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									          Lancaster Lane CP School
          Telephone: 01772 433641

                Lancy Lane School Newsletter
          1st half of Summer Term 2012

Welcome back to school after the Easter holidays.
Despite the April showers, I hope you all managed to enjoy the break from

I start this newsletter with some very sad news about one of our school
cooks, Mrs Gilmour. Mrs Gilmour sadly died on April 2nd after a short illness.
She had worked at the school since it opened and left shortly before
Christmas due to ill health. I am sure you will join me in sending sincere
    condolences to her family.

    On a happier note, I am pleased to tell you that the manager of Stoppers,
    Dulcie Dowrick, gave birth to baby Jasper on April 10th. Congratulations
    to her, Aaron (Y4) and the Dowrick family. Congratulations also to Lucas
(Y4) and Lucy (Early Learners) on the birth of their baby sister, Libby.

Welcome: We said a very big welcome to Olga (Y1) and
Zuzanah (Y5) and their family who joined us last term. We
also welcomed Zoe to Y1 and Melissa and Caner to Y2. I am
sure they already feel like Lancy Laners! Ethan has also joined Y2 this term.
We are very pleased to welcome Miss Rachel Farrimond to Y2 who will be
working under Mrs Bullen’s supervision for the next few weeks.

Dates for your diary:

Thursday 19th April                   High 5 Match (Home) V St Mary’s
Monday 23rd April                     After school clubs begin
Tuesday 24th April                    Cross Country Competition after school
Tuesday 24th April @ 7pm              Governors’ Finance Meeting
Wednesday 25th April                  High 5 Match away V Balshaw Lane
Thursday 26th April @ 6:30pm          Clayton Cup Competition
Monday 30th April                     High 5 match home V Brinscall St John’s
Wednesday 2nd May                     Y6 Boys Football @ St Peter’s
Wednesday 2nd May                     NO Y3 – Y6 Art Club
Friday 4th May – Sunday 6th May       Tower Wood residential weekend
Monday 7th May                        May Day – School Closed
Tuesday 8th May                       Y2 – Y6 Olympic Day in school
Wednesday 9th May                     High 5 Match away V Manor Road
Thursday 10th May @ 7pm               Governors’ Buildings Meeting
Monday 14th May – Thursday 17th May   Y6 SATs Tests
Wednesday 16th May                    Y6 Football match @ St Joseph’s
Monday 21st May                       High 5 Practice now on
Thursday 24th may                     High 5 Match Home v St Chad’s
Monday 28th May – Thursday 31st May   A Right Royal Week in school!
Thursday 31st May @ 2pm               Jubilee Street Party in the playground
Friday 1st June                       School closes for half term
Monday 11th June                      School re-opens

School website:

        Please remember to check the website regularly for up-to-date


If your child brings an inhaler to school PLEASE ask Mrs
Geldard for a School Asthma Card so that we can manage
your child’s care properly.

Tower Wood:

     For those children going to Tower Wood, please return your medical
     forms by WEDNESDAY 18th April if you haven’t already done so and
     remember to complete a Form 3 if your child needs to take ANY
     medication whilst they are at Tower Wood.

Pyjama Day:

Thank you for your support on Sports Relief Day (23rd March). We raised
£193. Half will be donated to St Catherine’s Hospice and the reminder to
Sports Relief.

Y6 Fund Raising:

A big thank you to everyone who supported Y6 in their fund
raising attempts for new football nets. They managed to raise over £100
and will have enough left over to buy other playground equipment. If there
are any outstanding issues with the DVDs please let Mrs Cornwell or Mrs
Geldard know and we can get the Y6 children to sort it out for you. Your
understanding with the technical difficulties is much appreciated.

       PTA Events:

       The next PTA meeting is on Thursday 19th April at 3:30pm in Mrs
       Gray’s classroom. You are welcome to bring your children along to
       play at the back of the classroom. A disco has been booked for
       Thursday 24th May from 6:30pm – 8pm. Entry is £1 on the door.
Children in Reception and Y1 need to be accompanied by an adult.

