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									American Literature – 11th Grade
Mrs. Jennifer Garcia
Room P914

Welcome to eleventh grade Language Arts. The assignments in this class are designed with a
focus on the Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALR’s) adopted by the State of
Washington. More specifically, student learning will focus on the requirements in reading,
writing, and communication. All assignments and assessments will align directly with the
EALR’s with the goal of preparing students for success in the future.


This class introduces the skills of literary analysis needed to understand college level literary
texts. We focus on theme, symbols, character, conflict, and setting. As the class is taught in
chronological order, it is also crucial to acquire historical awareness in order to comprehend the
authors’ perspectives. Through this class, students will also gain the research, documentation,
and writing skills necessary to successfully write technical, critical analysis, and research papers.

First Semester

House on Mango Street – by Sandra Cisneros
Literature and Language: Anthology of American Literature
        * Puritans – Romantics (1600-1800)
Technical Writing

Second Semester

Literature and Language: Anthology of American Literature
        *Transcendentalists – Modern Era (1800 – 2000)
Fahrenheit 451 – Ray Bradbury

Throughout the year, the class will be watching movies which pertain to the class curriculum.
Some possible movies we will be viewing include: The Crucible, Three Sovereigns for Sara,
Edgar Allan Poe Biography, Mark Twain Biography, Huckleberry Finn, Something Wicked this
Way Comes, Fahrenheit 451, Dead Poets Society, Tom Robbins Biography, Smoke Signals. As
others choices arise, I will notify you specifically. If there are movies you do not want your son
or daughter to view please make a note in the comments section of the student contract.

       -   3 ring binder / Language Arts section in a binder.
       -   Pens (blue or black ink) and pencils
       -   Lined notebook paper
       -   Reading Material
       -   Scissors (when informed)
       -   Glue stick (when informed)


Daily Work/Homework 40%
Completing your daily assignments will enable you to keep up with the class and prepare you for
various tests and projects. Any work that is illegible, will not be graded and receive a zero until
resubmitted for a late grade.

Assessments (Projects, Essays, Tests) 40%
Over the course of the semester you will be asked to complete a variety of essays, unit tests,
projects, and other culminating activities. Any work that is illegible, will not be graded and
receive a zero until resubmitted for a late grade.

Outside Reading 10%
Throughout the year, you will be expected to read books not assigned for in class work. The first
ten minutes of every class will be set aside for silent reading. Students are required to have a
book with them at all times. Each day, at the end of the ten minute period, you will be expected
to complete a reading log. You will receive up to five points for this activity. Students are also
expected to read for twenty minutes, two times per week, outside of class. These will also be
recorded on your reading log, and worth up to 10 points. Any work that is illegible, will not be
graded and receive a zero until resubmitted for a late grade.

Participation 10%
Students earn points by participating in class / group discussions. Students lose five participation
points for each unexcused tardy. Students will also lose participation points if they are asked to
leave the classroom due to continuous inappropriate behavior. When asked to leave the first
time, students will lose 10 of the 100 points, a second offense, 20 points, a third offense 30
points, etc


You are expected to in your seat, reading quietly, when the bell rings. If you are tardy (without a
note), you will be sent to get an unexcused tardy slip. You will lose five participation points for
every unexcused tardy. If you are absent for any reason, you will not be able to earn the daily
reading points for that day. Any student with more than ten absences, excused or unexcused,
will be placed on an attendance contract.

100%-93% = A 89% - 87% = B+              79% - 77% = C+       69% - 67% = D+ 59% - 0% = F
92% - 90% = A- 86% - 83% = B             76% - 73% = C        66% - 63% = D
               82% - 80% = B-            72% - 70% = C-

I post grades in the classroom periodically. If you would like a grade update or individual
printout, I would be glad to provide that for you. If a parent or guardian requests, I can also E-
mail progress reports home (to parents), or they may be checked at any time on Family Access.
If you do not have a Family Access password, please go to the Counseling Office, they will be
able to provide you with one.


All missing work reads as a ZERO score in the grade book. Late work caused by an excused
absence will be accepted without penalty as long as it is made up within one week of the
absence. Late work for unexcused absences or students who chose not to complete an assignment
on time will receive 60% of the possible points.

