Bates Elementary by Le907F8Z


									                      Brightside NatureScape Grants
                                 Fall 2007

Bates Elementary                                                                    $1,320
Bates will continue the beautification effort already in place on their campus by improving their
walking trails and playground as well as adding landscaping to many areas around their 13 acre
campus. The Parent teacher Association, the Bates Environmental Club, and Boy Scouts from
the school will al be participating in this project.                                District 20

Beautification League of Louisville & Jefferson County                               $1,250
Nunnlea, an historic house on the National Register since 1800, will receive the benefit of this
NatureScape grant. A landscape will be placed at the front of the estate to serve as beautification
to the Hurstbourne Lane corridor and to serve as a visual buffer from the noise, traffic, and 21st
century architecture that sits directly across from the home. The members of the Beautification
League, Boy Scouts, and Christian Academy students will provide the volunteer labor for this
project.                                                                             District 18

Breckenridge Estates Neighborhood Association                                    $1,350
Neighbors in the Breckenridge Estates neighborhood will landscape their entry way this fall as a
way to promote the upkeep of their neighborhood and increase the esthetic appeal of the
Breckenridge Lane area.                                                          District 11

City of Thornhill, Kentucky                                                        $200
The City of Thornhill plans to clean up the underbrush, remove dead trees, and plant daffodils on
the north side of Old Brownsboro Road behind Ballard High School. Ten students from Ballard
and several neighbors from the city will perform this task one Saturday this October.
                                                                                  District 16

Hunters Creek Homeowners Association                                               $1,500
This Homeowners Association will be sprucing up the common areas of their neighborhood,
including the entry way, and re-mulching four playgrounds for the children in the area. Hunters
Creek will be working with PS Handymen on their project landscaping and have home owner
teams on every block to help with the volunteer work and the maintenance on their project.
                                                                                  District 12

Jefferson County Circuit Court Clerk                                                 $1,350
The Bowman Field drivers’ license branch will receive new shrubs and some great landscaping
with this award. The new beautification will give the over 10,000 citizens that visit the office
each month a welcoming feeling as they come to receive their identification.        District 26

                      Brightside NatureScape Grants
                                 Fall 2007

Ministries United of South Central Louisville, Inc. (MUSCL)                        $500
MUSCL Community Ministries will enhance its neighborly profile by replacing their “mix and
match” plantings with some new landscaping Volunteers will help with the installation and
maintenance and 2 local churches will help provide supplies.                     District 10

Old Louisville Information Center & the Toonerville Trolley Association                $1,500
Thirty trees will be purchased to replace dead or damaged tress in Old Louisville adding to and
enhancing the residential landscape that was created over 20 years ago. Volunteers committed to
the legacy of the trees in this neighborhood will volunteer their labor for the critical two year
period following the planting to ensure proper growth.                                 District 6

Sanders Elementary                                                                    $1,250
Restoring the native habitats on their 11 acre campus is part of an outdoor initiative that Sanders
Elementary and many other partners are taking on this year. Landscaping and new trees
throughout the campus will help to enhance the outdoor classroom, wetland areas, and new
playground all of which are being installed with the help of Lowes Home Improvement Center,
the U.S. Forestry Department, and Councilman Bob Henderson.                          District 14

Society of St. Vincent de Paul                                                          $1,480
St. Vincent de Paul’s St. Jude facility in the Smoketown area will be adding more landscaping to
their grounds as a way to follow up their previous NatureScape Award. As residents help with
the installation it is the center’s hope that residents will develop not only a sense of pride for
their home, but also for themselves.                                                   District 4

Yearlings Club Inc.                                                                 $1,000
With a rich history in West Louisville, the Yearlings Club has numerous organizations that use
its facility each month. Receiving the NatureScape grant will help The Club reseed the lawn
surrounding the building as well as plant flowers and shrubs to enhance its outer beauty to the
community and its many patrons.                                                    District 5

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