Implementation Field Lesson Reflection by 5pu6vf


									Implementation Field Lesson Reflection
Please respond thoughtfully to the reflective questions that pertain to your experience during the
teaching of your lesson. Make sure you cite specific examples, along with addressing evidence of
student growth and achievement. Also try to make connections between your lessons and our
readings and class discussions. All reflections should be typed directly into this document

Teacher Candidate:______________Mark Zajaczkowski_____________
Mentor Teacher/School:_____________Mr. Milczewski    Revere High School____________
Grade Level:_____11 /12th______________
Lesson Title:_______Marbury v. Madison_________________

   1. Did you articulate clear learning goals? Describe the ways in which student(s) were
      actively engaged throughout the lesson. (Address teaching methods, materials and
      resources, learning activities, etc.) Do you think the student(s) met the objectives? How
      do you know?

       Yes, I told the students we will be reading a landmark Supreme Court case and by the end
       of the lesson we will know why the Judicial Branch exists. The students were actively
       engaged by reading aloud and then answering questions on what they had just read. Yes,
       the students seemed to answer the questions thoughtfully and in turn asked higher-level

   2. How did you establish rapport with student(s) and communicate high expectations to
      promote success? How did you establish and maintain consistent standards of classroom

       I tried to create a casual learning environment by asking them question about their school
       and how they do things at Revere. I told the students Marbury will surely be on the AP
       Exam and that it is crucial for them to know this case. I maintained consistent standards
       of classroom behavior by making sure I talked loudly and clearly.

   3. What did you notice about your own language arts skills during the lesson (enthusiasm in
      your talk, wait time to listen to your learner(s), model handwriting, thoughtful responses
      to students’ attempts, eye contact with students as you listened, non-verbal proximity and
      movement while you taught, etc.)?

       I could have made more eye contact with the students. I was looking at my notes too
       much and not focusing on the students.

   4. What were the strengths of your presentation/method (the sequence, your questioning,
      your materials, your pace, your modeling, the teaching strategies you used, how you
      engaged the students actively…)
   I thought the handout I created was very accommodating to students. My handout was
   easy to read and outlined all the important aspects of the case in a clear and concise
   format. Additionally, I liked making the students read this lesson out loud so they could
   be engaged and not listening to me talk.

5. What would you change if you had the opportunity to redo the lesson?

   I would have liked to find a way to break the students up in pairs, so they could further
   discuss what they had read.

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