Pastor Jeff Blevins

I came to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ at age 19, sitting on
a picnic table at the Long’s Peak campground outside of Estes Park, Colorado.
That prayer of confession and invitation was the beginning of my Christian life
and journey.
I grew up in a family that attended Sunday School and church most every
Sunday. At age 12, as was the tradition in that church, I participated in a pastor’s
class prior to Easter that resulted in my baptism and church membership on
Easter Sunday. It was a few years later while attending Western Illinois
University that I got involved with Campus Crusade for Christ and through that
ministry I became aware of the need for a personal relationship with Christ,
something that had not yet happened in my life. That is why on that picnic table
prior to my sophomore year in college I gave my life to Jesus Christ. Following
that true salvation experience I experienced believer’s baptism. [In my years and
role as a Pastor I have found so many stories that have been similar to mine in
the life of adults. My story has helped others clarify their own spiritual life, most
often resulting in a “settling of issues” and a baptism. ]

My calling to the ministry came during Christmas break of my senior year in
college. Melodee and I had been married that summer, needing only to do our
student teaching to finish college. We were attending a Christmas Conference in
Chicago, sponsored by Campus Crusade for Christ, when both us felt the calling
of God that would take our life on a new journey. We talked about and prayed
about it together, counseled with others in leadership in our life at that time, and
felt the true confirmation of God. We struggled between the music ministry or the
campus ministry of CCC, and in the end knew God was calling us to the
tremendous needs of students on the university campus. This calling has taken
us through many differing experiences and situations that are reflected on my
resume. I have a very high value of calling, knowing that through the years it is
the one thing that keeps me grounded, accountable, returning, and moving

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