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Date:                       September 2011                                  Vol.    39                     No.     9

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NON-EMERGENCY/DISPATCH                714 960-8825         Graffiti Hot Line                     714 960-8861
POLICE Business Line                  714 960-8811         Neighborhood Watch- Nilda Berndt      714 536-5933
Vacation House Checks (RSVP)          714 374-1507         Layout/Graphic Design                Tom Gaccione
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                    Compiled by Nilda Patiño de Berndt, HBPD Community Relations Specialist
The Huntington Beach Neighborhood Watch Program
                                                                             BACK TO
(HBNW) fiscal year is from July 1 to June 30 each                            SCHOOL
year. We have estimated we will need approximately
$25,000 this year to cover the various HBNW program
expenses which include, but are not limited to,              It’s that time of year again. Students are back to school
newsletter assembly, distribution costs, returned            and before long the holidays will be upon us. During
postage, mailing labels, etc. From the start of our fiscal   this time automobile and foot traffic always seems to
year to now, we have received $2,674.00 in donations         increase. We find ourselves in trying to hurry to get the
and     newsletter     advertisements--      we     have     children ready and drive them to school, then off to
$22,326.00 to go by June 30, 2012. The HBNW Board            work or other engagements before it’s time to pick
thanks you and our advertisers for your support and          them up again.
generous donations. A $6 donation pays for each
subscriber’s distribution costs; a $10 donation helps        This is a time for us to begin planning and prepare to
with these costs and other needed expenses and puts          take a little more time to make it a peaceful and calm
your name in the Newsletter as a contributor; and a          morning for your children and yourself. This may
$25 or more donation accomplishes the above, plus            mean you need to do a little more preparation but if
you will receive a HBNW sticker and a token of               everyone does their share it will be a much safer and
appreciation.    Remember, HBNW is a non-profit              less stressful experience.
organization; donations are tax deductible.                  Here are a few safety reminders:
As a resident of the city, we encourage you to review             1) Obey the posted speed limits especially for
the HBNW program budget and expenses.                                 school zones.
We strongly suggest you sign up to receive your                   2) Only drop students off at the properly marked
Newsletter either electronically or through the mail.
                                                                      areas or curb.
The Newsletter has valuable crime prevention
                                                                  3) Never drop your child off in the middle of the
information and crime statistics. Donations are not
necessary to receive the Newsletter, but if you wish to               street, regardless of their age.
make a donation, please make your check payable to:               4) Obey all traffic signals, but still look both ways
      HB NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH PROGRAM                                   before you cross the street or turn.
                                                                  5) If you are walking use the crosswalk and only
Send to:       HB NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH                                  cross on a fresh green
               PO BOX 5667                                        6) Never jaywalk.
               HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA 92615
                                                                  7) Parents, if your child walks to and from school
Or:          HB POLICE DEPARTMENT                                     every day show them the safest route. Also
             Attn: NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH
             2000 MAIN ST.
                                                                      show them where they can go for help if they
             HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA 92648                               think a car or person is following them.
For more information please call (714) 536-5933.                                                  (continued on page 2)
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH NEWSLETTER – September 2011                                                             Page 2

