBS Frontline contributor, Princeton
professor, and Health Policy Fellow of the Kaiser Family Foundation.
Reid's next book, entitled We're Number 37! - Why other contries have better, fairer and cheaper health care
than the USA will be released January, 2009. He will have a follow-up PBS Frontline film Spring, 2009 looking at
how the lessons learned in other could be implemented in the USA.
The Sick Around the World project is funded, in part by grants from the Colorado Health Foundation, The Commonwealth Fund and The
Colorado Trust.

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