The annual summer Fair is to be held on Friday 29th June from 6pm – 8pm.
More details to follow!

Cycling proficiency:

The local PCSOs will be running Cycling Proficiency training for
pupils in Y5 and Y6. The children will need to bring their bicycles to school
on a date to be arranged in May and they MUST wear a cycling helmet. Y5s
will be doing their training on the playground on Monday 11th June and
Tuesday 12th June (after half term) and Y6s will be doing on the road
training on Wednesday 13th June.

Road Safety:

Children in Reception, Y1 and Y2 will be undertaking road safety training
        during May and June. Further information will be on the class
        newsletters. Please remember NOT to park on the yellow lines
        outside school.

After School Clubs:

After school clubs restart on Monday 23rd April. Singalong Club is moving to
Tuesday lunchtimes to avoid clashing with Gardening Club. The staff give up
their time willingly and freely to run these clubs and all we ask is that your
child attends regularly. If they are unable to attend one week or wish to
stop going, please let the teacher running the club know so that their name
can be taken off their register. Please don’t let your child not just turn up as
this makes it very difficult for the teacher in charge.

Please note: due to the cross country competition there will be NO
RUNNING CLUB on Tuesday 24th April and Y3 – Y6 art club is cancelled on
Wednesday 2nd May.

School Dinners:

  I have been informed by the Local Authority that the cost of school
  dinners is to increase to £2.10 from September 2012. Prices of school
  dinners are set by LCC and not the school.

  Y6 SATs

The annual exams for Y6 will take place week beginning 14th
May. Please ensure your child has a good night’s sleep prior to
each test, a good breakfast in the morning and arrives to school on time. It
is advisable for children to bring a bottle of water to drink.

Children on the Playground After School:

      There is a growing number of children playing unsupervised on the
      playground and in the soft play area after school. Please keep your
      child under close supervision once you have collected them and if
      children go home by themselves please remind them, for safety
reasons, to go straight home.

Olympic Torch relay:

In case you haven’t heard, The Olympic Torch is passing through
Chorley on Friday, 1st June. The school is closed on this day so if
you wish to go along to see it, it will be passing through Chorley
at 7:20am and Euxton at 7:55am. If you require further details
please ask Mrs Geldard.

     Class Assemblies: Miss Watson’s (Y5) class assembly will be held on
             Friday 25th May @ 9:10am in the school hall. Parents and
             grandparents are welcome to come along and watch.

Clayton Brook Children’s Centre:

There is a Best Start Cookery Course staring on Friday 20th April from
1 -3pm at Clayton Brook Children’s Centre. The course lasts for 10 weeks and
is accredited and delivered by Lancashire County Catering Group (LCCG).
Candidates receive 3 certificates in Basic Food Hygiene; Health and Safety
in the Kitchen and Menu Planning on a budget, as well as practical cookery
skills. All ingredients are provided and candidates will be able to take home
what they make. The course is free to attend and a crèche is provided.
Please let Mrs Geldard know if you would like to attend.

Please see the back of the newsletter for other services offered by The
Children’s Centre. It is a great resource and the school’s key worker, Angela
Braithwaite, is really friendly and knowledgeable. Please take the time to
have a read through and see if there is anything that might be of help or
interest to you and your family.

Holiday dates:                 February 2012 to July 2011
Monday 16th April 2012          Thursday 31st May 2012
Monday 11th June 2012          Friday 20th July 2012

Holiday dates:                   September 2012 to July 2013
Re-opens on                       Close after school on

Wednesday 5th September            Thursday 25th October 3.25 p.m.
Monday 5th November                Thursday 20th Dec 2.00 p.m.
Monday 7th January 2013            Friday 15th February 3.25 p.m.
Monday 25th February               Thursday 28th March 2.00 p.m.
Monday 15th April                  Friday 24th May 3.25pm
Wednesday 5th June                 Wednesday 24th July 2.00pm


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