          Back to School (continued)                       type, an inaccurate history or drug or alcohol abuse,
                                                           test results that aren’t yours, or a diagnosis of an
   8) If your child rides his/her bike be sure he/she      illness, allergy or condition you don’t have. Any of
       knows all the safety rules and show them the        these could lead to improper treatment which in turn,
       safest bike path to take. Also be sure they have    could lead to injury, illness or worse.
       a high quality lock to lock and secure their        An Ounce of Prevention
       bicycle while he/she is in school.                  While there’s no fool-proof way to avoid medical
   9) Tell your child to never take a short cut, and to    identity theft, the FTC says you can take a few steps to
       stay away from alleys and bushes. Don’t go          minimize your risk.
       into anyone’s house or car without your             Verify a source before sharing information. Don’t
       permission, even if they know the person.           give out personal or medical information on the phone
                                                           or through the mail unless you’ve initiated the contact
   10) Talk to your child and encourage them to share
                                                           and you’re sure you know who you’re dealing with.
       what occurred during their day. Be sure to          Be wary of offers of “free” health services or products
       listen to your children and don’t jump to           from providers who require you to give them your
       judgment about what they share. (If your child      health plan ID number. Medical identity thieves may
       feels safe talking to you they will usually share   pose as employees of insurance companies, doctors’
       more information).                                  offices, clinics, pharmacies, and even government
   11) Remind your child to follow all your safety         agencies to get people to reveal their personal
                                                           information. Then they use it to commit fraud, like
       rules and review them frequently.
                                                           submitting false claims for Medicare reimbursement.
   12) Have a good breakfast.
                                                           Safeguard your medical and health insurance
   13) Remember parents, you are your child’s role         information. If you keep copies of your medical or
       model. “Be a Good One”.                             health insurance records, make sure they’re secure,
                                                           whether they’re on paper in a desk drawer or electronic
           FTC (Federal Trade Commission)                  in a file online. Be on guard when you use the
                FACTS for Consumers                        Internet, especially to access accounts or records
                                                           related to your medical care or insurance. If you are
                                                           asked to share sensitive personal information like your
The Ill Effects of Medical Identity Theft
                                                           Social     Security    number,     insurance    account
How would you know if you’re personal, health, or          information, or any details of your health or medical
health insurance information has been compromised?         conditions on the Internet, ask why it’s needed, how it
According to the Federal Trade commission (FTC), the       will be kept safe, and whether it will be shared. Look
nation’s consumer protection agency, you may be a          for website privacy policies and read them: They
victim of medical identity theft if:                       should specify how site operators maintain the
        You get a bill for medical services you didn’t     accuracy of the personal information they collect, as
        receive;                                           well as how they secure it, who has access to it, how
        A debt collector contacts you about medical        they will use the information you provide, and whether
        debt you don’t owe;                                they will share it with third parties. If you decide to
        You order a copy of your credit report and see     share your information online, look for indicators that
        medical collection notices you don’t recognize;    the site is secured, like a lock icon on the browser’s
        You try to make a legitimate insurance claim       status bar or a URL, that begins “https” (the “s” is for
        and your health plan says you’ve reached your      secure). Remember that email is not secure.
        limit on benefits; or                              Treat your trash carefully. To thwart a medical
        You are denied insurance because your medical      identity thief who may pick through your trash or
        records show a condition you don’t have.           recycling bins to capture your personal and medical
Medical identity theft may change your medical and         information, shred your health insurance forms,
health insurance records: Every time a thief uses your     prescriptions and physical statements. It’s also a good
identity to get care, a record is created with the         idea to destroy the labels on your prescription bottles
imposter’s medical information that could be mistaken      and packages before you throw them out.
for your medical information - - say a different blood
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH NEWSLETTER— September 2011                                                                  Page 3

