MEDICINE HAT SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 76


MEMBERS:           Gitta Hashizume              Linda Rossler
                   Jerry Labossiere             Grant Henderson
                   Sherri Fedor                 Therese Bullin
                   Rick Lane                    Miles Thorson
                   Bonnie Blakely               Doug Lamarche
                   Heather McCaig               Dale Lehr
                   Dean Brandt                  Allan Thompson

DATE & TIME:       Monday, June 15, 2009 @ 1:30 p.m.

PLACE:             Meeting Room
                   School District Administration Offices


1.   Progress Report Dated June 2, 2009

     The Progress Report was reviewed by Dr. Rossler.

2.   Procedure 601 P 003: Students Accessing the Internet from School and
     Exhibit 601 E 001: Student Acceptable Use of Technology

     There was a lot of discussion about 601 P 003 and 601 E 001. It was felt that resulting
     discipline needs to be discussed.

     It was agreed to take 601 P 003 and 601 E 001 to the School Administrators’ Committee
     in September for its input and then brought back to Coordinating Committee in October.

3.   Policy 901: School Councils

     901 P 001: School Councils – The committee agreed with the suggested changes, but
     suggested that #5b Membership be checked to ensure that it follows School Council
     Regulations. Once membership is confirmed, this procedure can be forwarded to the
     Board for approval.

     901 P 002: Fund Raising – After much discussion it was agreed that this procedure be
     deleted and a new “Fundraising” policy developed. The new policy would be for general
     fundraising and not be developed as School Council specific.
4.   Policy 207: District Council of School Councils

     The committee agreed to the suggested changes to Policy 207 and Procedure 207 P 001.
     It was agreed that the changes be taken to the next Board meeting for approval.

5.   School Kit for Alberta School Authorities

     Doug Lamarche reported that workplace safety was discussed at a recent ATA meeting.
     He indicated that risks needed to be identified and a plan for next year put in place. It
     was suggested that this be brought forward to the School Administrators’ Meeting in

6.   Procedure 511 P 001: Recognition for Major Extra-curricular Activities

     Discussion was held to consider adding Medicine Hat Christian School to Procedures
     511 P 001: Recognition for Major Extra-curricular Activities. A consensus could not be
     reached about the process to use to determine the allocation. It was agreed that a
     committee be formed to review the procedures in September. This would still allow
     enough time for the allocation to be eligible for the 2009-2010 school year.

     The committee will be Grant Henderson, Doug Lamarche, Rick Lane, Allan Thompson,
     Jerry Labossiere, and, Shade Holmes, Principal, will also be invited.

7.   Policy 212: Policy on Policy Review

     The committee reviewed Policy 212 developed by Linda Rossler. One change was
     suggested: Guidelines #3 “. . . minor or major revisions, or elimination the Board . . .”
     It was agreed to take the Policy to the Board for approval.

8.   Next Meetings

     Monday, October 5, 2009
     1)   Teacher Board Advisory – 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. (lunch will be served)
     2)   Coordinating Committee – 1:30 p.m.

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