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					                    Summer Workshops 2012
              Music Theory /Solfege /Music Appreciation
For ……………… students with at least one year of instrumental training
and not younger than 7 years of age
Dates……………. July 5th – August 3rd
Hours/Cost……… groups will be taught in two-hour sessions throughout
the week at $40 per session ($190 a week) from 9am to 1:30pm (additional
hours available upon request)
Staff………………… Yelena Prizant (intermediate level groups)
                       Dr. Jakov Jakoulov (advanced students)

European Music Academy is offering an intensive program designed to
enhance sight-reading skills through learning fundamental musical elements
such as intervals, scales and chords. Recognizing that developing aural
awareness, so called ‘musical ear’, is most important to musical training, a
course in solfege and sight-singing will be taught. Students will be
introduced to requirements of theory exams and aural tests in certificate
programs offered in the US. They will learn commonly employed signs and
terminology in music notation and try to apply music theory knowledge to
score analysis. Fun aural activities will be adapted to each student’s vocal
range, where the pitch rather than vocal quality is the object.
Here are excerpts from each of the courses (individual lessons for children and adults
are also available):

Intermediate level:
Circle of Fifth: learn all Major keys in one lesson “Journey from Miami to Boston”. What
is a structure of a major scale?
Sofege. How sight-singing enhances memory. What are basic conducting patterns?
Intervals: sight and ear recognition, based on the pieces played by students.
Music history: must know classical compositions. Familiarize with some of those scores.

Advanced course:
What is Music?
What is inside music piece you play?
What makes music beautiful; not an unwanted noise?

Learn about rudiments of music language – scales, key signatures, scale degree names,
intervals and chords, rhythm, timbers of instruments, dynamics and forms.
Let’s begin our journey into the realm of music with composer Jakov Jakoulov.

Mr. Jakoulov is a Doctor of Musical Arts of Boston University, recipient of nine annual
awards of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, nominee for the
1993 award in music composition by the American Academy of Arts and Letters and
Elected Member of National Honor Music Society.

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