                                                           Crime Prevention is everyone’s business – Let’s show
                   National Night Out                      our strength and commitment to eliminating crime in
                                                           Huntington Beach - join our team!
                   Celebration 2011                        You can check out some pictures on the Police
                                                           Department               Facebook               page;
Of all the things that make Huntington Beach such a
special place, perhaps the most enduring and endearing
is the heart of the people who willingly answer the call
to serve others.        The members of the H B
Neighborhood Watch program have answered the call.
They are thoughtful, watchful, vigilant and faithful
                                                                                Converter Thefts
                                                                                        Sgt. Sam Lopez, HBPD
neighbors who have dedicated themselves to assist the
Huntington Beach Police Department by reporting
suspicious activity to help ensure the safety and          For the past several years, catalytic converters have been
security of our community. They also encourage all         stolen in record numbers. Recently in Huntington Beach,
residents and businesses to get involved.                  Toyota pickups have been targeted for catalytic converter
                                                           theft. Mandated since 1975, catalytic converters convert
The Huntington Beach Police Department, HB                 harmful pollutants such as nitrogen oxides and carbon
Neighborhood Watch Program, RSVP’s, VIPS, and              monoxide into less harmful emissions before they leave car
many others joined in partnership with the Target Store    exhaust systems. Their precious metals such as titanium,
located at 9882 Adams Ave., H.B, CA, on August 2,          platinum, and palladium are a high target for thieves
2011. Target is the National Sponsor of “National          looking for a quick buck at a recycling center, often getting
Night Out” which is celebrated nationwide. The             between $20 and $200.
purpose of this celebration is to encourage you to join
                                                           Toyota pickups are thieves’ favorite as Toyota catalytic
your neighbors in giving neighborhood crime and            converters yield more titanium than other vehicles. The
drugs a going away party from our community. We            trucks also sit higher off the ground making it easier to
want to send the message we will not tolerate crime in     crawl underneath and steal the converter. Thieves can
our community. HBPD volunteers distributed crime           steal a converter in just a few minutes using a wrench if the
prevention materials, displayed a Police vehicle, an       converter is bolted on, or a reciprocating saw if there is a
RSVP vehicle, and much more.                               weld. Typically they are stolen in driveways, strip malls,
Crime prevention is everyone’s business and we wish        and parking garages. Law enforcement personnel are not
to thank all the people that helped make our National      exempt from converter thefts.          In one instance, a
Night Out event a success. We estimated that there         Huntington Beach detective had his catalytic converter
were over 900 people that took the time to speak with      stolen twice from his pickup in his driveway. Recently, a
people from various groups, organizations, and             police officer showed up for court on his day off and his
businesses.                                                converter was stolen from the court parking lot.
We want to thank the following for their participation:    Once the catalytic converter is stolen from the vehicle, the
Target Stores (especially Blake Thomas, Executive          muffler sound is increased, some describing it as a deep
Team Lead- Asset Protection), Geri Reno and Tina           roar when they start their vehicle. Once they inspect their
Speyer of AAA Auto Club of Southern California, HB         undercarriage they realize their converter has been stolen.
Fire Department, Brevyn Mettler, Emergency Services        Since January of 2011, approximately 40 catalytic
Coordinator, CERT & RACES members, Make-a-                 converters have been stolen in the city of Huntington
Wish Foundation of Orange County and the Inland            Beach. Thirty percent were stolen in the area of Beach and
Empire and Ambassador Doc-Barker, Canine                   Edinger Aves. in both commercial and residential locations.
Ambassador, CSP (Community Services Programs,              To prevent a theft, it is best to park your vehicle inside a
Inc.) Human Trafficking division, Clowning Around          garage or a well lit area. Owners who have vehicles that
Entertainment & Magic Freddy Balloons, Artistic            have easy access due to high clearance might want to
Endeavors, The Delta Society Therapy Dogs, Guide           consider seeing a mechanic to possibly weld the catalytic
Dogs for the Blind – Inc. of San Rafael, HB Police         converter bolts or purchasing a cage-like device known as a
Department, and of course all the HBPD volunteers.         Cat Clamp for about $150.00. The typical replacement cost
                                                           of a stolen catalytic converter is about $1,200.
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH NEWSLETTER — September 2011                                                                  Page 4

The police patrol areas are the         Vehicle Burglaries                       There was one attempted entry.
north and south.      The patrol        None reported
beats are 2-13.        Your RD                                                   Vehicle Burglaries
(Reporting District) is the half-       Grand Theft Auto                         RD 432-1      RD 452-1
mile square surrounding your            None reported                            RD 453-1      RD 473-1
home.                                                                            Grand Theft Auto
                                        BEAT 3
To locate your Beat and RD,             4 Residential Burglaries                 None reported
please check the map on the             3 Vehicle Burglaries
                                                                                 BEAT 5
back inside page. In most cases,        1 Grand Theft Auto
                                                                                 8 Residential Burglaries
your BEAT/RD is identified on
                                        Residential Burglaries                   3 Vehicle Burglaries
your address mailing label.
                                        RD 445-2      RD 447-1                   0 Grand Theft Auto
RESIDENTIAL BURGLARIES                  RD 456-1
                                                                                 Residential Burglaries
45 entries 07/16/11 – 08/15/11          Streets: Shorewood Ci., Browning         RD 425-1      RD 427-1
46 entries 06/16/11 – 07/15/11          Dr., Lawson Ln., and Paisley Ln.         RD 428-1      RD 434-2
                                                                                 RD 435-1      RD 437-2
Twenty of the entries were due to       In RD 445, Browning Dr., it appears
OPEN OR UNLOCKED windows or             the unknown suspect(s) were able         Streets: Waterbury Ln., Maikai Dr.,
doors. Fifteen of these burglaries      to climb on top of vehicles parked in    Ward      St., Sacramento      Ln.,
were committed during the day;          the driveway of the residence and        Chesapeake Ln., Bismark Dr., and
eight were committed at night, and      pulled themselves up onto the roof       Ascot Ci.
twenty-two at an unknown time.          of the house.
                                                                                 In    RD    425,   Waterbury    Ln.,
There were thirteen garage entries.     In RD 456, Paisley Ln., Suspect is       Suspect(s) enter an open garage and
                                        possibly known.                          steal an unsecured bicycle.
There was one shed entry.
                                        There was one garage entry.              In RD 428, Ward St., Suspect(s)
There were four attempted entries.                                               enter a house that was being
                                        There was one attempted entry.
VEHICLE BURGLARIES                                                               fumigated and steal a silver utensil
54 reported 07/16/11 – 08/15/11         Vehicle Burglaries                       set.
                                        RD 446-1      RD 447-1
55 reported 06/16/11 – 07/15/11                                                  In  RD     434,   Sacramento        Ln.,
                                        RD 455-1
                                                                                 Suspect(s) possibly used a key.
                                        Grand Theft Auto
14 reported 07/16/11 – 08/15/11                                                  In RD 435, Chesapeake Ln., Suspect
                                        RD 456-1
21 reported 06/16/11 – 07/15/11                                                  described as: Hispanic, male, 20 –
                                        BEAT 4                                   29 years old, height 5’8”, weight 150
BEAT 2                                                                           lbs., thin build, brown hair and brown
                                        8 Residential Burglaries
3 Residential Burglaries                                                         eyes.
                                        4 Vehicle Burglaries
0 Vehicle Burglaries
                                        0 Grand Theft Auto                       In RD 437, Bismark Dr., It appears
0 Grand Theft Auto
                                        Residential Burglaries                   the suspect(s) cut the screen off an
Residential Burglaries                                                           open 2nd story bathroom window to
                                        RD 442-3      RD 443-1
RD 466-1      RD 467-1                                                           enter.
                                        RD 452-1      RD 453-1
RD 475-1
                                        RD 462-1      RD 463-1                   In RD 437, Ascot Ci., Suspect(s)
Streets: Monte Carlo Ci, Brookhurst                                              enter through an open rear door.
                                        Streets: California St., Delaware St.,
St., and Banning Ave.
                                        England    St.,    Billingsgate   Ln.,   There were two garage entries.
In RD 467, Brookhurst St, A similar     Alabama St., Egret Ln., Huntington
burglary occurred on Banning Ave.       St., and Lochlea Ln.                     There was one attempted entry.