Making up missing work is YOUR responsibility! Each week’s schedule is posted on the white
board and the calendar. You’ll find copies of daily work and assignment sheets in the “EXTRA
COPIES” file, and on the my school website. Check the calendar and file for your missing work
first, then come see me for explanation during an appropriate time.


All work to be counted for the end of semester grades will be due approximately three days
before the end of each grading period. Students will be informed of the exact cut off dates. Any
work received between that date and the end of the semester will receive 60% of the possible
points. Absolutely no work will be accepted for grading after the last day of each semester,
this includes daily work, tests / finals, reading logs, essays, or projects. If a student will be
absent toward the end of the semester, I expect he/ she to make arrangements for all work
to be completed and turned in before the end of each grading period. I will not change a
semester grade after it has been posted for students who failed to turn in work on time.


At the beginning of each semester, you will receive four hall passes. These are to be used
wisely, as you will not receive more. You will not be permitted to leave class with out a hall
pass and your student planner unless it is an emergency. You have seven minutes between
classes which is ample time to take care of any personal business.


I rarely offer extra credit. I expect your focus to be on completing your regular assignments to
the best of your ability.

Respecting yourself and others is imperative to being a member of this classroom. When you
enter, I expect you to behave with self-control and to think before you speak or act. In addition
to all ARHS rules, the following expectations will be in place as long as you are part of this

       -   This is a clean and sober classroom. Students under the influence will be removed
           from the room. Clothing or accessories depicting drugs / alcohol are not allowed.
       -   Be respectful towards yourself and others. Avoid speaking negatively to or about
           your peers and teachers.
       -   Listen with full attention while others are speaking.
       -   Juvenile behavior is despicable in a high school class room. I will not tolerate
           “goofing off” in class.
       -   Use appropriate language in the classroom. Along with the obvious choices, I also do
           not allow use of the word “sucks” in my room. It denotes a negative attitude.
       -   Cell phones, iPods, headphones, or any other electronic devices are not to be seen or
           heard during class. Consider this your warning; if you are using any electronic
           device during class, I will confiscate it, either until the end of the school day, or (if
           there are multiple offenses) until a parent is contacted by the administration.
       -    ARHS enforces a strict policy regarding plagiarism and academic dishonesty. This
           includes, but is not limited to: talking during a test, copying off of someone else’s
           paper, using cheat sheets, cutting and pasting from an electronic source without
           acknowledgement, or taking credit for someone else’s work. You will receive a
           ZERO on the assignment and parents / guardians will be contacted. Do Not
       -   I will allow food and drinks in my room, but reserve the right to revoke this privilege
           at any time if I feel that the room is not being properly picked up, or if the food/drink
           is causing a distraction from our first priority, to learn.


       -   Verbal warning
       -   Student/Teacher conference and/or removal from classroom
       -   Loss of Participation Points
       -   Parent contact
       -   Detention
       -   Administrative conference
       -   Behavior contract
       -   Dropped from class with a failing grade
                                   STUDENT CONTRACT
American Lit
Mrs. Garcia
Room P914

Student Name: _________________________________________
                    Please print legibly

I hereby take responsibility for my own learning, cooperation, and attendance in this class. I
understand the school policies and class guidelines stated in the class syllabus. I agree to accept
the consequences should I not follow the stated guidelines.

I understand it is my responsibility to check for missing work if I have been absent or missed
class for any reason.

If I have a concern about my learning, progress, or achievement, I have the responsibility to seek
advice and assistance from the teacher at a convenient time for both of us.

---------------------------------------------------              --------------------
Student Signature                                                Date

Parent/Guardian Name: ________________________________________
                           Please print

Parent/Guardian Phone Number (most convenient for you): ________________________

Parent/Guardian E-Mail: ____________________________________________________

Comment or Concerns: __________________________________________________________

I understand the syllabus and agree to support my student and the teacher to maintain a
successful classroom environment and educational focus. I give my permission for my student
to read, discuss, and watch the novels, plays, and movies listed in this course outline.

--------------------------------------------------------------   --------------------------
Parent/Guardian Signature                                        Date

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