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Andrew C. Von Eschenbach, M.D., Acting Commissioner
Food and Drug Administration
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Dear Mayor Dunn, Chandler City Council, and Commissioner Von Eschenbach:

Citizens of Chandler, Arizona and beyond oppose plans for Covance Laboratories to erect a 591,000-square-
foot animal experimentation center. New Jersey-based Covance — a contract lab that tests cosmetic
ingredients, food additives, pesticides, and drugs in monkeys, dogs, rabbits, and rodents — has been accused
of falsification of data and cruelty to animals.

Covance Laboratories threatens public safety as well. The company’s thermal waste destruction unit, to
incinerate animal carcasses and medical waste, could emit harmful toxins into nearby areas, which include a
public school less than one mile away. Monkeys harbor contagious diseases such as hepatitis B, shigella,
tuberculosis, and Ebola. Upon discovery of a monkey infected with the Ebola virus, a Covance lab in Virginia
(under the company’s former name) was forced to close.

Mayor Dunn, please contest Covance’s proposed animal experimentation center. I urge you to consider the
welfare of Chandler’s residents, along with Covance’s record of animal abuse. Dr. Eschenbach, please direct
the FDA to uphold the ICCVAM Authorization Act, enacted to develop/validate non-animal research models and
eliminate animal studies whenever possible. The FDA ought to keep pace with evolving technology and
international standards. The European Union utilizes and often calls for non-animal research modes, due to their
superior relevance to human health and safety.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently inspected and fined Covance Virginia in response to substantiated
allegations of taunting, slapping and choking “uncooperative” primates. Covance workers reportedly drenched
monkeys while hosing down enclosures and flung them into cages after invasive procedures. Some animals
suffered intestinal protrusions through their rectums from unremitting stress and diarrhea. Others were denied
painkillers or even euthanasia during agonizing drug tests. Untrained personnel performed oral gavage
procedures that led to throat lacerations and vomiting.

Covance stocks animals in a barren environment, void of mental enrichment or stimulation. Present
observations at five Covance facilities nationwide reveal ongoing violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

A Covance laboratory is a negative addition to any community. In fact, animal testing is so non-predictive it
flaunts a 92% failure rate. As reported in The Scientist, just 8% of (animal-tested) drugs that enter Phase 1 and
2 trials reach the marketplace and half of products fail in the late stage Phase 3 trials. According to the Journal
of the American Medical Association, 52% of animal-tested drugs are recalled or relabeled due to serious
adverse effects not detected prior to approval.

I encourage Chandler, Arizona and the United States to advocate modern research methods that are not only
more humane, but also more applicable to humans.

Thank you,

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