In RD 475, Banning Ave., Suspects       In RD 442, California St., it appears    Vehicle Burglaries
described as follows: Suspect #1,       suspect(s) entered through a closed      RD 426-1      RD 436-2
Black,    male,    dark   complexion,   but unlocked garage door.                Grand Theft Auto
wearing light short-sleeve T-shirt,                                              None reported
                                        In    RD   443,    Billingsgate   Ln.,
light shorts, and possible white
                                        Suspect(s) possibly entered through
baseball cap. Suspect #2, black,                                                 BEAT 6
                                        a closed but unlocked front door.
male, dark complexion, height                                                    3 Residential Burglaries
approximately 5’8” – 6”, wearing        In Red 453, Egret Ln., Suspect(s)        10 Vehicle Burglaries
light colored short-sleeve T-shirt,     entered an open garage and stole an      2 Grand Theft Auto
light-colored shorts, and possibly a    unsecured bicycle.
white baseball cap.      Suspect #3,                                             Residential Burglaries
black,    male,    dark   complexion,   In RD 462, Huntington St., Suspect       RD 441-1 RD 451-2
wearing light-colored short-sleeve T-   is possibly known.
                                                                                 Streets: 12th St., 9th St., and 7th St.
shirt and light-colored shorts.         There were three garage entries.
                                                                                 In RD 441, 12th St., Suspect(s) enter
There was one garage entry.             There was one shed entry.                an unlocked garage and steal an un-
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH NEWSLETTER — September 2011                                                                Page 5

