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					                      St. Catherine Laboure Preschool Program

Socialization of young children is the foundation of St. Catherine Laboure
Preschool. Through various experiences, children develop the cognitive, social,
emotional and physical skills essential for increasing self-esteem and taking on new
challenges. Lessons are provided in language arts, mathematics, social studies, fine
arts, and physical and spiritual development

3-year-old Curriculum

Language/Cognitive Development:
* become aware of relationship between spoken and written word
* listen to & share stories, poems, finger plays        .
* become familiar with story related terms: author, illustrator, beginning,
  middle, and end of story
* increase vocabulary
* recite & begin recognition of alphabet
* identify written name
* introduce concept of rhyme

Math/Science/Social Studies
* identify colors & shapes
* count and recognize numbers 1 - 10
* learn one to one correspondence
* introduce concepts: sorting, matching, sequencing, classifying
* introduce seriating (big, bigger, biggest) and spatial relationships (on, under, etc.)
* identify the 5 senses
* explore the environment
* develop problem solving skills

Physical Aesthetic Development
* develop fine motor through drawing, cutting, puzzles and manipulatives
* develop large motor through music and movement, building with blocks, tossing
  a ball or bean bags
* participate in activities involving jumping, hopping, etc.
* experiment with various art media
* participate in singing & listening to music

* learn about God as Creator and His love for us; Jesus, Mary, Joseph
* introducing various prayers
* learn about special days in the Catholic faith

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