April 2012 Camp Skills Registration by 43X4vjro


									                             SVI CAMP SKILLS DAYS FOR BROWNIES AND GUIDES
                                                            April 21st or 22nd, 2012

This annual event, hosted by the SVI Camping Committee, is intended for 2nd year Brownies and 1st year Guides. Girls
will get hands-on experience building campfires, cooking outdoors using a variety of methods, what to pack for an
outdoor camp, making bedrolls, an introduction to maps and compasses, laying trails and exploring nature on this Earth
Day weekend. Unit Guiders attend with the girls from their unit and go from station to station with their girls.

The number of girl participants each day will be limited, so registration is on a first come, first served basis. Girls should
participate in a Camp Skills Day only once, as either a 2nd year Brownie OR 1st year Guide, to give more SVI girls a chance
to attend.
Where:                      Kingswood Camp, 611 Linnet Lane. Be prepared to be outside all day.
When:                       The same program will be run on Saturday, April 21 and Sunday, April 22, so select
                            the day that will work best for you unit. Girls will arrive at 9:45 am leave at 3:15
                            pm each day.
How to Register:            Unit Guiders will fill in and submit the bottom portion of this page, with a list of all
                            participants (girls and adults to cover ratio), signed SG.2 form for each girl a copy
                            of the H.1 health form for each girl and a unit cheque to cover the fee (amount to
                            be determined). Deadline for receipt of registrations by is Monday, April 2, 2012.
                            You place will be confirmed once all required forms have been received by the SVI
                            Area Camping Committee.
Cost                        $7.50 per girl, including HST (a crest will be included).
The SG.1 information sheet, SG.2 permission form and this page will be distributed via email to all SVI Brownie and
Guide Guiders and available on the SVI website in February 2012 to allow enough time for forms to be distributed,
collected and submitted by the deadline.
For more information, contact your District Camping Advisor or Area Camping Advisor –Susan Zedel (szedel@shaw.ca)
Mail or drop-off            SVI Area Guide House – Attention Camp Skills Days
registration to:            938 Mason Street
                            Victoria, BC V8T 1A2
                                                 Submit the following by Monday, April 2, 2012

SVI Camp Skills Days 2012 for Brownies and Guides will be attended by:

Unit:                            ______________________                 District:          ____________________________
Contact Guider Name:             ______________________                 Email:             ____________________________
                                                                        Phone:             ____________________________
# attending April 21             Girls: _______________                 Adults:            _______________
# attending April 22             Girls: _______________                 Adults:            _______________
   List of participants and emergency contacts attached
   SG.2 forms attached
   Copies of H.1 forms for girls attached – will be returned at end of event (Adults carry their own H.2 forms)
   Unit cheque attached for ________________

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