secured bicycle.                        Grand Theft Auto                      Vehicle Burglaries
               th                       RD 293-1     RD 412-1                 RD 151-1      RD 153-2
In RD 451, 9       St., Suspect was
described as; male, white, height 6’,   BEAT 8                                Grand Theft Auto
slender build, approximately 175        2 Residential Burglaries              RD 155-1
lbs., 25 – 30 years old, blue eyes,     5 Vehicle Burglaries
blonde hair, tan complexion, full                                             BEAT 11
                                        1 Grand Theft Auto
tattoo across the top of his back in                                          3 Residential Burglaries
various colors and letters, and         Residential Burglaries                10 Vehicle Burglaries
wearing black board shorts with         RD 179-1      RD 187-1                1 Grand Theft Auto
white trim, white baseball cap with     Street: Spickard Dr., and Mossvale    Residential Burglaries
unknown logo, no shirt on but           Ci.                                   RD 156-1      RD 169-2
carrying a white T-shirt.
                                        Vehicle Burglaries                    Street: Audrey Dr., Corrine Ci., and
In RD 451, 7th St., Suspect(s)          RD 177-1      RD 179-1                Dale Vista Ln.
enter an open garage and steal an       RD 198-1      RD 281-2
unsecured bicycle.                                                            In RD 169, Dale Vista Ln., Suspect is
                                        Grand Theft Auto                      known.
There were two garage entries.          RD 177-1
                                                                              Vehicle Burglaries
Vehicle Burglaries                                                            RD 156-3      RD 158-4
                                        BEAT 9
RD 348-3        RD 349-2                                                      RD 159-1      RD 167-1
                                        4 Residential Burglaries
RD 359-3        RD 451-2                                                      RD 169-1
                                        3 Vehicle Burglaries
Grand Theft Auto                        3 Grand Theft Auto                    Grand Theft Auto
RD 348-1        RD 349-1                                                      RD 168-1
                                        Residential Burglaries
BEAT 7                                  RD 261-1      RD 264-2
                                                                              BEAT 12
5 Residential Burglaries                RD 273-1
                                                                              2 Residential Burglaries
5 Vehicle Burglaries                    Street: St. Cloud Ci., Tamaru Dr.,    0 Vehicle Burglaries
2 Grand Theft Auto                      Conner Dr., and Hague Ln.             1 Grand Theft Auto
Residential Burglaries                  In RD 261, St. Cloud Ci., Suspect     Residential Burglaries
RD 412-2     RD 413-1                   described as: male, white, height     RD 128-1      RD 138-1
RD 422-1     RD 423-1                   5’9”, thin build, short light brown
                                                                              Street: Briarcliff Dr. and Atlas Dr.
Streets: Florida St., Park Bay Dr.,     hair and mustache, wearing blue
Lister Ln., Cleveland Dr., and          and white plaid shirt and khaki       Vehicle Burglaries
Beachcrest Ln.                          shorts. He was carrying a duffle      None reported
In RD 412, Park Bay Dr., Victim said                                          Grand Theft Auto
the burglary occurred 2 months prior    In RD 264, Tamaru Dr., Suspect(s)     RD 137-1
but is just now reporting it.           enter a home that was being
                                        fumigated (tented) and ransack it.    BEAT 13
In RD 422, Cleveland Dr., This was a    Suspect(s) steal various items from   3 Residential Burglaries
burglary and home invasion robbery.     within it and then flee.              8 Vehicle Burglaries
The suspect entered through the                                               2 Grand Theft Auto
garage door leading into the house.     In RD 273, Hague Ln, Suspect is
Suspects described as: Suspect #1       possibly known.                       Residential Burglaries
male, white, 19 years old, height                                             RD 252-1      RD 262-2
                                        There was one garage entry.
5’10”, weight 160 lbs., black buzzed                                          Street: Volga    Dr.,   Arbor    Ci.,and
hair, brown eyes, scar on left eye      There was one attempted entry.        Viewpoint Ln.
approximately 2” , tattoo on back
                                        Vehicle Burglaries                    In RD 252 Volga Dr., Suspect is
and chest “805”, scar on left arm
                                        RD 263-1      RD 272-1                possibly known.
and    multiple scars on left wrist.
                                        RD 283-1
Suspect #2 male, white, 20 – 25                                               In RD 262, Viewpoint Ln., Suspect is
years old, height approximately 5’9”,   Grand Theft Auto                      possibly known.
weight approximately 180 lbs.,          RD 272-1     RD 282-1
                                                                              There was one garage entry.
medium complexion, stocky build,        RD 283-1
brown eyes, black buzzed hair and                                             Vehicle Burglaries
“HB” tattooed on his left forearm.      BEAT 10                               RD 242-6      RD 253-1
                                        0 Residential Burglaries              RD 261-1
There were two garage burglaries.       3 Vehicle Burglaries
                                                                              Grand Theft Auto
Vehicle Burglaries                      1 Grand Theft Auto
                                                                              RD 241-1     RD 253-1
RD 292-1      RD 412-1                  Residential Burglaries
RD 413-2      RD 423-1                  None reported               
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH NEWSLETTER — September 2011                                                                                 Page 6
                                                                               GRAND THEFT AUTO
     LISTED BELOW FOR THEIR                               40

            DONATIONS                                     30
Steven Albert               Eileen King
Karen Anderson              C. & J. Kloss                 20
Keith Blackwood             Suzette Lewis
T. Brinker                  Donald McNiven                10
Danene Clark                Katherine Nickell
Fred Cordova                G. & J. Orrison                0
                                                                 JAN   FEB   MAR    APR   MAY   JUN    JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV   DEC
Robert Daly                 Ann Pigage                    2009    30    21    23     32    32    28     33    17    31    25    29    22
George Demos                Harriet Price                 2010    24    24    25     35    31    22     28    31    26    27    29    30

Marlene Flores              Edward Ramaekers              2011    23    28    12     28    25    23     21    14

R. & B. Foutz               Maryjo Reed                                            VEHICLE BURGLARIES
R. Gabrielson               Arnold Ross
Gwendolyn Gilbert           Edd Siler                    120
Carolyn Golch               R.D. & R.E. Swanson          100
P. & C. Green               Diane Taylor
D. & K. Hagey               James Townsend               80
Alan Joseph                 M. & S. Wold                 60
Billie Kennedy              W. & K. Wong
G. & S. Kimura              Mr. & Mrs. L. Zulka          40


                                                                 JAN   FEB   MAR    APR   MAY   JUN    JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV   DEC
                                                          2009   74    59     58    83    60    75     111   31    79    71    76    49
                                                          2010   61    95     70    70    69    32     59    77    61    50    41    68
                                                          2011   44    61     27    71    66    79     55    54

                                                                             RESIDENTIAL BURGLARIES
               HB NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH                      70
We are presently accepting applications for
advertisements in our HB Neighborhood Watch               30

Newsletter. Two spaces are available: 3” (length) x       20
2” (height) and 4½” (length) x 3” (height).               10
Your advertisement will be located on page 7 of our        0
                                                                 JAN   FEB   MAR    APR   MAY   J UN   JUL   AUG   SEP   OCT   NOV   DEC
newsletter.                                               2009   30    26     23    39    30     37    40    30    59    33    37    22

You will need to submit your advertisement in PDF         2010   43    43     30    56    37     31    43    63    33    38    31    42
                                                          2011   39    50     30    41    33     39    46    45
format and we will request that you make a 6 month
                                                                 HUNTINGTON BEACH NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH
If you would like more information please call Nilda                 EXECUTIVE BOARD OF DIRECTORS &
Patiño de Berndt, HBPD Community Relations                        EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE/SPEAKERS BUREAU
Specialist, at 714-536-5933 or send a letter with your
request and a copy of the advertisement to:                                   JIM DWYER, President
                                                                         GUDELIA RAMIREZ, Vice President
HB Neighborhood Watch                                                      FENG GAO-VOGT, Secretary
Attn: Newsletter Advertisement                                               KEN KIRKUP, Treasurer
2000 Main St.
                                                                             Irving Gilman, Member at Large
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH NEWSLETTER — September 2011                                  Page 7
                                                 SPECIAL ENFORCEMENT BUREAU (SEB)
                 N                                       Lt. Mitch O’Brien (714) 536-5588
                                                 DIRECTED ENFORCEMENT TEAM (DET)
                                                       Sgt. Mike Freeman (714) 374-1664
    W                          E                 SOUTH AREA: BEATS 2, 3, & 5
                                                        Officer Dan Boldt (714) 960-4540
                                                 SOUTH AREA: BEATS 4, 6, & 7
                 S                                 Officer Jerry Goodspeed (714) 536-2942
                                                 NORTH AREA: BEATS 8, 9, & 13
Locate your                                         Officer Dave Wiederin (714) 375-5095
Beat and                                                      e-mail:
                                                 NORTH AREA: BEATS 10, 11, & 12
District (RD)                                        Officer Rich Eidlhuber (714) 375-5140
by referring                                                  e-mail:
to this map.
In most
cases your
BEAT and
RD are on
your mailing
If you live in Beat 3 and RD
455, you will have 3-455 on
your address label.

   Advertising Space Available:
      3” (length) x 2” (height)
       If you would like more
   information, please call Nilda
      Patiño de Berndt, HBPD
       Community Relations
     Specialist, at 714-536-5933

                                     Advertising Space Available:
                                       4 ½” (length) x 3” (height)
                                         If you would like more
                                     information, please call Nilda
                                        Patiño de Berndt, HBPD
                                    Community Relations Specialist,
                                             at 714-536-5933

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